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Author File Description
Night life
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Your ship has sunk off the coast of an uncharted island. You must survive and find a way off the island before the Natives stop you.


Food system
Water drinking system
Deatailed Island
Cave (you can enter and exit)

Note: This scenario is about 98% done so there might be some bugs.If you find any, please leave a comment on where and when it happened. Also, if you have any ideas on how this scenario can be improved, feel free to leave constructive comments.
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Official Reviewer
I sent you an e-mail to edit before approval, but I guess it got lost in a spam filter. :-{

The food system does not work. The player loses in the first minutes into the game provided he found food, but can play through if he does not kill any deer or boar and avoids getting near some forage bushes.

Trigger 'out of food', condition 'accumulate attribute', 'food stockpile', quantity whatever, be it 0 or 1 the condition makes fire trigger 'dead' and the player loses if he has food. The 'Accumulate Attribute' condition works as greater than, meaning food stockpile 0 is greater than 0, meaning 1 and above, while quantity 1 is greater than 1, meaning 2 and higher.

There is no simple trigger to do what you intend, you need another three triggers to make it work, to activate and deactivate them, have a sequence. Unfortunately, none in the threads of the design forum works as far as I can see. Use this link,

and enter in the search facility at the button, go back 'all' days and 'food' into subject for some ideas.

If you do not succeed with triggers, try the old ram trick from SCN Punk, which works for sure, it is post 3/11 of this link.,32260,,all

In addition, you should block the entrance to the cyan player with Gaia and remove it when the player entered the friendly village. Your hero is strong enough to defeat all units on moderate alone but not to save the chief.

-Blacksmith Administrator
Night life
File Author
I thought I had that working... oh well. I'll updated a fixed version ASAP.
Night life
File Author
Uploaded an updated version with food system fix.
aok_lover Hi, Your map is really cool I really enjoyed it I only found one problem. I rescued the chief before I lit the fire in my cave so i didnt know what I had to do with him... and then he died so later on I was stuck.

I think this could be solved my making the capture chief trigger not available until it is activated.

But besides that is really cool and I really like it. I also tried making a map that had that food feature in it and ive found that you have the same problem as me. You cant make it that when you have 0 food you lose. bummer hey.

Ive done a review below... :)

[Edited on 12/23/06 @ 07:45 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
Fun and entertaining but boring after a little while when no action is happening but an excellent idea, map, triggers and storyline.

Balance: 4
I tried it on standard I think and it was really good, it wasnt to easy and not to hard, i didn't tried it on other difficulties but it was good on standard.

I think it deserves a 3 or a 4 im not sure so i put it as a 4...

Creativity: 4
A nice idea of an island and nice triggers to back up a good storyline and an excellent map!

Map Design: 5
Extremely good map design with plenty of eye candy and a nice looking cave. A real looking island with different tree types not only one. plenty of good little areas with some triggers

Story/Instructions: 4
A bit of background storyline and lots of (but not to much) talking between players to really set the story!

Additional Comments:
Nice map, Fun + Entertaining excellent designed map with plenty of eye candy. Very Few problems! Excellent Map Night Life!!!

[Edited on 12/24/06 @ 04:22 AM]

Official Reviewer
In Balance you write about the difficulty of the game, how it played for you. Things to look at is to play on Standard, Moderate and Hard. If the game is too easy then it gets a low score, too hard a low score too. However if it is neither too hard for you nor too easy, depending on the difficulty you have it on, then it will probably get a perfect rating.

As it is you decribe problems with the map design. Please edit and change so you talk about the game's difficulty instead.
Night life
File Author
Thanks for the review. :) I was having trouble with that food trigger. But when I get time, I'll get it to work properly.
aok_lover Thanx for telling me what was wrong with my map Ill edit it and paste a new one!

:) thanx nightlife

[Edited on 12/29/06 @ 11:14 PM]

Den cekke I liked your scenario and the island was very well made. But I have some suggestions, maybe it would be more fun if you started as a villager and you had to gain weapons and experience. This would make the game more fun and difficult.
aok_lover -NIGHTLIFE-

I have updated my map and fixed everything that you said was wrong with it. Its there and ready to download if you would like to try it and rate it.

There is now 4 scenarios not just 1. There is a different scenario for each amount of people (1-4) and i fixed all the problems you said and added some little extras to make it more fun.

Could you please play it and rate it and tell me all about it, and tell me if there is any problems with it.



[Edited on 01/02/07 @ 04:12 AM]

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