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The Shogun - Tokugawa Ieyasu

Author File Description
The Vampire Slayer
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
The Shogun - Tokugawa Ieyasu

This campaign takes place in Japan from the late 16th Century to the early 17th Century and is based on the the history of Tokugawa Ieyasu. In the first scenario, you play as Tokugawa Ieyasu through his journey as he rose to power. In the second scenario you start off playing as an English man named William Adams, who arrived in the Japans. Then in the last chapter of the scenario, you take command of Tokugawa Ieyasu in the final battle to become Shogun. If you've seen the mini-series Shogun, or read Clarvel's novel Shogun, the story to the second scenario will be relatively similar. I had originally planned a third scenario, but due to lack of time and loss of interest in AoK, I canceled it. It was going to be about Tokugawa's Siege of Osaka Castle, the last threat to his dynasty of Shogun. Hope you enjoy.

Download the optional music files below:
The Shogun Music (1)
The Shogun Music (2)

The first one is basic music files and the second is background sound files. Unzip them to your main AoK folder and it should unzip to the proper directories.

The Shogun Episode I: The Provincial Wars - 1580 AD

Oda Nobunaga, who controls one third of Japan, launches a major campaign into the western provinces of Honshu, where several powerful and highly independent Daimyos hold their domains. Nobunaga has sent two of his leading generals, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Akechi Mitsuhide, to lead their forces in a two-pronged invasion of the west. During the past few years, Nobunaga has also run a campaign against members of certain militant Buddhist groups. Known for his cruel and harsh treatment of his enemies without apparent mercy or remorse, he plans to get rid of all Buddhist from political power and the Daimyo of the western provinces of Honshu by pure brute force.

Meanwhile, Nobunaga delegates authority of his lands to his allies. One of which, Tokugawa Ieyusa, he plans to place in control of the conquered Imagawa territory. Though Nobunaga is skeptical since Tokugawa has lived in the Imagawa territories for quite some time...

The Shogun Episode II: Unification of Japan - 1598 AD

Toyotomi Hideyoshi has now passed away, leaving his infant son, Hideyori, heir to the throne. However, Hideyori is too young to rule Japan\'s military forces and a Council had to be developed to protect him from being taken over. Though many lords have pledged their loyalty, one could defy the Council and take advantage of the situation to claim Shogunate.

William Adams, a Pilot Major for a five-ship expedition to the Far East, set sail from Rotterdam on the 'De Hoop' and joined with the rest of the fleet; 'De Liefde', 'Het Geloof', 'De Trouw', and 'Blijde Boodschop', on June 24. His long voyage took him through the west coast of Africa, across the Atlantic to the east coast of South America, through the Magellan Straits, and up the coastline of Chile. During the voyage, the fleet was scattered and several ships were lost. It was now the year 1599 AD, Adams changed ships and waited for the other ships at Santa Maria Island on the 'De Liefde'. Only the 'De Hoop' arrived. By 1600 AD, the two ships headed westward for the Japans, knowing that the other ships haven\'t made the voyage. On their way, they ran into a typhoon that claimed the 'De Hoop', leaving the 'De Liefde' as the only surviving ship of the five-ship expedition...

- The Vampire Slayer
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Magnificent!!!. I cannot believe how good is this campaign. (You would say that I put this score because I love Japanese, but no). Vampire, you did alone what a entire design team would have problem doing. Magnificent. The only problem with it is that you want more and more!!.

Playability 5: Especially in the second scenario, where you can choose what quests to do and the difficulty level. So, it is very fun.
Balance 5: This campaign is hard, but not impossible. I like that.
Creativity 5: There are many original effects. Like the crow flying above the dead deer, or that you must kill your own family.
Map design 5: This campaing have one of the better eyecandy I have seen. Or at least, they look natural. Besides, the music is magnificent.
Story/Instructions 5: Excellent too. A historical background is always welcome. And the hints are indispensable.

General 5: This is the best Japanese campaign I have played, and it compete with Tamerlane or Nyctophobia campaigns. Well done man!!. For the readers, if you like Japanese, you MUST play this campaign. That is all.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"The Shogun - Tokugawa Ieyusa" is a campaign based around two different characters for the two different scenarios, the first being Tokugawa Ieyasu a famous Japanese Samurai commander who came to become powerful. In the second scenario, you take control of William Adams, a distant traveller who was the soul survivor from a boat crash.

Playability: The playability of The Shogun - Tokugawa Ieyasu is immense. The optional objectives, the great many things to do, prove both challenging and interesting. The playability would be hard to improve upon in any campaign, and I commend the author for making this campaign constantly fun to play despite the sizes of the maps.

Balance: The balance of this campaign wasn't quite as strong as the playability was, but it was still very good by most people's standards. The fighting involved many tactical decisions and the balance didn't miss getting the highest score by much at all.

Creativity: The creativity of this campaign was truly superb. The campaign felt oriental, and played oriental. This campaign owes a lot to both sets of music which are downloadable from the link in the description page, which really bring the story to life and enhance the gameplay what seems like a hundred fold. An Idea I particularly liked was they way you had to purchase being healed in the first scenario which was a new idea and a nice addition.

Map Design: The map design by The Vampire Slayer on The Shogun was just as good as the playability if not better. A lot of time has been invested in making the map as good as it can possibly be, and this has paid dividends now. I can't really offer any advice as to how to improve the map design other than to stay away from clumping some trees in places, even if they are unplayable parts of the map. Note: This was a minor occurrence and not of enough importance to lower the mark here.

