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Counter Attack :: DEMO

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is my latest project so far. I haven't put my absolutely best effort in, but I can assure you this scenario is alright, if a little bit short. Hopefully I will add more scenarios to the full version if this DEMO is too short.

This campaign is based on Spain in 1501 (fictional!!!) after it wins the Dark War between Spain and France. You, Ambrosio, are back at your camp "Raw Drums". You are talking about what caused your victory when a scout pops up and tells you that French bandits and pirates are occupying the paths and are setting up camps in the forest.

But do the French really know how to counter-attack (hence the title)? They can't be that intelligent. They charged at a pallisade distraction while bombard cannons made a mess of them during the war. But if we see another French bandit, I fear we will have to wage yet another war, and keep Spain under our control.

Ambrosio and Miguel, the heroes, are currently setting off to the Un-named Village, southeast of the Raw Drum camp. They are going to talk to the King if they spot a bandit, and if so, then most of the coastal defenses have already been battered.

LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA / Robert Angier presents:

Counter Attack :: The Sneaky Demolition :: Chapter I

I will post screenshots when I get time.

Please download and review my campaign.

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Also you can find the sneak preview here.
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Map Design4.0
Counter Attack is about a fictional conflict between France and Spain in the sixteenth century. Two soldiers named Ambrosio
and Miguel must rally the Spanish forces after France rebounded from their initial defeat. France is now invading Spain.
This is only the demo and the author claims that it was rushed. This is one of the longest demos I have ever played that wasn't
a complete scenario. Although it had a mild rushed feeling , LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA managed to create a respectable scenario.

PLAYABILITY: This scenario has no playability issues. It doesn't contain any bugs and doesn't crash. However it re-playability value
is pretty low. Hopefully the full version will allow multiple paths to or conditions for victory.

BALANCE: I found this scenario a little easy , in that , I didn't die. My heros were beefed up too much by secret weapons. In addtion ,
once I got control of an army , I didn't even have to use them in battle. I played on hard too.

CREATIVITY: I've said this before (when reviewing), but creativity was the bright spot of this scenario. LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA came up with a nice
way of finding items. Furthermore you could perchase an item at the blacksmith. I also liked seeing some well-known forumers as minor charcters
in the story. I'm still laughing over an incident involving two of them. The aspect that put me over the top was the mod pack that turned some
flags and cracks into rain. You also get to control both sides of the conflict ( Spain and France ). Excellent job , LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA !

MAP DESIGN: This part of the scenario looked the most rushed. The towns looked good , so did the paths through the forest and beaches. The
only problem is that that's all there is. The map was nothing but towns , roads , beaches and lots of impassible oak forest. I found this

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The story didn't make a lot of sense. France was beaten and instantly comes back for more. This incident was not clearly
explained. The blow of a weak pre-plot was lessened by adequate in-game instructions. I didn't know exactly what to do after I got to the
battlefield on the beach , though. The scenario also had an attractive bitmap. Furhtermore LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA went through the trouble to tell
the player some personal information on some of the main characters. I would like to see this expanded in the full version. Since the story
takes place in sixteenth century Spain , I would like to see a few more gunpowder units. That didn't effect the score , though.

In short , this scenario has tremendous potential . I hope LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA doesn't rush the full version because he is a very talented designer.
He seems to take pride ( rightfully so ) that he can easily pump out quality scenarios at the age of 12. I recommend you to download this scenario.
If you don't ( and even if you do) , you should find space in your hard drive for the full version of Counter Attack.

The Kestrel
Map Design4.0
This is a decent campaign. It has a good start, but it just needs more.

The playability was decent. It wasn't very fun to play, though there were a few cool battles. There were many places which were pointless and the fact that you have a whole screen of crossed out objectives and another of items is an annoyance.

At the start, balance was very good. At a certain point, however, it becomes easy. Another annoyance with it is that one character's HP never gets above 110.

The strongest point in this was the level-up system. I like the way certain units give different amounts of EXP. Once 250(?) EXP(wood) is reached, you level up. Very good idea and well done.

The map was a little weak. It started out okay, but parts of it were pretty bad. There were only two or three places where elevation was noticable. In most places, terrain mixing was non-existant.

There was a bit of a story but it was VERY corny and a little lame. You kill a guy named Lord de Graville. He comes back to life. You kill him again. He will come back again. People seemed to find it funny that the city they lived in was destroyed. Also, when you found a weapon or armor it never said who it affected or what it did. Thes was QUITE annoying.

Overall, this is a decent campaign, weak story and instructions, decent map, and poor balance. You may wanna download this as parts are fun to play, but it is overall just another decent RPG in a world of great ones.


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Map Design4.0
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