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Heroes Mod 1.0

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This Mod, or better to say, ADDon, once its adds, not modify things on the game, is a revolution on the Age of Empires Series! Have you ever imagined to playing a game and be possible to create the heroes presents on the Scenario Editor or in the Campaigns, and saying on the end: "You have been defeated by El Cid troops" with El Cid himself on the battlefield? I think not, but this today is simply possible!

The mod allows the player to create 2 heroes for each 18 civilizations, on the game. One is the Sub-hero that's a low powerful character that can be created many times. The other is the Main Hero of that civ, with incomparable but not unreal power, and can only be created under a condition: you must have 150 kills for each Main Hero you want to create more a 100 gold symbolic tribute to pay.

Besides that, the mod adds a new build to organize all this stuff, coming from the Scenario Editor: a tower, renamed as Heroes Tower that can be created on Castle Age for a little stone price, but it's fragile too.

The mod engine prepares everything for you to play; it overwrites and makes backup of some data files, you only have to decide to play with or without the mod.
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Tamloren I cant believe no one has commented! Great Job man, thank you very much. I am stoked you made this, but.... anyway you can make it so King Arthur is on a horse and not foot? If not, whatever, great job!
Rating: 5
The Heros Mod 1.0 is the first Mod Pack that actually allows you to train units from the game. Normally you would have to use the editor and triggers to do this. Well, this proves us wrong here.
The usefulness can go on and on and on about this Mod. There is clearly no limit that i can see that this mod has. The Hero limit can be annoying to some at one point or another....but still, it is good enough that you can even make them without trigger knowledge or having to place them through the scn. editor.

Other Comments:
Definately worth the download. If you ask me, this takes the game to a whole new level....
LittleGreenPickl Can't get it to work on my games. I chose from shortcut to play with heroes. When i get to castle age and build a castle. How do i build a hero tower? it doesn't come up in villager options to build. What builings or techs do i need in castle age.?
Rating: 5
Simply spectacular, once you reached Castle Age and constructed a castle,you can build the tower of heroes. That tower trains two types of heroes,the main and the secondary one. You obtain the main one by paying a certainamount, which is not cheap and provided you killed 200 units, for the secondary one this restriction does not exist and you can produce it massively. Only that it is more expensive than any normal unit of your civilization and the speed of production is slow enough to maintain the beauty of the game. For example, I finish playing agame with Britons and its main unit is King Arthur and the secondary ones the horseman of the round table, individual paladins with 230 HP and 16 attack, although they are super strong, they are mortal. Here comes the war of heroes! -

Additional Comments:
sorry for the english, im chilean.

[Edited on 01/30/07 @ 08:04 PM]

Wikked_Wolf Uh... what? ill try it out, sounds good!

Edit: I have it and its a fantastic mod! However, i was playing aztecs and created several of there heroes, 1 of them got converted and when i killed it and it went to change to a jaguar? the game crashed. maybe its just my computer but i think it may need to be tested

[Edited on 01/24/07 @ 01:27 AM]

Bruno Marconi LittleGreenPickl, try to reinstall the game, and/or the Heroes... We test it several times, and it works without problems... Maybe your game is already modded, and this could be the cause (and don't forget to 'turn on' the mod).

Wikked_Wolf, some units have special abilities; the aztec hero for exemple, when die, becomes a special jaguar; the mayan hero have fire powers and etc. We also test aztec hero in several PCs with no problem, so check if your game is 1.0c, clean (with no other mods), and in last instance, try a reinstall.

Soon I will create heroes english website (where you all could ask something), but it could takes longer because its not my native language, and the other heroes' creator is no more active in the project...

[Edited on 02/05/07 @ 11:33 PM]

Golden Archer Excellent!
This is a really good idea!
Well done Gelvaz!

Yes you can tell by Gelvaz and Bruno Marconi that your mother language isn't english..
Are you Portuguese? =P

[Edited on 02/11/07 @ 07:25 AM]

Vitor Cassol Golden Archer, actually we're Brazilian. Gelson Vaz (Gelvaz), by the way, isn't the main creator of the mod. It was developed by our website staff, which used to include a programmer (who, unfortunately, is no more with our staff). Bruno Marconi is one of the two developers, but the other one (the programmer who is no longer in our team) is "the real thing" in what concerns developing the mod. Gelvaz, Bruno Marconi and I are members of the staff. And sorry for our not-that-good English :).

By the way, we're really glad you like it.

[Edited on 04/12/07 @ 07:54 PM]

The Wolf Hunter It says that I need to insert correct CD. I have the conquerors CD in.
meisnate12 i cant play it i have the heroes on and it doesn't work i have also reinstalled several times
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