Story/Instructions: The story was strong, but a little unrealistic in places I felt. The campaign captured the essence of a Samurai film well, with this having a great help from the sounds. However, travelling back to the mansion, and having your family more than willing to commit suicide because someone tells them to, just doesn't seem right. Based on the novel, this was would be one of the few things I'd change. A good introduction screen for both maps, very detailed history, instructions and hints section were also a good addition. Another problem were the spelling mistakes, although minor they kept getting noticed and contributed to lowering the score here by one grade.

Overall: A great campaign, worthy of keeping in your custom scenario list for a long time to come. Note: This campaign is nothing without the sounds. Don't be put off by the sheer scale of it at the start and many a hour are well invested here.
Map Design5.0
This was a Great 2 level role playing campaign.

I played the first level on moderate and after about a dozen attempts to kill the commander and 3 rebel generals i was beginning to think it was impossible to do.That is until i realized after killing the commander and two rebel generals about a half a dozen times,that there was no 3rd rebel general.I then had to try a new strategy,which worked.I don't know if this is a bug or what,but it only made the game more interesting.I would recommend moderate on this level taking in account for the missing general.

On the second level i played on hard.It took a couple of tries to win the final battle.I would recommend hard or hardest on the second level.

If you enjoy role playing this campaign has some great stuff.

Map design:
This is one of the best maps i have ever seen in Age of Empires.The eye candy was exceptional,with there being a great balance with the towns and forests.

The use of triggers was phenominal.

Story line/Instructions:
The story line was great,but due to the number of missions, the number of hints was a little confusing.Again the this only made the campaign more interesting.

In closing i would like to personally thank all involved in this campaign for one of the best ever made.And let us never forget,"The Race for Quality has no Finish Line"!!!
Magnum Zero
Map Design4.0

This extremely fun scenario had zero lag. The paths were not blocked or unclear. The paths through the forests, although empty, provided a solid and relaxing journey because of the beautiful landscape. A solid 5.


The balance was exceptional. Although it took me several tries to infiltrate the enemy base and destroy their troops it was fun all the same. The enemy had a bit more mangonels then I would have liked, but it was balanced with the high incoming supply rate and a little micromanaging. I really enjoyed the music that came along with this campaign, it seemed to make the siege all the more challenging! A rock solid 5.


Although based on real events, this campaign was not hurt by it at all. I couldn't tell it really happened until I found a book on Tokugawa in the library! Anyway, the unique music and the idea of using the samurai's suicidal death from the side was a big point scorer. Also, I laughed at the priest who poofed himself into a sheep. Definitely a 5 in this area.


I don't know, I could be biased and favor oriental scenay over others but, all the same I give this a 4. The map lacked space, you know, like a wide open field. This could have easily been created by clearing away the trees. But, that is made up for by the scenary on the narrow paths. I especially liked how Kyoto (I think that is the name) changed after the battle. And in the 2nd scenario.


They were clear. And the story, although it happened, was creative all the same. Yet another 5.0.

My final thoughts---
This is a great d/l for oriantal scenario lovers. Download it and be amazed!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.5
The playability is one of the strong points of this campaign. Although the scenarios are not too long, you can enjoy them a few times due to small variations in the quests, expecially in the second one where you cannot accomplish all the tasks in a single game. For most of the time, the player is free to explore the map and discover some beautiful locations, which is nice although many of them are just there to show good map design and don't play a role in the game. Battles are not too hard, and you can afford experimenting a few different tactics instead of just massing soldiers against the enemy base. Overall, both scenarios are very entertaining and made more interesting by the realistic map design and dialogues.

Balance: 4
The balance is very good although not perfect. Even on harder difficulties you have access to quite a lot of resources and the enemy is not as aggressive as he could, meaning that you can just take your time and gain superiority. In the final battle, the fact that you only need to slain the enemy commander makes things very easy, since he is neither very well protected nor particularly strong.
On the other hand some of the quests in the second scenario are really hard to find and you might end up spending all your time wandering around the map if you are not extra careful with the exploration.

Creativity: 5
Both scenarios are very creative. The cutscenes are well directed and present the story in a movie-like fashion. The game never gets boring or repetitive since all challenges are different and some of them present unique features. Among the things that I enjoyed more: having meaningful dialogue with almost any unit on the map, the hidden (easter egg?) village in the first scenario, the many quests spread around the map in the second scenario.

Map Design: 5
Every corner of the map is extremely well designed. What I liked more are the non-urban areas, with their paths and open spaces obtained through a great use of terrain mixing. Equally beautiful are some particular locations like monastries, caves, shores and semi-hidden villages. The design of the big cities of Kyoto and Osaka is not as perfect and realistic, but it is still of high quality.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
The story is very well developed, with a good historical background and in-game cutscenes that are not too long but explain clearly the fundamental events. It was a nice way to learn something about that period. The objectives are always very clear, although maybe some more words about the tasks around the map in the second scenario would be helpful. It was good to be free to explore the whole map, but some of the quests (e.g. the relic) were really hard to find and it was unclear that not all of them could be accomplished in the same game (They cant, right?).

Overall, a very entertaining and not too hard two-scenarios campaign, that has its strong points in the amazing map design, creative story-telling and good (re)playability.

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Map Design4.8
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