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Elric of Melniboné - The Fortress of Org

Author File Description
Warmaster Jash
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is my first ever map created with full use of Triggers, and I am indebted to everyone on Age of Kings Heaven who helped me with various problems.

It is far from expert in its range of features, but I have spent a lot of time attempting to make an intense and hopefully enjoyable dungeon experience, with elements of RPG, strategy, and extensive commentary/dialogue thrown in.

Here is an in-depth summary of what to expect...


- Make your way through the Fortress of Org to locate your trapped wife Zarozinia.

- Dispatch Duke Vermin's sorceror underling, Stiljin the Everseer.

- Get revenge by slaying Duke Vermin and ending his tyrannical reign forever.

- Escape the fortress with your wife, to return to the safety of her home city of Karlaak.


The main character Elric and the world in which he lives are based on the books by Michael Moorcock, including his wife Zarozinia.

All other character names have been created for this scenario, and are not an accurate representation of any Moorcock storyline.

Thank you to all those on Age of Kings Heaven for helping to get this, my first fully triggered scenario, completed!



You are Elric of Melniboné, last in the line of sorceror lords of Imrryr. Your name is infamous and dreaded throughout the Young Kingdoms, for your reputation is a sinister one. However, the paths of Fate have also reserved a righteous role for you to play, and you are often the unexpected deliverer of the free peoples.

On this occasion however, your motives are much more personal.

Duke Vermin, the self-proclaimed Master of the realm of Org, has risen to power in the East through tyranny and domination. Following a premeditated ambush by a band of his henchmen, your beloved young wife Zarozinia has been taken captive by the Duke, and imprisoned in his great Fortress.

You do not know her fate, but you know the Duke's motives - he craves possession of the one object that will set him on the path to unstoppable supremacy - your demon sword, Stormbringer.

This mighty blade, possessed by a hellish entity, has the power to drink the very souls of its helpless victims, as it cleaves and thrusts with a mind of its own. It is also a weapon on which you, a physically weak albino, rely for much of your strength and vitality.

Zarozinia is caught up in Vermin's twisted schemes of dominion, and you are compelled to plunge into the darkness of her terrible Fortress prison to rescue her and deal once and for all with her crazed kidnapper.

You know very little of what lies within the looming black walls of Org's dreadful citadel, but you are convinced that nothing awaits you that cannot be drained of its soul in the name of your love for your wife.

Calling on the protection of your patron demon Arioch, and with Stormbringer wailing a sickening death song as it hisses from the scabard, you advance on the castle gates...
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Map Design3.0
"Elric of Melniboné - The Fortress of Org" is an RPG dungeon-style scenario by Warmaster Jash is a scenario I found while browsing the older files in the Blacksmith, but is one I thoroughly enjoyed and think others would as well.

Playability: 4

This map was enjoyable to play and was bug-free. The dungeon-stye approach to the fortress was new and it was fun to see the effort the designer put into the game. It was a little repetitive (essentially fighting your way through the fortress), as it was not long enough to include a great deal of variety in tasks, but as is, the scenario did end before the point where I would have gotten bored, so not being too long is a good thing in this case.

Balance: 3

It was a little on the easy side, but it was still decently difficult. Once I played it through once, it was very easy, especially given that I was given an archer and could merely retreat behind gates or shoot across walls. Even so, for the first one or two play-throughs, there were enough surprises to require some quick thinking. After playing through once, the only challenge was fighting the sorcerer. Even the final boss was not to difficult with a little strategy.

Creativity; 5

This is the first map of this style I've played and it was well done. In addition to the game style itself, the author included a number of small easter eggs and jokes, and some creative tricks as well. Overall, the story, triggers, style, and everything else were fresh and new, or at least not overdone to the point of being unoriginal.

Map Design: 3

The map design was decent, but not spectacular. The dungeon was laid out well and the fortress itself was designed well. There were some places where I feel the design could have used a little more variety, especially the Bailey and the final battle, but overall, the map design was pretty good.

Story/Instruction: 5

The author gives a story and background about the heroes and the quest, as well as provided occasional in-game directions when needed. The story includes a few things that are not part of the main storyline, but serve to further immerse yourself in the story. In short, a great story, and I would have loved to have seen a sequel of some sort.

Overall, this is a unique scenario, and while maybe not exceeding today's design standards, is still an enjoyable scenario. I'd recommend this for download.

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Map Design3.0
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