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LotR Battles!

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 3
Lord of The Rings, Battle!
By xSp3cTx

This isn't one of your Normal Lord of the Rings Maps with No Triggers. Each Map contains Heroes like Gandalf, Aragorn, Legalos and Gimli. The Maps contain Enemies Like Sharku, Oilaphants and Urukhai. Some Features are, Working Siege Towers, Rohhirrim Arrivals, Events that actually happened in Movies, Convinient sized maps to play in, Orcs really Scale Walls. Each map is a fun playable map. They arent extremely hard to play, but you can lose if your not careful.

The Maps

1-Warg Riders in Rohan
2-The Siege of Helm's Deep
3-The Battle of Minas Tirith

The first map is a easy map to play. Its the event where the people of Rohan are attacked by Sharku and his Wargs on the way to Helm's Deep. Heroes, civilians both included. Event in Movie Really Happen!

The second map is harder, your outnumbered, but The Rohhirrim arives soon, your heroes will help you, and the gate is holding the enemies up, but you need to defend the Deeping Wall!

The third is last, funnest, and hardest map. Great Battle! Gandalf included, Siege Towers Work. Reinforcements, and Real Events Will Happen!

Good Luck and Have Fun with the Map!
Any Errors Contact Me!
Please Download, and Rate It!

Made by xSp3cTx
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
In my quest to play some of the unrated LOTR campaigns at the blacksmith I played 'The Lord of the Rings, battle'. Unfortunately I was disappointed. It looks completely unrealistic and does not identify well with LOTR storyline.

Playability: 1

In all three scenarios, all you have to do is fight and kill hordes of orcs. There are no surprises, the enemy just spawns repeatedly and so do your soldiers, and you have to keep your heroes from being killed some period of time. Not surprisingly, the huge numbers of troops caused a small lag on my (rather fast) computer. The heroes (Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Theoden, Gandalf) are extremely strong (around 5000 Hp and 500 attack) which is completely unrealistic. All three scenarios get boring after playing them for 1-2 min, but you have to stick around for 15 min to win. I didn't find the losing messages, which were 'OMG- you suck' at all funny, because when you lose the message should be something like 'try again' instead.

Balance: 3

For a campaign that scores so poorly on playability, it is surprisingly balanced. I lost a couple of times on the 2nd and 3rd scenario though the author states that it is pretty easy. You are completely outnumbered by the enemy in the second scen. , the only way is to stand on the spawn spots to prevent orcs from 'scaling the walls' and even then it is hard pressed to survive, it is necessary to lock the gate to prevent jaguar warriors from entering. In the third scen. too, it is necesssary to garrison the longbowmen in the towers and take care of Gandalf, otherwise he may get surrounded by halberdiers and die. However the heroes are completely unbalanced, it is unrealistic that Aragorn would kill an elite war elephant with one swing of his sword. You should not make the heroes have such high HP/attack, it just isn't realistic.

Creativity: 2

The campaign has hardly any creativity in it, the characters are taken from the LOTR movie orcs are represented by halbs,Xbowmen , men at arms and jaguar warriors, which is reasonable. Theoden King is represented by a man-at-arms trapped on a cliff for unknown reasons. The representation of Minas Tirith is pathetic, just 3 keep towers and an accursed tower and a 'Friar Tuck' for no apparent reason. There was some creativity in orcs scaling the walls and the music, which merits a 2.

Map Design: 2

The maps are all plain and unrealistic. The first scenario is on a grass map with a road , surrounded by cliffs. The second has a cliff representing the deeping wall, a gate , a town centre and a castle.The third is really pathetic, Minas tirith is reduced to 3 keep towers and an Accursed tower surrounded by cliffs. However, I'll accept that as the author's intention to show only part of the outer walls, so overall I give 2.

Story/Instructions: 2

The instructions are brief and incomplete, in the second scen one is not told when the Rohirrim will arrive, all you have to do is to survive for some time not getting your heroes killed. There is no hints or scouts, except for the third scenario. The author should put some more effort into the story, not everyone has seen the movie.

Though taken from LOTR, in none of the scenarios there is any kind of story,the player is not told anything about Rohirrim or Minas Tirith. In the first scenario Aragorn falls into the river which makes no sense unless you have seen the movie, and does not make any difference to the scenario. In the third Aragorn etc arrive from the 'dead souls'. To cap it all the victory message for the 3rd scen is ' Congratz, you got to bang that Arwen chick '.

Additional Comments:
Good points: This campaign would give an idea as to how to design a scenario with spawning attacks. The balance is okay too.

Bad points: No story, poor map design, very poor win/lose messages.Overall no proper identification with LOTR.

If you're looking for a game to slaughter 1000 of the enemy with 100 losses of your own , play this game, otherwise do not download.

[Edited on 01/24/07 @ 05:47 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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