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Nations at War

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 8

War has begun. The nations of Igria and a Raeb are having a dispute over the melt in between their two snow-ridden countries. They both have brought their best soldiers into war, with 3 heroes leading them. Both sides have also brought 3 Accursed Towers. These towers hold the energies which let the nations of Igria and Raeb fight. While even one still stands, the men will fight to the death for their country.

Igria and Raeb -- Two Nations at War


Nations at War is divided into two teams. Players 1, 3, 5, and 7 against players 2, 4, 6, and 8. Players 1-6 command one hero, which they choose at the beginning. They upgrade this hero through kills, and help their ally base player (P7/P8) to kill all enemy accursed towers (refer to mapshot). Before the accursed towers are destroyed, however, it is advised to destroy the enemy's 3 castles, since they supply about 20 units every 80 seconds each, up to 150 units.

Players 1 through 6 choose between an archer hero, an infantry hero, and a cavalry hero. Once they choose, they spawn beside the accursed tower in the middle of their ally P7/P8's base. Each hero on a team gets 3 gold per 2 team kills. The heroes use gold to upgrade either AP or HP, the prices varying depending on the hero. If a player's hero dies, he gets 2/3rds of his gold back.

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Orcrist_Beleg i love the map impeached
Official Reviewer
Yeah, the map is pretty sweet. Has a different type of gameplay than normal. Though it can still use more features to make it more like DotA-like. :)

Anyways, I'm not sure if it's a freak bug but in the last game I played (the version hosted here), P4, the yellow guy, he was Roland and his attack became 350+. I think there was some gold bug or something as he didn't really say anything but his attack was way too high for the gametime. Another thing was that the 'gain 1/3 gold system' sometimes didn't work properly. You would die and get nothing back.

[Edited on 08/25/10 @ 07:36 PM]

SirVer I like the map, and gameplay. but only p1 works. if I play as p7 or p8, I get "defeated" as soon as the game starts. also, only p1 can choose a hero. anybody else, and their king just sits there, no palisade wall, no hero.
TheLaughingMule This map is intended to be played by 8 human players - multiplayer. The computer AI doesn't know what to do on these types of maps in single player mode.
bigboy37731 I played this with a friend. he was p2 and got 340 gold after 150 kills. I assume this is not intended?
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Nations at War is an old Gem by Impeached, AKA MeGaIdIoT. It is a variant upon team blood and RPG style maps, where symmetric teams of 4 players battle over no-man's land.

Playability: 4
The symmetric-teams asymmetric-player format is a novel take on multiplayer design, something which I have endeavoured to replicate in my own work. Players 1-6 have the choice between Infantry, Archer and Cavalry classes, while players 7 and 8 control large armies and a fortress. While this adds a notable dynamic to the game, it can make the gameplay frustrating, since player skill is most important for the fortress/army players, as they have to carry the team during the initial phases in order to support the heroes as they increase the stats of their character. The gameplay for the heroes is repetitive, a cycle of grinding kills from the opposing army in order to by HP and AP, then searching for enemy heroes in order to kill them. The game takes a very long time to complete, and could do with an update to make it faster paced.

Balance: 5
Both teams are perfectly symmetrical with no differences other than civilisation and player skill. The players 1-6 are less powerful than the armies until the endgame, since they only possess one unit and can die after a single mistake. Players 7 & 8 do not have this problem, and are able to do much more at once. It is more fun to play as the citadels, so the map cannot be considered to be perfectly balanced. Of note is a bug with the Archer, who is able to buy HP for 1 gold instead of 4 as stated.

Creativity: 5
Nations at War is an ambitious and exceptional scenario. The quality underlying the work is plain to see, as the map is a diverse array of excellent triggers and systems. With AI players for the fortresses, one can use the AI to effectively order their ally around. AI heroes are automatically booted from the game. It clearly demonstrates Impeached's masterful craft with the editor and represents an excellent creative work.

Map Design: 4
An unfortunate drawback for the scenario is the quality of the map. Like so many other files of its time, it has not aged well and no longer represents the cutting-edge of map design. The map is flat, for the most part, which does create a fair playing field, but detracts from the visual enjoyment of the map. With the hero players receiving large stat upgrades, the imbalance provided by even unfair elevation would not have a great effect upon the game. There is ample evidence of terrain mixing and other such considerations towards the aesthetic of the map, but in places the map looks rushed and unpleasant. The citadels are very square, with wide open spaces which accommodates good gameplay, but is not easy on the eye. The use of the snow tileset is perhaps a mistake, as the few terrain types employed limit the visual quality.

Story/Instructions: 4
The map plays simply and the instructions reflect this. They are brief, but adequate. The story is similarly brief, but one does not have time to read a novella in-game. I would have expected a breakdown of each of the playable heroes, so that I could make an informed choice about which one to pick. This would be a good addition.

