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Star Tower Defense

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 7
Star Tower Defense


Star Tower Defense (Star TD) is an on your own TD. Unlike many other TD's, all the players are not teamed against a computer player. Instead, each player has to protect his own line.

As you can see in the mapshot, the map is arranged in a star-like shape. The enemy units spawn in the middle of the map, and you must kill them before they reach the outside of your star's prong, using towers. Each time an enemy unit reaches the end of the prong, your king in the middle of the star loses 500 HP. If that king dies, you lose.

In the bottom corner of the map, there is a store where you can choose to buy either Castle Age, Imperial Age, +3, +15, +45, or +100 tower AP, a trade cart, or a relic, using gold.

Also, there is an offensive store, where you can buy super units to go down a player of your choice's star prong. You can also buy minus 40 tower ap on a player you choose.

Lastly, in Star TD, the host can choose the difficulty level. He can choose these 3 difficulties: Moderate, which give each player 2 free relics, providing much more usage of the offensive store, since you get more gold. Hard, which gives each player no bonuses or penalties. Or Extreme difficulty, which gives each player 8 less population.

Star TD is not long like other TDs, and is not meant to be. Because of this, Star TD provides very fast gameplay, lasting only about 1 hour, and I can almost guarantee you that you won't get bored. If you are killing all of the enemy units that come to you easily, you can use the offensive store. Multiple players can't win, either, unless they're on a team. The last level is a constant spawn of 75 HP, 1000/1000 armor Light Cavalry.

Good luck.

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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Star TD is a very unique and enjoyable Tower Defense. The 7 player TDis an all on al game in which the players have to survive the Longest. It is very fun trying to build towers quckley and killing the people who walk allon the path.

Balance: 5
The game gets harder as it goes along. The first level has no HP change but then the Hp of the units get higher and higher. The last level is a 75 HP 1000 Armour Light Calvary which is very hard to kill.

Creativity: 5
This is a very creative TD. The things you buy in the Shop are different to those in the other TDs and this TD also uses the units with 1000 armour. you can also use your people to attack the other player's towers too.

Map Design: 5
The Map is designed in the shape of a Star (hence the name) surrounded by Water. There are small islands were the resource areas and shops are. Because the map is a TD there is no need for cliffs and Elevation so I have taken no points off the score for this.

Story/Instructions: 5
Being a multiplayer scenario, a Tower Defence doesn't need a story so no points are taken off for that. The Instructions however are fantastic. They tell you extactly what to do and give alot of helpful Hints about the scenario. The Shop, the Levels, The Resources, etc.

Additional Comments:
One of the Best TDs I have played.


[Edited on 02/17/10 @ 07:45 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Star Tower Defence is Impeached's take on the TD mapstyle. With a symmetrical relationship between the players in a star pattern, the map is an interesting example of a Tower Defence.

Playability: 4
While being enjoyable on a basic level, Star TD suffers from some questionable design choices. After the first few levels taking the player through a logical progression of vanilla units, the units become a random selection of buffed heroes with no apparent thought given to unit speed. The map itself is fairly straightforward and fast-paced, but an overall lack of cohesion denies it a top score.

Balance: 5
All players receive an equal and fair start, with an equal ability to defend themselves. The inclusion of an offensive shop is an interesting prospect, which could potentially be abused to allow players to gang up on one opponent.

Creativity: 4
While it follows the basic, tried-and-tested formula for TD, Star has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. The aforementioned offensive shop is a novel idea, and players are able to build bombard towers as well as regular keeps.

Map Design: 5
While being very spartan, the map has a clean aesthetic which makes it easy for the players to navigate and promotes good gameplay. The map is not overly cluttered with useless features, and this simplicity is elegant.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions are basic and generally insufficient to explain some of the complexities of the map. The gameplay relies on either experience or good fortune in order to make the right choices that keep the player in the game. This kind of trial-and-error gameplay is not ideal for this style of map design.

Additional Comments:

Although a novel and worthwhile Tower Defence map, Star TD has some problems that spoil the experience. It is, in general, to a high quality and is well worth a game or two.
Map Design4.0
I played Star TD alongside Popeychops, and whilst I find the map to be interesting and usually expect high quality content from Impeached (Megaidiot) - I feel this map has not aged well.

Playability: 3
Star TD really brings nothing new to the table, for tower defences. In fact, I would go as far as saying this map is really lacking in content that make it fun. For me, it feels like a rather plain and dull challenge. Building towers is slow whilst the waves come quite quickly, meaning the game will end quite quickly unless the player knows the exact strategy to survive further into the game. There's nothing interesting about the map which makes it fun. The rush you feel here is out of frustration, not fun.

Balance: 4
The unit choice for each wave the players face seems to be almost entirely chosen at random, with minimal thought put into the speed the unit moves. Each wave is buffed with a certain amount of health but this does not seem to be cleverly thought out. For example, the War Elephant wave buffs them to 1k HP whereas prior to this the Paladin wave had 660 HP, making them much harder to defeat due to their speed compared to the elephants. Another example of poor unit choice would be the 5th wave where you face first Huskarls, then the 6th wave where you face Elite Huskarls. A player who hasn't already started purchasing tower attack buffs will find this a close call, due to the Huskarl's high peirce armor. The next few waves feel very easy in comparison. As a player who knows that units do not receive tech upgrades if they have trigger-altered stats, I didn't purchase attack damage for my towers until after I had finished researching the technologies to boost my towers range.

Creativity: 3
Creativity in a tower defence is something difficult to attain. After-all, you're creating a map of which there are many more just like it. Star TD is certainly nothing special, here. Most of the points for creativity come from the star shaped map design.

The stores are minimally designed, with very few purchase options. This doesn't impact heavily, but it does mean there's not an awful lot the player can do. For example; there are no ways to purchase more villagers with which to build or gather resources. Relic and Trade Cart purchases are limited to around 20, which makes later waves quite difficult as the player's gold income is limited early on.

Map Design: 4
The map is relatively well designed. As this is a tower defence, I'm not looking for brilliant looking terrain - but there are some issues with the map which bring this score from a 5 to a 4.

The route the enemy takes is relatively short, and - as the map name implies - is laid out in a star. Units comes from the central point to the outer point the player defends. An issue here would be the placement of the 'Shah' that tells the player how much health they have remaining. This 'Shah' is placed in the central area where units are coming from, when I feel it would be more noticable if it was placed at the end where units are heading. The route that is taken by the enemy units is also entirely open, allowing for the units to wander into the build area where they either get stuck or in the way of the builders.

Story/Instructions: 2
There's no story, which for a Tower Defence doesn't matter - but there's also not many instructions or text given to the player. For example; the player is not told where anything is. It is assumed that the player would already know how everything works and where everything is. The store for buying upgrades, relics and trade-carts also suffers from not informing the player when they have made a purchase. This gives the player no confirmation that they are doing the right thing to make their purchase, or have lost the right amount of gold for their purchase. This also means that the player has no idea when they have purchased something unless they are either constantly watching their gold amount or the store. A final point I'll make against the instructions is that the player is not told where his 'Shah' is, nor how much health he loses for each unit that passes through the route successfully.

A new-to-the-map player can be at a severe disadvantage over other players who know what works and what is possible. In a slightly competetive map such as Star TD, this fact can decide who wins and who dies from the beginning choices made.

[Edited on 08/05/15 @ 11:18 AM]

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Map Design4.7
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