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Nations at War

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 8

War has begun. The nations of Igria and a Raeb are having a dispute over the melt in between their two snow-ridden countries. They both have brought their best soldiers into war, with 3 heroes leading them. Both sides have also brought 3 Accursed Towers. These towers hold the energies which let the nations of Igria and Raeb fight. While even one still stands, the men will fight to the death for their country.

Igria and Raeb -- Two Nations at War


Nations at War is divided into two teams. Players 1, 3, 5, and 7 against players 2, 4, 6, and 8. Players 1-6 command one hero, which they choose at the beginning. They upgrade this hero through kills, and help their ally base player (P7/P8) to kill all enemy accursed towers (refer to mapshot). Before the accursed towers are destroyed, however, it is advised to destroy the enemy's 3 castles, since they supply about 20 units every 80 seconds each, up to 150 units.

Players 1 through 6 choose between an archer hero, an infantry hero, and a cavalry hero. Once they choose, they spawn beside the accursed tower in the middle of their ally P7/P8's base. Each hero on a team gets 3 gold per 2 team kills. The heroes use gold to upgrade either AP or HP, the prices varying depending on the hero. If a player's hero dies, he gets 2/3rds of his gold back.

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Jas the Mace1 Looks nice but problems from the start...It says to choose a Hero but you are left looking at black, when I found them I didn't know how to choose one but it didn't matter because they all spwaned by the castle...Then I was declared 'defeated' shortly after having done nothing. That was single player on moderate.
thepro Game looks good and all, aside from the fact that it is a complete rip off of my map: Hero Wars v5-5..
Dantares IV The map terrain looks much better than the original version.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Nations at War is another masterpiece made by Megaidiot, or as he now calls himself, Impeached. In Nations at War you can play one of four roles per team. You can either play as the army of the nation¨in which you spawn enourmous armies to defeat your enemy and raze their Accursed towers, or you can play as one of three heroes that get stronger for each kill. For each kill you earn gold and with the gold you can buy your hero more HP or attack.

Playability: 5

Nations at War may not be the game for everyone. But if you're looking for something new and exciting, Nations at War is a great option. It's like an RPG multiplayer map, but different. Instead of a walk-around-the-map-and-kill RPG you take part in a great battle with both allies and enemies, making the battle more exciting since the enemy actually thinks strategically. No ai in the world can replace a human player.
When you have chosen your hero you go out with him to fight. Below the fort and walls of your nation, there is a large valley that forms as the battlefield. The armies of the two countries, and the heroes from each country, go there to fight and its a great, bloody battle.
By gaining AP or HP your hero advances and can become a living killing machine in less than 20 minutes. When your hero is upgraded enough, he can easily just walk in and raze one tower after another, bringing an easy victory for one team, whether the number of enemies chasing him he can still manage to win quickly.
The scenario is in balance most of the game. The three heroes have high AP and HP but they fight alone. The armies do have a chance of killing them, even if its very hard to achieve. The three heroes combined is a great source of power. Together they can kill whole armies of the enemy and the more they kill, the stronger they get.
If you play a hero then you must adjust the hero's HP and AP by yourself. Only upgrading the hero with AP will making him extremely strong, but he'll die much quicker than one with very high HP. That hero, on the other hand, will be weak in attack but almost invincible. A balanced rising of both sides is the best, but that's up to the player him/herself, but the scenario gives all possibilities.
But as I said before, the end of the game can be very unbalanced. If you have concentrated your upgrade on attack points, you can easily run into the enemy's base and raze towers. The enemy's forces will kill you off pretty quick however, but your "mission" still succeeded. One accursed tower gone, or more. If you instead wait and adjust your hero's HP and AP to a balanced level, he can run into the base, raze a tower and then run off to next tower before he loses a few hundred HP's. If you manage to do this, victory is close at hand.
Therefore I think the towers should have more attack so that if a super-hero comes to raze the tower, the towers AP forces him to balance the hero and makes it even more challenging to win.
Apart from the balance problem, playing Nations at War is a great pleasure and the design is pure eyecandy, its beautiful. The best design a multiplayer map has ever had!

Balance: 5

The problem above however doesn't change the score of Balance for the game, as the Review Guidelines sais that, quote; "For Balance in Multiplayer you rate nothing but the starting position, which should be equal for all players to achieve the highest rating" end quote. Therefor I cannot lower the score here by anything since all players has the same chanses of winning in the beginning, the heroes are balanced and all heroes have same chanse to get stronger and the nations are just as strong as each other in the beginning.

Apart from this, even if it doesnt take part in the scoring of the balanc cathegory, the balance of this scenario is great.

Creativity: 5

The scenario is very creative and it takes Multiplayer RPG'ing to another level. Instead of walking around some map upgrading your unit, you take him to a battlefield and fight a man-to-man game in a battle with loads of soldiers. Its realistic, since all battles are in reality fought man-to-man, even if the armies are massive and works as one unit some of the time. I've actually thought of making a map like this for a long time, though for Single Player, but I never evolved the idea further. You just did. The whole concept is new and "refreshing" and its living proof of "Quality > Quantity". With only a few hundred triggers you have managed to make a multiplayer RPG that beats almost every other multiplayer scenario in the blacksmith! Compare that to Pool Blood with almost 3000 triggers, or your own Eternal Blood with same ammount, or more!
Thanks to the great map design the story goes more epic and real than the traditional blood games.
Now THAT is what I call good creativity!

Map Design: 5

Splendid! Outstanding! What more can I say? Nations at War features the most realistic and one of the most detailed maps a multiplayer map has ever seen. With elevations, snowy mixed terrain, eye-candy and flowers and the dark atmosphere, Nations at War present a feeling rarely seen in multiplayer maps: the "WOW" feeling you can feel when playing dark maps such as Ulio or The Second Krethàrn War.
The quality of the map is more like a single player scenario than the average multiplayer scenario, except for the open lands that are really made perfectly for a great battle, and of course the charming standard multiplayer design with old stone heads and things in the edges of the scenario.
Many kudos to newIdea for helping to make the design as great as it is, making the whole scenario even better and more unique!

Story/Instructions: 5-

Many multiplayer maps comes only with instructions and no story. Nations at War is a little different. Even if it doesn't include an enourmous story in the history section or something, it still has a background story, even though its very short.
The instructions however are simple to understand and its easy to get started. When you get a hang of the game you'll find it easy to get things together and you'll have all time to concentrate on the battle and the killing.
I therefor, after this short explanation, gives it a 5 in S/I, but a small - sign after it as I think the story could easily be evolved to the longer and better. It was not bad, but it could been longer.

[Edited on 01/17/07 @ 08:34 AM]

File Author
Thanks a lot for the review, Basse.

And about your thing in balance..I was thinking that only heroes would be able to kill heroes easily later on.

"Game looks good and all, aside from the fact that it is a complete rip off of my map: Hero Wars v5-5.."
This was inspired by DotA, a Warcraft 3 map. I'll go look and see your Hero Wars, though.
EDIT2: I looked at Hero Wars, you did a very good job with it. :)

[Edited on 01/15/07 @ 09:35 AM]

File Author
File updated to version 52.
Darkness24 how in the world did u make that screen shot?
The Black Petard Ooh! I'll field that one, darkness.

While in the game, press Ctrl-F12.
On the next screen, choose your options.
Once the file has been uploaded,go to the screenshots folder in your AOEII folder.
If you don't use the marco-polo cheat, fog of war will be shown in the picture.
Darkness24 I truly luv u Petard
File Author
File updated. Fixed a hero respawning bug.
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