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~The Crusaders~The First Crusade~ V1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 5
The Story
You play as 3 boys who all life in the village of is being driven by his power of his faith(Christianaty)one is being driven by his strenght in fights and one is being driven to knowledge,he also is half Saracen.the first one is called Andrew,the second one Lord Richard,who is the son of the King and the last on is called Peter.When the Saracens invade the coast of Italy near their village they go to defend the beach.Thats where the story starts.

This campaign is based on true historical facts but also some fictional things.
There are 4 playable scenarios and 1 cutscene.

Have fun playing it !

The new version is now done :
Spell Check : Big spell check by Dantares IV.
Constantinople inproved : Added people in the city so its not empty anymore
Some new sounds : New sounds added
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The campaign is about 3 young men who risk their lives in the defense of their hometown. Afterwards, two of them sail along with the crusaders to The Holy Land where many adventures await.
Here is my review of it

Playability: 3

The campaign was best in the beginning. The music and story made the start very interesting. At the defense of the coast I lost once, but I won easily the second time. The crusaders come to aid you pretty quick, and it took only 5 minutes to win it all.
The saracens where easy to defeat and it was no real match to hold them off. The crusaders only did the last job and slaughtered the remaining saracens.
The second scenario was mostly a cut-scene with playable parts, meaning you could click a unit to continue the cut-scene. It was almost 4 minutes and it explained how and why Richard and Andrew went off to the Holy Land. And so this scenario has no real playability
The third scenario where you should escape to Constantinople and then on to Nicaea was the scenario that best would show the campaign as a whole. It starts with a short action scene where Richards father, Lord Williams, becomes murdered by his own brother and you have to run away. But after that you get no instructions or anything to understand what to do. The way to Constantinople is empty and there are no one at all on the streets of Constantinople, even if you used a special sound to show the life and motion in the streets. This together seemed very odd.
Then you get to know that you're boarding a ship, and you have to get there by yourself. It takes time and nothing happends on the way. When the ships sail, you just watch them sailing and nothing more. Except in the end, when a storm destroys two of the ships.
In the fourth scenario your and your commanders wills strikes each other, and you have to fight the commander, Yarl, in a duell. The way you reach the duell goes very quick and I hardly noticed that they became mad at each other, they just started fighting, more or less!
The last scenario had some bugs. I found no way of getting the crusader soldiers into my force and when it said "Click the Mercenary commander to accept", it didnt work. You couldnt accept, only decline! And so I ended up attacking Jerusalem with only Richard!
So there are many things you need to improve. I dont say I didnt enjoy it, because I did. It wasn't a great surprise, nor it was a disappointement. It was pretty much what I had expected.

Balance: 3

The campaign as a whole was pretty unbalanced. The wars and duells where always easy to win and you never had to really use your brain and think to win. Except on the last scenario where you couldn't get any soldiers and had to attack the city with only your allies, who didnt attack with a strategy only straight on, and ONE soldier, Richard.
Making the battles harder and longer would greatly improve this campaign. Greatly

Creativity: 3

The story took the Crusades from a different aspect than many other campaigns. It showed the story of people IN the crusades and their adventure, not the crusades and showing a few people in the side story.
This type of game is rare and I must say I was glad to see a campaign like this. It might not be the best of the crusade-campaigns, but its unique, and that gives extrapoints!
The campaign had a few creative aspects, but only a few. The burning palissades on the beach, acting as beacons to alarm the rest of the forces, designing the cities Nicaea and Constantinople as in ~Crusade - The Beginning~ and the Atilla campaign by ES, giving me some nostalgic feelings that warmed my heart.
The cities where not copies, at least I would not call it that, it was only the designers own version of the city design.
But apart from this, there where few creative aspects, and the campaign was much like any campaign at all. Not bad, but not too good either.

Map Design: 3

The design of the map followed same pattern as the campaign itself. It started with elevations and more realistic design on the two first scenarios, with beaches and small tree bunches. On the third scenario however, the lands west of Constantinople was made a desert, and there where no roads from Constantinople to the world around!
The design of Jerusalem made me a little disappointed actually. It was more like a halfly organised fort with some monuments in. It looked hardly like I had hoped after seeing Constantinople and Nicaea and I was hoping to get a little nostalgic here too. But no, the last scenario was the worst in design ways. It wasn't really bad, but compared to the others it was the least good. It was almost totally flat and had almost only Dirt 1, Palm Trees and Road Broken as terrains.
The design made me a little disappointed, and the last scenario was a bad ending of a pretty good campaign, in design ways
To get it all together, the design was far from splendid, but not bad either. Therefor it got the medium result, a 3

