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The Treasure of Fool's Cove

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
The Treasure of Fool's Cove

Several centuries ago storms lashed the bay, the feeble rays from the lighthouse lost in the gloom and rain, a ship laden with gold and other treasures floundered on waves higher than cliffs, the mast snapped and with a great crash the hull was ripped open on a cruel rock... the ship and all its crew sank to a watery grave in Davy Jones' Locker. Many years later, two brave men intend to dive to the very bottom of Fool's Cove and retrieve the vast wealth that lies beneath.

A lone horseman rides down the country road towards the town of Taillport, an old friend of his by the name of Bernard lives there, and he wrote some days ago saying he had a proposition that may be of interest. In the brief letter he mentioned the bay, a boat he had recently purchased, and a tale of great treasure lurking beneath the waves... the waves of Fool's Cove...

You are that horseman, riding into Taillport with a jangling purse and seemingly boundless enthusiasm, ready to embark on a treasure hunt.

This is quite a simple scenario, mostly a cutscene with playable elements. In it you must briefly prepare for your journey, explore the seafloor and enter a shipwreck where the ghosts of by-gone sailors protect the lost treasure. Will you succeed where none have before and return laden with the treasure of Fool's Cove?

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Jas the Mace1 Good Scn.!...If only it were longer, I was pretty in to it when it abruptly ended...I like the idea of the under-water adventure, but 7 gold per Ale!!! You must be from the U.K......I did think the inside of the ship could have been more elaborate with rooms and such...and while ironic, I was expecting a mission at the end...
Overall a good, fun Scn. with a new concept!
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the comment Jas. (Yes, I am from the UK)

Yes, it isn't very long, but I'm glad you liked what was there. The reason the ale is so expensive (I assume you were suggesting it was a high price) is just to make buying all those drinks more painful on the wallet. I could have made the shipwreck larger inside, but I didn't have many ideas for what could happen there, maybe I'll extend it sometime. Did you explore the entire sea floor?
Jas the Mace1 Yes I did. I found the sea people, the forest, the ugly bottom dwelling fish and some wrecks. I also used marco/polo so I wouldn't miss seeing anything. On my ship comment, what I was thinking about was having it reflect more of a real submerged ship having small passage ways with numerous rooms (set with triggers) instead of one large open space. I got the impression I had gone straight down through a hole in the deck and landed in a large ballroom or something (more Titanic than Aok I guess) It would be cool if all the shipwrecks were enterable....If you don't mind I might use that concept for dry-land shipwrecks. I'm trying to use anything extra for eyecandy story related hard drive failed and since I've replaced it the 'enhanced editor' won't install..and I haven't been able to get Geni.ed to work so I'm still designing with the plain old whitebread editor...I wouldn't mind seeing an upgraded version of this or a new map on the same concept...maybe a campaign.??...
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Good game you made Julius :D
It was a little short, and the city-design wasn't all too good. But the idea and humour is simply GREAT! Took about 20 minutes to win, but it was 20 well spent minutes :)
The Underwater part was outstanding. A little bare at first sight, but the fact that its so hard to make explains it. Its realistic and a great fun
Well made :D
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks Lord Basse!

You probably guessed that the city wasn't the point of the scenario, just a little introductory mission to prevent it from being even shorter (and hopefully be amusing).

Glad you liked the humour and I'm even more pleased you liked the underwater part, even if 'realistic' and 'underwater part' don't go too well together in a scenario.

Jas the Mace1, of course you can make something based on this. Seeing as you noth liked it I might do another similar scenario myself, only with an Eastern atmosphere this time.
Scud An interesting start.

Mabye you could of made the sea floor more interesting, as in mabye using some dirt 1 in the odd few places.

Also, I would of made all of the sea floor elavation 7 (of course the player would not notice any difference). But seeing as it is set on the higest, this allows you to a large range of elavations below it, to give the impression of the sea floor, with trenches, caverns and caves.

The trees and seaweed was convincing, I found the dead pine trees looked like large flows of seaweed and water plants, the flowers were good. Though, some "plants" would of been good.

The underwater town and tower I found was a bit well, not that great, I think you should of used more ruins, for it would of made it more real. I know you aimed to make it a town for mermaids, but if it were ruins it adds to the feel of being under water.

Using undseed plants as planks was a good idea.

A good start, but like Basse - the town was uneventful, but like you said, you put it there just to make it longer ;)

And One final thing, don't put single scenarios as a campaign, it really annoys me and it pointless IMO. I could understand if you had a bitmap image to put in the objectives, but you didnt. And dont think putting in a campaign will "protect" it from prying eyes to rip it open in the editor, people can just use Aok Campaign editor (aviable in the utilities) to extract the scenario :p

[Edited on 10/30/06 @ 03:23 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the comment Scud.

That's a reasonable suggestion about the height of the seafloor, I'll try it out. You are probably also right about the elevation, although maybe level 7 is a little high for a starting point (very difficult to get any even higher areas).

I'll definitely look at making the seafloor more interesting (there were plants by the way, not in huge numbers though). I'll take into account your suggestions on the two submerged towns (well, one town and a couple of pieces of rubble), although if I ever make another of these there will be no mermaids (my creativity fails me at the point of mermaids).

The town was mainly there for length, but also so you could get a reason for searching the seafloor rather than just being dumped there. You can also (as I assume you know) talk to the people there, and it gave me the oppurtunity to add in a (short) story. The scene with the horseman is less easy to justify, it's actually there so you can talk to the townspeople straight away, instead of having to wait 10 seconds.

The reason I put it as a campaign is that it is just simpler to upload and download that way. You can get to it easily rather than fiddling around with testing from the editor or whatever and it locks in AIs and bitmaps. I'm not trying to 'protect' it, if for some bizarre reason you want to open it up and look around, it's fine by me. In future I'll put things up with a scenario version as well, just for you :-) .
Me the Great wow!so creative!I've never seen an imagination like yours jullius
oliver Just a note: just because you convert a .scx into a .cpx doesn't mean you *have* to submit it to the 'Campaigns' section. Short games like this one should be in the SP section, no matter the file type.

Otherwise, GG Julius. :)
Artifex Very creative I must say, although chat sessions were a bit strange. I took me some time to figure out what to do and whom to talk to. Maybe send instructions that the player is in a chatsession and with whom he has to start.

Instead of what others think, I think it's good to put Feudal age aztec buildings on the 'bottom' of the sea. It looks like those houses are covered with seaweed.
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