Additional Comments:

Like an article of jewellery which has lost some of its lustre, Nations at War has an underlying charm which is masked by some obvious flaws. It is a very enjoyable scenario, offering good value for replayability, but is perhaps a little too tedious to be played regularly. I recommend multiplayer hosts consider this map, as it offers a uniquely novel experience.

[Edited on 08/06/15 @ 06:39 PM]

Map Design5.0
Nations at War, by Megaidiot/Impeached, could be considered an early example of how a MOBA game could easily work in AoK:TC.

Playability: 4
This map is a 4v4 Blood/RPG hybrid. For players 1 - 6, the map is a simple RPG where they are the "Heroes", whose kills gain gold which is used to purchase either health or attack upgrades. For players 7 & 8, this is a symmetrical blood map where they control spawns and gain gold through kills with which they can purchase tech upgrades to their units. This map can essentially be played in 2 ways: You leave players 7 & 8 as AI controlled, leaving it up to the Heroes to control the AI through taunts, or you allow players 7 & 8 to be human controlled, enabling them to do such things as tech upgrades and generally providing a more difficult experience for the other players as well as issuing commands to the Heroes on what their tactics should be.

As the game progresses, however, it becomes more focused on the Heroes. The most critical part of the game is the early game, where the Heroes have the hardest time in getting kills and upgrades. Once they reach a certain point, however, they become able to withstand heavy punishment and deliver one-hit kills to player 7 & 8's armies. In the end, this means the two armies are at the mercy of the powered-up heroes, who can make-or-break their entire strategy. This could be seen as fun by some, but boring by others.

The game also gets quite repetitive. This comes mainly from the symmetrical play between the two armies and that there not being many tactical options available. The armies can train units, but it isn't long before they've capped their population through the unit spawns. Once they've lost their front line of castles, they no longer have the means to produce anything themselves - alongside their regular unit spawns stopping.

The game eventually turns into a cat-and-mouse chase between the higher powered Heroes and the opposing side's own. Players are limited to two lives, and upon death are given half of all the gold they've spent on their prior Hero. This can be easily exploited (at the very least by Player 2, through the bug explained in my Balance score).

The "end goal" is to destroy the opposing army player's main Accursed Tower(s). This task can take a long time when you're not playing with full players. (As AI does not make any hero choices, therefore cannot play aside from players 7 & 8, who have standard AI and only move when taunted to.)

Balance: 4
At the beginning of the game, Players 1 - 6 make a choice of what hero they wish to play as. Their selections are Siegfried, Robin Hood and Roland - which I feel should be looked at from a more rock-paper-scissors point of view. Currently, nothing can counter a high-damage Robin Hood hero except for massed units from the opposing army player - and this is only viable in the earlier game.

For players 7 & 8, they have identical spawns up until one player loses their front line of castles. When this happens, their regular spawns of Cavaliers, Crossbowmen and Longswordsmen changes to Paladins and Longbowmen who spawn further back, protecting the "end goal" of the map.

A major point that causes unbalance on the map, is the issue I encountered as Player 2, controlling Robin Hood. For starters, the "HP" store was incorrect, and although I required to have the correct amount of gold - the store only took 1 gold away per purchase, meaning I could quickly amass a ton of hit-points, meaning I could solo the map and face no real difficulty, even from opposing Hero players.

Creativity: 5
This map is probably one of the earliest of its kind and quite a solid example of the emerging genre of MOBA games. Although there could be much more done in the way of progression, the concept is solid and the map definitely provides entertainment in the early, more tense stages. It's unique for its time, and even holds up nicely against the more modern standards of map design.

Map Design: 5
I see the map as being quite well detailed with the terrain and eye-candy used. The map is almost perfectly symmetrical with only minimal differences between the two sides, and it utilizes most of the space available on the map - unlike other blood maps where all the play is on a small section of a large map. The terrain has definitely had some though put into it, with the central area looking like trodden ground that frequently sees battle, and the "bases" at either side of the map being more untouched, and with good mixing of the limited snow terrains. The bases are symmetrical although quite sparse - only a few castles with some towers - but this works well for the map as there's usually a high amount of units travelling through the area.

Story/Instructions: 4
There is little in the way of story, but there is a small amount of established "lore" on the two nations. This is held inside both the blacksmith release page and the in-game Hints, where there is enough to get a brief overview but without taking large amounts of time to fully read through. There are a brief set of instructions on how to upgrade the heroes and what the over-all objective is and it works well.

My only concern here is that there was no obvious indication as to how many lives the player begins with or what kind of stats they begin with (As when choosing their hero, this is done through the use of a King unit standing in-front of their choice. I feel that the heroes in this area should be given stats that represent their initial stats to give players a slightly more informed choice.)

Additional Comments:
A very well made and still very relevant and fun map overall - but I recommend anyone playing this to try and get as many players as possible, and give focus to players 7 & 8 being human, which could have a real impact on the game. A remake of this scenario using newer systems and furthering character progression with things given by something like the extra triggers in UserPatch 1.4 could easily make a 5 star review.
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