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Black Prince (2006)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
This campaign is the first one I ever did.
But about a month ago I edited the first campaign. Sorry for any map inconveniences
this did (due to the fact I did not edit the second one).

The Story

Black Prince arises one day to go on his journey to kill his evil uncle, who had taken control of the throne. But when he does take the throne, a loyalist gathers an army to kill Black Prince...

Game Play

The map design is pretty simple. A road going south, with a few forks. A plain and a giant city. A river too.

Not much triggers, tho. About 20 triggers with about 45 to 50 effects.


I took a little time to tweak the first level out and it turned out a lot better! I did nothing to the second one 'cept add some gold.

-A harder castle to destroy
-More triggers with more effects
-pre amazing map design (joking)
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Map Design4.0
The Black Prince campaign consists of two scenarios; in the first, you must raise an army and march south and defeat your uncle the king, who is hiding in a castle in a city. In the second scenario, you must fend off loyalist attacks before marching out to defeat the army of Lancelot, the loyalist leader.

Playability: 3
It wasn't bad. I didn't notice any trigger bugs and so on. Building up an army in the first scenario took a long time; and once I had my army (80 men at arms and 40 archers) I won pretty quickly. The second scenario felt like being dropped into the middle of a random map game. The mark is a little harsh.

Balance: 3
In my considered view, the enemies in both scenarios capitulate too quickly on moderate, and in the first scenario on hard too. However, the mark is possibly a little harsh.

Creativity: 3
I suppose it's creative enough - the towns are not unattractive, map design is part of this, the concept is appealing, there were a couple of name changes in the first scenario...

Map Design: 4
The map in the first game is really quite attractive. Nice bumpy road with varying textures and the forest and plain covered in flowers were good; the second scenario terrain was, again, better than random map, hence a 4. However, there were some issues I had with the terrain - it jumps very suddenly from oak to pine in the first scenario, a road is also blocked by rocks rather crudely in this scenario and you can see the grass on the other side; in the second it just wasn't very exceptional.

Story/Instructions: 4
I'm compelled to give this a 4 because there is a story, hence I've been a bit harsh elsewhere maybe. The story of the second scenario is only told after the battle, the bandits and your village make confusingly fleeting appearances, Lancelot is a rather odd name for the loyalist, and some of the statements that do appear are pretty weird: "Our leader has been killed! Revenge is ours!", declare the Outlaws as they continue to fail to kill the Black Prince.

Additional Comments:
A decent bugless two scenario campaign on attractive enough maps; unlikely to present many with a serious challenge, its real fault is in the storyline, where it suffers from lack of "sweep", from lack of explanation, from lack of context, from lazy character naming, etc.

Improvements would likely include:

- work on story/instructions
- lengthening the second scenario (a couple of boat attacks from the side, evading the bridge? Or something, you know, it was just very easy to throw up castles either side of the bridge and fill them with longbowmen, stick a few mangonels on the bridge, then, again, build a crushing army and walk in and knock everything down.)
- more to do in the first scenario north of the river

I hope that doesn't come across too overly critically. It's nice, but it doesn't stand out and doesn't really capture the imagination, and many small scenario/instruction type improvements seem pretty obvious.

[Edited on 03/10/07 @ 05:15 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability 4.0
Balance 4.0
Creativity 4.0
Map Design 4.5
Story/Instructions 4.0

Playability: 4.0
I enjoyed this jaunt, finally a B & D with some meat, true I used as many Longbowmen as I could, but this was fun for me. I didn't notice any trigger bugs, or anything else to take away from the playability, map or anything else. The second scenario I enjoyed just as much, true this isn't a Hard cpx, but overall it is a gem and I haven't seen many B & D's of late like this one. I felt the mark given before was harsh.

Balance: 4.0
My taste is for more Build & Destroy scenarios; I like taking my time to build my towns. However,the review before was harsh.

Creativity: 4.0
I found this map creative enough - the towns are not unattractive, could have used less tree's, overall though I found this appealing and pleasing to the eye.....Less trees next time.

Map Design: 4.5
The map in both game's are really quite attractive. Nice bumpy road's with undulating terrain, covered with forest and plain covered in flowers were excellnet. 4.5

Story/Instructions: 4.0
I think overall this could have used more story/instruction's, so I gave it a 4.0 otherwise was pleasing to play and enjoyable for me.

Improvements would be:

- work on story/instructions
- more to do in the first scenario.
- I hope this was intended for fun and I did enjoy it, just need a few tweeks and this would be great as a B & D.

[Edited on 03/23/07 @ 04:43 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4-
Black Prince is a good campaign in terms of playability; it's quite simple and fun although it gets a bit boring after a while. I didn't experience any bugs on any of the scenarios. The first one was quite fun; it wasn't easy to build a base and create an army on a reduced space to attack a whole city. The second one, however, was a bit boring. Taking down the enemy army was way too easy, and it was kind of boring to defeat Lancelot.

Balance: 3
This is the weakest part of the campaign; it was too easy even on hard, and it even became easy AND long (= boring) in the 2nd scenario. The first one was quite a challenge and deserves a 4 in balance; the 2nd one was easy and boring after a while; it deserves a 2.

Creativity: 3
This campaign wasn't really creative. It didn't introduce almost anything new; the story and objectives were simple and not innovative. However, the campaign doesn't copy and/or steal anything from other scenarios, and it has some original tricks on its map design, so it deserves a 3, an average mark.

Map Design: 4
Since both scenarios use almost the same map; I'll review it as if it was one. The map design in the forest region was awesome; it looked really realistic. Good use of eyecandy, map mixing, elevation, etc... Without a doubt, it deserves a 5. The city was quite good, although the terrain was a bit plain and the big groups of houses don't look good; a 4-. The area surrounding the city was average; kind of plain and boring. IT deserves a 3. The average of these three marks is a 4.

Story/Instructions: 4-
The instructions were good, simple and precise. However, the story is really poor. You are only told that your uncle has betrayed you and you have to kill him, and then Lancelot betrays you and you have to defeat him too. However, according to the guidelines, any story deserves a 4, hence the rating.

Additional Comments:
Black Prince is a good campaign; although the second scenario can become a bit boring and tedious to win. More effort in the story and map design in the city and particularly in the areas surrounding the city would look much better. Good, but nothing surprising.

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Map Design4.0
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