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Huidin's Belief=-- Part II

Author File Description
morgoth bauglir
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
--=Huidin's Belief=-- Part II

The Ygi'ninn invasion has begun and you must help defend you country. Great battles, long adventures await you.

The Prologue is available here at the blacksmith.
The campaign consists of 4 scenarios: one prologue RPG, one FF, one longer RPG and one siege B&D.

Note: This is release 1.0 but I still wish to upgrade it. Post your opinion here...

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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"Huidin's Belief - Part II" is a 4 scenario campaign, a sequel to the previously released "Huidin's Belief Part I - The siege". It contains 4 generally enjoyable scenarios, that focus on the land of Kanthora and its defense against the Ygi'ninn invaders, viewed through the eyes of the two main characters, Huidin and Tarkai. As its predecessor, this campaign has quite a few original touches and good map design, its weakness being the mostly walk-in-the-park difficulty.

The game was definitely enjoyable, the map design being the main point of interest that kept me into it. I have not experienced any bugs, only a slight lag during the beginning of the second and the fourth scenarios. The player will mainly participate in battles of epic proportions, and getaways with small contingents of troops. The battle sections (scenario 2 and 4) really need to be improved in regards to the balance. In the second scenario, the battle is indeed fierce and enjoyable, but it ends abruptly when you bring your 2 heroes to the "retreat" flag. I would have loved for it to last longer. Actually, I delayed my heroes' retreat intentionally so I could get to repel the enemies a little longer. I think that particular scenario would gain a lot of playability if there was another objective before you could retreat (such as defeating a fixed number of enemies, or hold on for a fixed period of time).

Another thing that slightly altered the experience was the fragmentation of the game. For instance, I think the first two scenarios could've been easily merged together, the first one is way too short and does not pose any challenge.

As I have already mentioned, balance is not a strong point of this game. It's generally much too easy, and will not pose any challenge to most players. The second scenario could've been a very balanced one, but for the ridiculously easy to achieve victory condition. The third scenario is probably the best in terms of balance, and the fourth is the worst. The enemy besiegers will probably be defeated without the player having to move a finger, as they are vastly overpowered by both the player and his allies.

It is not the most creative scenario I have played, but creativity is obvious in many aspects of the game: the story, the map design, which is very good for the most part and really suits the story and the gameplay, some features such as the special-ability relics in the third scenario. The major battle scenes could have been very enjoyable if the gameplay would've been further refined.

It seems to me that the author has improved his map design skills a lot during the completion of this project. I would grade the first two scenarios with a 4, while the last two would get a solid 5. My favorite is probably the third map, which is very well designed for this kind of fixed force game. The fourth one is also a highlight, with the very well designed fortress. Also, I really liked the way the author used the dirt3, along with leaves terrain, bamboo, it gives the land a certain personality. Overall a very good map design.

In the beginning there is not too much information about the backstory, the land, etc. This changes at the beginning of the last scenario, where we are given comprehensive details about the land, its rulers, its army, etc. The story is told by one of the main protagonists, and it is put together in the form of a diary, which really helps the immersion factor. The fact that there is a mystery concerning the other protagonist (Huidin) also helps the story. I feel that it story could have been more detailed though, and also that the ending could have been improved, to make the player more interested in a potential sequel (considering that the game hints to that).

This is a good game, with good points that overshadow the bad ones. It is a recommended download despite the very easy overall difficulty. People who are new to AoK are guaranteed to enjoy this.

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Map Design5.0
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