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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Diablo III -rpg (unfinished, updated)

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Diablo III -rpg (unfinished, updated)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 4
Try it out, comps should be on standard, otherwise they move around too much. There's quite a lot of info. inside game so read it to understand more.

UPDATED: Fix some bugs and added a few things, you should be able to reach final boss.
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MeGaIdIoT Here's a little hint: If the computer has a trade workshop, it will never quit. So just add a P5 trade workshop.
Nixck the scen was pretty good, I really liked the random fireballs. My only problem with the map is that the store/items/spell system is too complicated for me
eMoFin Great job. You were able to fit all 5 acts and the skill shrines and item stores and all on sides. This game is verry addicting and well done. The traps were sometomies annoying when they hitted alot. But still great job!

[Edited on 03/25/08 @ 08:31 PM]

tacticzz I'm sorry I don't quite understand how this game works. How do you use the spells? I got to level 1 so i could use the heal spell i think or something like that. now how do i use it when im in battle. is it automatic or what?
Official Reviewer
File Author
tacticzz, there is a this small island on the wall at the top left middle area. There is a King there, move him to one of the 4 flags to heal the Hero of that colour.
I'm sorry about that, I should have added a tutorial or something, I just didn't think of it back then. Anyways, I'm working on a new map and it will be a merge of this and my other map. It will definitely be something.
Doom Of All This game is actually very good, but I got 2 questions:
Can you make a single player version? (maybe with better features (such as the enemies continuosly spawning in the same place, like in diablo).
Are the traps random? Cos I can't find them in the triggers (I'm still on the third act) and I want to know if I can avoid them.

[Edited on 01/04/09 @ 08:22 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
"Can you make a single player version? (maybe with better features (such as the enemies continuosly spawning in the same place, like in diablo)."
-You should be able to play this by yourself, it may be too easy/hard in some areas though. I'm currently working on a 3rd RPG, blending Celton and Diablo3. I will balance the game out for any amount of players this time around.(I didn't do much "playtesting" for Celton/Diablo3) So far, I plan on making enemies respawn, so you can "farm", but I need to incorporate something in so that it's not a complete "farming" game. I can add a global game time limit, or alter exp or something, idk yet.

"Are the traps random? Cos I can't find them in the triggers (I'm still on the third act) and I want to know if I can avoid them."
-The traps are immortal enemy units that are on invisible tiles. They are not random. Just stick near the walls of the area to avoid them. :)

[Edited on 01/05/09 @ 09:45 AM]

Hitmehardpls hey, first off this is a very good map :) fun and hard with lots of options. I made it to end boss but something didn't seem to work. I checked the triggers and we completed all the tasks but somehow the end fight wasn't activated. Hope u can fix :)
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Diablo III Is one of the greatest Multiplayer RPGs of all time. It is fantastically in-depth, a tribute to the PC game series Diablo. This features re-creations of some of the original quests, and some completely new material. This map allows up to 4 players to work together to destroy the forces of evil.

Playability: 5
A fantastically enjoyable map. There is simply so much to do, the game has incredible depth and ultimate control over character customization. Its just so much fun. The map is obviously a simplification of the actual game, but there's no loss of enjoyment. After all, you're playing on a different engine. This must be seen to be believed.

Balance: 5
Some players start off with better characters. For example, the barbarian gets a reduction to more stat prices than any other character. Also, he is a faster unit than any other player. The attack speed also makes a huge difference to which player dominates. However, that takes little away from the herculean effort that must have been required to balance four different units with four different roles.
Each character can be decent in the hands of a skilled player, however, some suit different playing styles.

Creativity: 5
There are so many "creative" features I do not know where to begin. There are a large number of shops to buy many different items, which can allow a player to find a preferred mix, or increase certain factors, such as the ability to find gold. There are desert mirages, megabosses, and hidden ways of fighting.

Map Design: 5
The map design is almost perfect. There is, again, a lot of variety with five significant map areas. This is because Diablo is split into five "acts", each one with a different objective. The map design is to a very high standard, and makes the game highly enjoyable.

Story/Instructions: 5
The map features over a hundred lines of dialogue, but the instructions are truly amazing.
Every detail you need to know to start playing is given, and every feature of the gameplay is explained in depth.

Additional Comments:
An excellent map by an excellent designer, Diablo III RPG is probably the best multiplayer scenario we've ever seen at AoKH. And that truly is saying a lot.

[Edited on 04/05/10 @ 07:20 PM]

Official Reviewer
Apologies moderators, I reviewed this file and forgot to change the balance score from 4 to 5.
I believe this scenario deserves a perfect 5.0 rating.
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Map Design5.0
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