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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Crime in War (bigger, better, harder)

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Crime in War (bigger, better, harder)

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force
This is a battle between The British(Yourself) and the Celts. You must win it but you must play this one with thought. Dont give up when you only have one man standing. Its not over.

Its about a 20-25 minute game, action packed and great fun.

Please post questions or comments!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Crime in War is a FF; you play the British against the Celts.

PLAYABILITY: I had some fun trying different tactics; the scenario had a certain replay value as I played it a couple of times. However, the absence of any challenge spoiled the experience. A small bug, the bridge for the last reinforcement does not create in game, missing the middle piece, the units have to move along the narrow shoreline. 3

BALANCE: I played the scenario on moderate, hard and hardest. The scenario was too easy, no reload and I won with more than 50 units left on all levels. On my last attempt for this review, hardest, I simply moved my units towards the enemy, no tactics, no micromanagement, did not use the 21 Frankish Paladins and still won with 55 units left. 2

CREATIVITY: The layout of the map and the positioning of the units were creative. The allies serve for flank attacks respectively flank defense. On the downside, game play enhancing features, ideas to balance the scenario and a story were missing. 3

MAP DESIGN: The map itself is above random map quality with elevations, partial use of terrain mix and a good layout, but the randomly placed flower patches and dirt paths to substitute terrain mix brings the rating down. 3

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: I had no idea why the British, allied to Teutons, fight the Celts. There was no story and the in game text peculiar, "Scout: I have just scouted the enemy lines...and well, they have committed a crime, they have an ally with em" and "Commander: what, we said no allies...Thank you, scout", indicating rather a tournament with set rules than a serious battle. A chat message followed the conversation, "To call on your ally just type in 31 in the chat bar". Yes, player 1 'broke the rules' too. ;) The hint was misleading, for more challenge I did not use the '31' taunt on replays, but my ally fought anyway being too close to the enemy to have a player choice. In addition, with regard to the '31' taunt it said "...type it in as many times you want. They'll keep coming." You type it once and eventually receive a defeat message for your ally. Furthermore, a simple objective, "Kill the opposing army". 2

OVERALL: Crime in War is a creative scenario, which the author should explore further.

SUGGESTIONS: For a better playability and balance, make your scenario more challenging. Place the castles and towers of trigger 'die commander' at the game's start, remove both castles for standard, one castle for moderate difficulty and make the player lose if the British commander dies. Remove both rear ally player 4 units, yellow for hard leaving only the champions and reduce the ally by half for moderate. For the bridge, place a GAIA bridge with a 'Bridge A--Cracked' in the editor. Trigger 'Bridge', change effect 1 to 'Remove Object' Source Player Gaia, Object List 'Bridge A--Cracked', set location around the bridge piece, effect 2 Create Object, Source Player GAIA, Object List 'Bridge A--Middle' be sure to place the Set Location in the middle of the bridge piece which would in the middle of the upper crack line, delete effect 3. Map design, less flowerbeds, more terrain variations, realistic use of dirt paths, use them as dirt paths, use sea rocks, plants, bushes etc. and try a story.

OBSERVATIONS: The scenario plays better if you change the Number of Players to 3 in the editor, removing your ally from the map and delete the British leader in game, which gives a castle and two towers to the enemy (the rear castle does not create, the set location is slightly off blocked by units or trees). Unfortunately, that challenging game was not part of this review.

IN CLOSING: I recommend Crime of War, a short fast-paced FF scenario.

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Map Design3.0
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