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Adventure Series V The Maze

Author File Description
Jas the Mace1
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This Dungeon Maze has:

*3 Heros in a RPS

*Over 100 rooms most with fighting

*Objectives and some intrigue

*Dungeon rooms have a 3 trigger series that enemies are there if you walk back through

*7 Upgrades...4 party and 3 individual

*8 or 9 'Boss' areas (depending how you count)

*Good Eye candy

*And of course a *HUGE* Dungeon Maze.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Well, I have spent a great deal of time ( more than 6 hours) and have finally finished this game. So I thought I'd review this.
*spoilers there in review*

Playability: 3

The scenario is very enjoyable and sustains interest for some time but it is REALLY long! The entire maze is filled with obstacles and you have to explore practically every corner so as not to miss out on an upgrade (I think I got all) The first time I simply skipped a great deal of the maze and went on directly to the later section but I couldnt beat the stone golems so I had to get back all through the maze to defeat Gegs etc. Also at the last after the count is killed you have to traverse the entire maze to get back to Godiva!! that wasn't fair, although by then my heroes had become so powerful that nothing in the maze provided any challenge.
On the plus side I really enjoyed all the twists and turns in the plot (like the friends turning foes etc.) I liked the bosses outside the maze more than the one inside (in particular the Count).A 3

Balance: 5
The scenario was perfectly balanced. All the 'boss' areas were rather hard and it was difficult because all your heroes were supposed to survive. I don't think it would be possible to beat them without the upgrades. I required about 2-3 restarts for every boss ( except the teutonic knight guy and the druid, though the huskarl was pretty easy I was caught by surprise... I was prepared for Godiva but dont know if he can be counted as a boss). I really had trouble killing Minth( Frankish Paladin ) and I dont really know how I did it (It attacked Hablo first and then Haplo) and Zinth was rather easier ;) weird that he should be the tougher guy. The 'trials' were rather interesting. I found the spiritual horseman really difficult.. required 5-6 restarts.. I tried using Hablo as 'bait'(making them run around while other units attack) and then Haplo but they always got killed though the horseman was also killed a few seconds later, then I had the idea of using Harel as the bait though I hadnt done that before as he is ranged and has more attack. I died a few more times in the maze too (shame).

Creativity: 5
Overall the scenario was very creative. All the twists were pretty good and there were many things I hadn't seen before like the 'trials' and the druid.The Gegs resigned halfway through the scenario but they were pretty good too.I dont know how you managed to make a terrain with only yellow trees but that was a good idea. The corn farmer idea was pretty good.. I used him to scout as he was never attacked but then I lost him somewhere.

Map Design: 4
The map design was rather good. There were several key areas while attacking the bosses (the rock in the Zinth area and the palisade wall in the stone golems) However the maze itself was rather repetitive after a while all rooms looked the same.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was great and the instructions were quite adequate. I was never puzzled about what to do.

Additional Comments:

I would really recommend this scenario if you have the time and patience for playing it.
Map Design5.0
Overall score: 4.8

Hi all! I haven't reviewed or even been to AoKH for a while, so bear with me. I have the reviewing guide open in another window and I'm going with it. So.....let's begin:

**Disclaimer: Plot Details to follow / Final Notes are the only section without spoilers**

Playability - 4
Now, this was a fun scenario to play. Those of you who remember me from the old days of AoKH, you know I can be a little odd. I made a hand-drawn map of the maze as I went threw gauging how hard each room was and writing it down because the hints said to remember the easier paths. Sad, I know. :-) Though I had a lot of fun playing this map, it soon got repetitive, so I’m not giving you a full 5.

Balance - 5
The balance was great. The bosses difficulty, combined with the rooms' varying difficulty made a great combination. Also, the end "trials" from the apparition were hard and I had to try several times to get through them. Good job. However, I did not like having to stop between every room and wait forever for my men to re-heal the "Hero (slow) way" before entering the each new chamber. I would perhaps add a few more allied monks throughout to make that point better. (That wasn't enough to take off a point here, yay)

Creativity - 5
First off: WOW!!! This was a wonderful idea. I loved the upgrades as well as the random side quests. The beach resort being thrown in was good for saving the player from the monotony of the maze. Only one bad thing here: the rooms looked slightly monotonous. Not really, because you put special things in between them which saved you lots of points, but after a while they all looked the same. Good job.

Map Design - 5
Amazing map! Though I just read in the guide that "unused areas of the map should not be graded," I'm gonna point out that you used ALL of the space in your map. You picked the right size map and used it all, well done. Again, amazing. It was a good idea to vary things in-between the chambers of the maze, it saved you from the monotony a little. And, for the third time in this section, AMAZING!

Storyline/Instructions - 5
It was a great storey idea. I know how hard it can be to find unused ideas, and this is a good one. Also, the Hints were helpful, thanks a lot. Storyline was clear and very enjoyable.

FINAL NOTES - WONERDFUL!!!! I loved this scenario. I would recommend this scenario to everyone. All experienced and n00bs alike should enjoy this maze of wonder. Great job. Btw, I'm playing the Bloody Mess one, and it looks good to. You are a good designer, keep it up.
Map Design5.0
The MAZE is a really good game. Jasthe Mace1 has created a very challenging piece here.

Playability: 4

It is a very fun game to play. you have to take time, because you won't be ready within 1 or 2 hours. It is fight, fight, fight in every part of the map, but you still need skills and tactics on how to beat the hard guys.
A critical point is that you have to wait until your heroes have fully recovered. this may take up for 5 minutes, and that spoils the game. Especially the woad raider gets injured very quick, because of his low armour. Maybe change this. Therefor a 4.

Balance: 4

This could have been a 5, but I think Count is too tough for me. Subjective as I am: a 4. But in general you can work it out pretty much with tactical decisions.

Creativity: 5

A very different style of AOK play. nothing to build, just get your way through a labyrint and kill enemies. I liked it.

Map Design: 5

Splendid! Every part of the map is used. A landscape made of dirt, rocks a spooky trees surround the MAZE. That makes it creepy, and it should be.

Story/Instructions: 5

A detailed instruction on what to do. I was never confused.

Additional Comments:

A masterpiece, but a little hard if you're not an experienced player.

[Edited on 03/09/07 @ 08:09 AM]

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Map Design4.7
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