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LotR The Land of Shadow

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
hello, this is my first scenario design.
I used version 1.0 to make it.

Frodo and his trusty servant Sam travel through the land of Mordor to fulfil their quest of casting the one ring into the cracks of Doom.

Included in the zip file is empires2_x1.dat. I used the program GeniED2 to change Frodo's line of sight(and some other things).In your data folder copy your empires2_x1.dat to some place and replace it with my file. Otherwise, Frodo's line of sight will be small and the game can't be played.

Please play on a difficulty of easiest or standard only! If you get confusing messages asking you to change your diplomacy just ignore them (I haven't found out how to disable it)

Some constructive criticsm would be welcomed!

Note: this scenario does not confirm to the book. although I am a fan of Tolkien, I realized that playing with only 2 characters and not fighting AT ALL (as in the book) would be weird and boring. so Tolkien fans pls forgive me.

fixed the diplomacy thing
also changed a few more things to make it harder
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Official Reviewer
The computer players ask to change diplomacy when their stance is less aggressive than the human player's.

To disable it, give them the same diplomacy stance to each other.

x 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 x e n e e e
2 n x a a a a
3 a a x n a a
4 n a n x a a
5 n a a a x a
6 e a a a a x

The box above shows your diplomacy (a=ally, n=neutral, e=enemy).

The horizontal and vertical line from player 1 should be the same sequence to avoid those messages. Players 2, 3, 4, and 5 have reason to complain. ;)
Official Reviewer
File Author
50 downloads and no comments? please, people just say something, you are having trouble with setting up the game?
Jas the Mace1 Well I played it but I cheated....(moderate)I died so many times in the very begining I used Marco/Polo to see why...castles to the left...a small army to the right...and another *almost* unbeatable force ahead(your hint helped)...If I didn't cheat I would suffer too many defeats to want to continue playing...but I drug on(continued cheating)...The Orange player that you hinted might ally was always enemy but the blue enemy next to them was neutral...Follow Tanneur's advice above(use 'looping' as well)...I continued on but the end forces were quite strong to take on directly...I built to the left of orange in no-man's land and went from there...Could use some more eye candy...But...I still had fun playing your game.!!...That's the most important thing anyway.!...Make more...
Official Reviewer
File Author
thnx for the comment... how were u able to play in moderate anyway, even with cheating..!? i made and tested it only in standard difficulty...where did u suffer many defeats in the beginning?
Jas the Mace1 In the first few seconds of the game. There are too many powerful enemies too close to you. There is only one narrow path to take without facing imminent death.
Official Reviewer
File Author
that's how I meant it to be. anyway I think I will start working on a maze rpg
Map Design3.0
Overall Rating: 3.0

Playability: 2
Sorry, but I can't give you a good score here. For starters, I downloaded this and beat it in less than 3 minutes of game-play. Too short. I also had no fun while I was playing it for those three minutes. I was able to by-pass all of the fighting except Gollum and the mithril armor guy in order to win. Overall Suggestion: make it longer. (See next section for some tips on how to bring the playability score up as well as the balance one)

Balance: 3
Now, even though I stated in the last section that this was easy, it isn't a complete loss. In the area of balancing this scenario out, this scenario had some boss-level characters. However, I was able to easily bypass those characters because of Frodo's extended line of sight. As I said before, the only things I fought were Gollum (Because you have to) and the Mithril guy because there was no better way I saw to get to Mount Doom. I easily defeated both of those characters, however. I was able to have Sam single-handedly take out the mithril guy and have Frodo walk right past all of the guards at Mount Doom. Suggestions: I would recommend removing the small side way up to Mount Doom that is located at the bottom of the cliffs. It makes it too simple. Also, you need to place more orcs or units around the land so that you have to fight them at some point. Possibly having a timer would have been good also. After a certain amount of time, a trigger goes off that shows a message of "even if you succeed in destroying the ring now, all is lost, for the armies of the West have been defeated at the Black Gate." Overall Note: Too easy.

Creativity: 3
In this area, I think a 3 might even be too high. You used a cut and dry storyline from LotR. However, I don't think this exact idea has been done before, which helped you a little bit here. A huge thing I didn't like is the ending. The ring was destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom, not the nothingness of Mount Doom. Make a big explosion or even an explosion followed by a small cutscene like in the movie. More name changes would have made this scenario seem more creative as well. Leaving the Jaguar warriors and Huskarls as their original names destroyed the authentic LotR feel of the scenario.
Side Note: I can not, and would not, take off points for this, but a small tip: use a ModPack. For LotR Scenarios, they look better in general if a mod pack is used. Even if you use a Mod Pack that someone else already made for LotR and just recommend it for use with your scenario, it makes the atmosphere of your scenario go up. Just a tip.

Map Design: 3
This is a fairly bland map. It is mainly desert with a few shallows patches and a few sand patches. Overall, not much here. There are some small areas that were good, such as the creation of Barad-Dur and Minas Morgul, but they played no part in the scenario. Suggestions: Add more random eye candy throughout the map. Don't use waterfalls or anything like that, as they wouldn't fit, but the map needs something more.

Story/Instructions: 4
The use of a pre-created storyline helped you a lot in this area. You didn't have to give much of a story in the History Section, since most people know the LotR storyline, and the story you did give was sufficient. The Scouts section was great! I love it when people realize that there is a Scouts section and put something in it, which many designers forget to do in their scenarios. Suggestion: Make the "Frodo cannot die" thing displayed as part of the trigger that causes you to lose when Frodo dies. Type in "Frodo Baggins must survive" in the Description area of the trigger and check "Set as Objective." Same with the victory condition. Set it as an objective attached with the winning trigger. This goes along with making the Explosions from Mount Doom at the end that I mentioned above. Have the objective be met and then let the fireworks (explosions) begin.

Additional Notes:
Not really anything left to say except keep it up and you will improve as time goes on. The LotR Story is a great place to start since the diverse storyline is useful for new designers who cannot think of a good story because they are trying to focus on the actual designing portion. However, I caution you: move away from LotR soon. There is nothing wrong with LotR Scenarios, but the whole storyline has been done and re-done and over-done way too many times to count. Still, this scenario is a great start to a designing career. I hope this review helps you to improve in your future scenarios and improve on this scenario if you ever choose to update it.

WOW. I think that’s the longest review I’ve ever written.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Hey thanks for the review, you gave it higher than I thought I deserved. I just knocked that up in 2 days and I hadn't much idea of how triggers worked etc. I got to know of Genied because I asked on FAQ how to increase line of sight and got that reply.


Make a big explosion or even an explosion followed by a small cutscene like in the movie

Heh heh at that time I didn't even know destroying hawks creates explosions. have learnt a lot...

Oh and what difficulty did you play it on, easiest? It's not that easy on standard.
FuzzyFurry25 I played it on standard difficulty. I did so at the author's request. (See topic post)

Reason for edit: I previously stated that "I choose to play on Standard because of the comments from people who tried to play it on Moderate or higher." I was mistaken in that statement.

[Edited on 01/19/07 @ 12:02 AM]

Official Reviewer
If you find balance too easy on standard, you should play moderate or hard to give a fair review. Exception, if the author asks to play a specific difficulty level as it is the case here, quote from the description: "Please play on a difficulty of easiest or standard only!" The review above is probably the first I approved where the reviewer rates it down because it is too easy on standard.
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