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Save Normandy

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 4
Your home town of Normandy, France is under attack by the Spanish. The Duke has requested you go to Scotland to tell his brother, the King of Scotland, to help him defeat the spanish.
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
The scenarios are buggy.

In the first scenario, you must fend off the Spanish navy whilst your hero escapes by boat. This is not a difficult task - the Spaniards move a lot of ships next to your coastline, and sit there whilst you convert/shoot them, deleting the converted transport ships to dispose of the unwanted enemy troops.

In the second scenario, you have to get past a barrier constructed within the mainland of Scotland. This was a very short and easy scenario and didn't have time to fit any bugs in really - though having to knock down a wall belonging to your ally by switching to neutral was odd.

In the third scenario, you have to deliver a letter to the King of Scotland. The view began over the King of Scotland, a sequence of confusing dialogue to do with highwaymen rushed across the page, then you were told that you had delivered the letter, objective complete; then you notice that Guy (your character) is at the bottom of the map. So you send him off northward with a single click to reach the spot where the King was. The king moves south, but speaks to you whilst you stand in front of his original position. You then have to go and fight the highwaymen. On the way down, I found a barricade and was told I would have to find a way around it to reach the king. I cut down the barricade, moved south, built a castle, filled it with longbowmen, the highwaymen attacked it, died horribly thanks to murder holes and careful management of Guy, and resigned.

Finally, in scenario 4 I'm not dead certain what you were going to have to do, because as soon as I moved my view over my fleet, I was declared to have been victorious. Yay for me!

I gave it a 2 rather than a 1 because the bits that played properly were pretty nice. But there were too few of these and surely most of these issues would have been seen in basic testing?

Balance: 2
This is related to playability I guess; the scenarios were too easy because of bugs; but besides of that, the scenarios were too easy anyway. There is evidently a trigger telling all those ships where to go in scenario 1, and that makes it pretty easy to get around the blockade. Scenario 2 is fine, it isn't meant to be hard; in scenario 3 the highwaymen are somewhat easily beaten and in scenario 4, who knows?

Basically the number of bugs makes this hard to judge, but it seemed too easy.

Creativity: 3
Not bad. Quite a bit of dialogue, decent terrain and story, automatic ferry movement and an argument with a rabble, quite a good barricade and side path.

One very obvious thing - Berserk should've been renamed Duke, surely.

Map Design: 4
Better than RM. Paths and roads and so on. Ergo, 4.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story and instructions were fairly good. By which I mean, there was a story, the boxes were all filled in, I was never doing things I didn't understand, the spelling was fine. Some of the comments are rather amusing - "oh christ, it's the spanish coming to invade. ahhh!"

This stuff could be better, for sure, but it's better than is often found here. The main issue is inaccurate instructions owing to bugs. A few bits of speech disappear too quickly too, but that's a playability issue really.

Additional Comments:

One recommendation here - test your scenarios! :P

These were tested on moderate difficulty level, I very much doubt though that the bugs all vanish on hard difficulty level.

[Edited on 12/21/06 @ 02:26 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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