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The Real Helm's Deep

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
This is a build and destroy/scenario version of Helm's Deep. A lot of cool features including a warping mechanism and numerous difficulty levels and other options.
There are two different difficulty settings, the one at the setup screen (which should be set to hard) and the in-game one which you choose.
For first time players try moderate or hard.
I, personally, have never beat it on hard...

I'm looking forward to converting this map into a co-op and multiplayer - hopefully one for both.
This is my first post here, so any comments would be much appreciated!!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
'The Real Helm's deep' is a surprisingly original scenario, although it represents one of the most overdone themes in Aok - Helm's Deep of LOTR. The creative idea of 'warping' troops to Helm's deep adds a totally new style of gameplay to Aok (atleast I have not seen it before).

Playability: 4
I enjoyed playing 'The Real Helm's Deep' much more than other helm's deep games. At first I was playing it like a normal random map game but I lost due to using wrong tactics. However by using the boom+spam arbalests idea I was able to beat the attackers very easily, even on hardest. The gameplay is exciting, keeping you on your toes most of the time, as different things like the petard exploding the wall and the unbreakable ram battering down the front gate. Towards the end, when I had around 100+ archers it got boring because they could take down all the orcs very quickly.
When I played on moderate, the Rohirrim did not arrive when the tower burnt down, however it did happen on hardest. The Rohirrim were able to kill all the massed up forces just outside the gate and defeat Saruman.

Balance: 4
As mentioned before, the game is easy if you boom to imperial age and spam arbalests. I was initially using champions, cataphracts and skrimishers which turned out to be a bad idea as I lost that way. I didn't notice much difference between moderate and hardest modes.

Creativity: 5
The whole idea of 'warping' is a new idea in Aok, especially involving it in a Helm's deep scenario. The map of Helm's deep was well designed and there were some surprises such as the man with explosives destroying the wall (though not much of a surprise to anyone who has watched the movie). I feel that is very difficult to do something creative in a greatly overdone topic and hence it deserves 5 for the theme.

Map Design: 5
The map of Helm's deep was beautifully done, with the Deeping Wall, the bridge to the Hornburg, the canal, etc. done in great detail. The combination of strategic elevation and cliffs also made it look more realistic. It did not include a huge castles with loads of Hps that often features in Helms deep games. The rest of the map is a normal random map type but it should not be taken into account because that is the best for a B&D for building up troops to warp to Helm's deep. A clear 5 here for the representation of Helm's deep!

Story/Instructions: 3
Instructions are quite clearly given as to the warping of troops to Helm's deep and how to play the game.
However this scenario totally lacks a story. There is no mention of who Gandalf and Saruman were or why Helm's deep was being overrun by orcs. Not everyone has read the book or seen the movie, a brief story should be given anyway.
Besides, as this significantly differs from normal LOTR, some kind of story which 'explains' it ( even something like 'Gandalf's magic transports people to Helm's deep' ) would have been better than nothing. Also why the heroes (Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Theoden etc) are conspicuously absent.

Additional Comments:
A very original LOTR map and a recommended download for everyone.

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Map Design5.0
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