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Chess, AOE style demo

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
a hole new spin on the ultimate boardgame of stratagy.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
You need AoK:TC The Conquerors Expansion to play this single scenario Demo.

The scenario is based on the game of chess. The origin of chess is either China or India and much disputed lately. Both games are quite different from modern chess. Chinese chess is still played today in different variations by millions of people. The board is larger and the players are divided by a river. The Indian Chaturanga was a dice game, for four players, two teams, developed in the 7th century and already played on a 64 squares board. Later it became a two player game called Shatrani. From India the game reached Persia and from there the Muslims brought the game via North Africa and Spain to the rest of Europe, where the rules where changed to the modern, western chess. The ability of the pawn, to move two squares on its first move, as described in this scenario, was introduced in the late 13th century. Chess did not become very popular in Europe before the 15th century, when the counsellor was replaced by the queen and the elephant by the bishop, who could move the whole diagonal instead of only two squares.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario is confusing, even if you are a good chess player. After defeating the black pawn, I followed the Kings orders and went to the north tower, where I received no further objectives. The tower was another Spanish wonder, bringing white's King count up to three. From there you win by clearing a path through the jungle with the trebuchet and by destroying two undefended castles. 2-
-There should be a final objective at the tower.

BALANCE: I played the scenario on hard and had not much challenge. The attack range of the enemy unit at the starting side of the river is no match for your army and attacks one at a time. The uphill fight on the other side improved the balance. 2
-Make different units attack around the black pawns town.

Creativity: Chess and AoK are both strategic games and I especially like the idea, to have an AoK scenario based on chess, the game of the Kings. 3

MAP DESIGN: A random jungle map with a river. 3

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: There are four notations in use, the Algebraic, the Coordinate, the Descriptive and the Long Algebraic. The notation used in this scenario is the descriptive notation, where the board is divided into K the King's side and Q the Queens' side. Queen to KB3 means, Queen to the King's side, line of the Bishop, 3rd square. In Long Algebraic this reads Qd1-f3. Do not consult the objectives to play the scenario. The move has nothing to do with the scenario and to describe a beginners trap like P-K4 (e2-e4), B-QB4 (Bf1-c4), Q-KB3 (Qd1-f3) and QxPKB7 (Qf3xf7++) with "greatness of this move", leaves some doubts about the chess abilities of the author, who ignores that black is also playing and that there are 729 combinations for the first three moves of white and black, before white's victorious fourth. Confronted with the right answers, white is in deep problems and will certainly loose the game if the opponents have an equal rating. You have to consult the history section to find the moves on which the scenario is based and what the wonders stand for. Unfortunately the history section is not available during the game. Unlike in chess the game starts with black's move N-QB3 (Nb8-c6), than white P-K4 (e2-e4), black P-Q4 (d7-d5) and white KPxP (e4xd5). Black's answer would be QxP (Qd8xd5), eliminating white's pawn, which brings us to the hints, where it says "White pawn must survive" and "Listen to the Kings orders". 2-
-Put your text into the correct sections and give clear objectives.

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Map Design3.0
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