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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Untold Richard Lionheart Story - Version 2.0

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The Untold Richard Lionheart Story - Version 2.0

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
vandenBoom - Scenarios


The Untold Richard Lionheart Story:
Fight for your Life:
Version 2.0

What\'s new?

- You play now as Richard Lionheart. In Version 1.0 you played, because of a dumb mistake, with the Vikings. Now this is fixed...

- Not new, but there is again beautifull leveldesign...

- Different AI files for different gameplay...

- Difficulter then a normal deathmatch, because of higher recources for you and your enemy...

I think it really worth for downloading because you can play as long as you want and of course because it\'s fun!!

Do you\'ve got some questions or something to say about the scenario or else, mail me at: .



(For more information see the ReadMe-file.)

The Untold Richard Lionheart Story
Fight for your Life
Version 2.0

brought to you by:
vandenBoom - Scenarios

1094 AD - a Battle in Germany - Version 2!!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"The Untold Richard Lionheart Story - Fight for your Life - Version 2,0" is a campaign based around Richard the Lionheart returning from Turkey to find his Kingdom is at war with the Vikings, who are led by Erik the Red.

Playability: The playability of this campaign falls a little short. The huge numbers of units, which both you and your enemy have and strong fortresses mean that fighting the computer is hard to begin with. However, as you kill more and more enemies and replenish your forces with newly made units the enemy doesn't do the same due to its Ai. This means that the challenge lasts around 10minutes, a series of strong Ai files would greatly improve this campaign.

Balance: The balance of this campaign is a little below average. I am judging this score as an average between before ten minutes of playing are over and after this first is a 3, and the second a 1. So I feel an average is best appropriate here.
Creativity: The creativity of The Untold Richard the Lionheart is below average, other than fighting there is little other things that could possibly add to the playability. The few things that stop this section gaining a lower mark still is the fact that if you reveal the map there are units you can gain in the mountains, except you can't get to them. There is also a Monk with a Monastery, but apart from these there is little else.
Map Design: This in my eyes for this campaign is it's one redeeming feature, the map design is very good and is reminds me very much of the style of Ingo Van Thiel's work in places. Things that stop the map design from improving here is the lack of more gaia units to vary the terrain a little more from place to place but otherwise the map design is very good.

Story/Instructions: The story, is acceptable at the opening screen but as you load the campaign the story is thrown away and no longer plays a part of the game. The instructions are very weak, due to the fact there aren't any, which seems a shame as there was a promising descriptive story at the opening screen. To improve the story, you could add a bitmap, and more importantly continue the story more in game so it plays a more important roll.

Overall: This campaign is basically a glorified death match on a custom map with strong cities for you upon loading, there is little to keep you in the game longer than 10minutes. I suggest to the author they invest more time in implementing a story more into his/her campaigns.
ENOTH All is nice but for the subtitle: - Fight for your Life - for you actually don't have too. From the start you have so many troops and resources (999999 of everything) that it is simply impossible to loose. Vikings attack in small groups only to die by the walls of your castle, the same happens to the few longships they have. The only dangerous units are enemy trebuchets, but only if you do nothing at all to stop them. As soon as you get 20 or 30 archers and some trebuchets the enemy is left no chance. The game is not challenging for it can be won at any level within 10 minutes or even less without loosing a single unit. Richard's part is passive - stay back and stay alive. It is not a historical campaign: Richard the Lionhearted has never been to Turkey (he fought some Turks, but it was in Palestine, not in Asia Minor, and at that time there was no such country as Turkey) and he probably has never seen a single Viking - by the 13th century there were none left. In Europe he fought mainly in France, so his adversaries were, like Richard himself, French-speaking. It's not that all campaigns should be historically accurate. Let them be pure fantasies, even when built around historical names, only a bit more challenging.


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Map Design4.0
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