Story/Instructions: 4 -

The story, as I've mentioned before, is the best part of the campaign. The outlay of it, about three young men fighting for their home and later in the crusades was unique and unexpected.
The pictures in the beginning of the scenarios and the history beyond them and the scenarios where fun to read and interesting.
However there where lots of lots spelling mistakes. Some phrases had no . and in one part there where no .'s at all!
The story could have been more filled, and there could have been more instructions to tell you what to do, like after the escape from Williams brother. I didnt understand what to do so I just did something random.
You get a four only because the main story is so unique and that the idea is an original, not a copy of other campaigns

Additional Comments:

In closing, this could have been much better. The main story is unique and fun, but the details are rough and unpolished. The spelling is nearly catastrophic in a very few places, and a little rough in most places. Its fun to play it, but you can need to polish it.
Giving this 3.2 I think is fair. If you upgrade it it can become much better, but this is for now.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
'Crusaders, the first crusade' is a story of three boys in the first crusade and what role they play in it. It gives a different perspective of the crusades.

Playability: 3
The campaign starts on a good note, with an attack by the saracens on a village in Italy. This is easy to win, but explains how Peter got trapped in the sand and captured.
Then there is a cutscene, which explains Lord William's role in the crusade. This is really very well done, I enjoyed it. In fact I think this was the best scenario.
The third is where King William's brother turns against him, and you have to escape to Constantinople. This is slightly boring because all you have to do is a great deal of walking around. Unfortunately, cartography is researched therefore you don't do any exploring, rather look at the map. There is a 'Yarl' in a corner, which I didn't understand until later, this could easily have been done changing ownership later on. Anyway, when the pilgrims board the ship, they disappear rather than boarding, which doesn't look very good. Boarding would have solved Yarl's problem too.There are some saracens in the desert, which are again easy to defeat. During the siege, the allies knock out practically everything, you just have to get a few more which remain. Constantinople does not look very busy, lots of villagers just standing around.

In the fourth one there were some duels, easy to win.After reaching the crusader camp, there was a game crash which happened just after Bohemund says 'Catapults fire',which I suspect is caused by too many 'change ownership' triggers therefore I could not complete it.

The fifth one was disappointing, Jerusalem's design was terrible. I did not know how to get gold to hire the mercenaries, later I read the posts and saw that by turning down the first army, you get gold to hire the second! I would mention that this is inconsistant because the knight would still be having the gold even if he joined Richard. During the siege, a crusader castle popped up between a pair of gates, I don't know how. And 'rescuing' the prisoners was not possible, the walls still remained there which meant you had to change diplomacy with Jerusalem and hack it down.
Therefore I think this still needs improvement.

Balance: 2
Too easy, no challenge at all,no need of reloads. The only place you could have lost was in the first scenario, if you got your heroes entrapped by saracens. In fact I thought I had lost Peter that way, but later on discovered he was supposed to be left behind. The saracens and turks are few and rather easy to defeat, the allies do most of the work anyway. Also, the enemy had pretty much ONLY camels and champions, which are easy to kill with teutonic knights.Adding a few horse archers and light cavalry would make it more realistic, as well as difficult.

Creativity: 4

The representation of the crusades was done in a rather different way, which was innovative.
All throughout then are the main events in the crusades, depicted not by the main leaders, but through the eyes of Richard, a minor captain.
The story of the saracen attack on the village and the subsequent treason of the King's brother were unexpected elements in a crusade story, making it more interesting. Similarly, Yarl's betrayal and Peter's role in the story are unexpected. This game therefore has an unusual story, and some other creative elements like turning down soldiers for gold ;)
The music is also really suited for it, and gives an overall better feel to the campaign. Therefore it deserves 4

Map Design: 3
Sorry, the map design was poor. The map was really poor almost everywhere except the cities.. lots of blank dirt1 and patches of desert, hardly any elevation changes and poorly done forests/seas. The sea beach outside Nicasea consists of straight cliffs and rocks, looking dreadfully unrealistic. Hardly any eye candy anywhere apart from an occasional broken cart. However the cities (except Jerusalem) were well done, therefore raising the score to 3. Jerusalem was very poorly done, it looks more like a small cliffed fortress than a great city.The design for the cutscene scenario was well done too, that helped you.

Story/Instructions: 4+
The story is easily the best part of the campaign. It is original, and has unexpected treasons and betrayals at many points. The instructions are quite adequate. The story follows the historical storyline to some extent in depicting the siege of Antioch, Jerusalem etc. However some parts, such as the King's brother's betrayal should have been explained more clearly. Also, the last scenario was disappointing, there was no dialogue or duel between Peter and Richard, which I had been expecting.

Another thing, by the way, the author seems to have confused up 'saracens' and 'turks' and at one point even mentions that the turks were saracens! I do not take this into rating, but the author should understand they are different.

Additional Comments:
This campaign presents the story of the crusades in an unusual manner. However it still needs some improvement. The game crashing in the 4th scenario needs to be checked.

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Map Design3.0
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