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Viking Warriors

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of players: 1-4
This role playing map is played by 1-4 people.
There are 4 different scenarios. One for each amount of players.

Each person controls one Viking Warrior and must help your Viking friends(computer) conqueor the Britons (computer). It is a fun map for four or less people to annihilate the enemies. But remember to make sure your warrior is not killed because he is your only warrior besides one villager later on!

Also make sure you read the pregame instructions (The Objectives, Hints, Scouts and History) Because it contains VERY IMPORTANT information on how to set the game up! thankyou

P.S This map has been updated! Please leave your comments + ratings

Have Fun

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File Author
Please leave your comments and ratings here!

[Edited on 01/19/07 @ 10:09 PM]

Night life Before I leave my comments, I have to say that I played this on single player due to online playing issues.

Wow, this scenario is hard. Even though my unit is strong, it nearly died at the red player's town from all those towers and archers.

I found a few bugs or places of interest on the map. One, is when the players get to the first area of enemy buildings, I wasn't sure where to go after I destroyed all the buildings. A way to fix this, is to place a gate where the path through the forest is. Next, when I got to a group of monks on an island, only one monk was able to heal my unit. What you could do, is add some triggers that force a small group of monks to heal each player when they get to that island.

When I got to the allied town, I noticed that the allied player doens't have an AI. Its playing on the standard random map AI. So every once and awhile, the computer attacks the enemy player and after awhile of playing, it starts to build walls inside its walls.

Next, I got to some docks. There must have been a trigger problem because when I got near them, the game exited to my desktop.

Also, the instructions could be clearer. For example, the hint to not build anything until the area with a billion palisades had me confused at first but I figured it out after I looked over the map in the editor. A possible way to fix this, is to place maybe a little village with a name and some building space for the players.

Overall, this was fun to play, it just needs some fixes in those areas.
File Author
Thanx night life!

It has been updated!

I left another comment on your page!

[Edited on 12/29/06 @ 11:18 PM]

Dantares IV OK, I have played the single player version of it, and I intend to write a review for it. I hope to submitt it some time next week. Sorry for the long wait on the review, but my schedule is EXTREMEMLY busy.
Dantares IV
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
The game was playable, except for two problems:

At the area where all those monks are, near the boss, those monks converted nearly all the champions, which made the game much easier.

Lastly, at the boss tower, I sent all my monks to the Bombard tower, and converted the tower. More like killed it all together. I could have captured the Furious the monky boy also, but I just took my hero and killed him in just ONE shot.

Balance: 3
You can play with up to four human players against the computer. Only player 1 can get the resources to build a transport and onagers, the other players cannot compete for victory, only support player 1 against the computer. The starting positions are irrelevant for this scenario. This is why I rate this category from the perspective of player 1, as a Single Player. I personally found the game to be rather easy. With all the attack, and all the health given me, I was nearly invincible. Castles and Bombard towers could not stand in my way. A few blows from my axes, and it was poof! Gone!“

Creativity: 3
I did not find the game very creative. There was not really any interesting trigger tricks or suprizes around the corner. I did like your idea of having different maps for 1-4 players.

Map Design: 2
The forests did not have much interesting designs to them. It was nothing but 'forest'. You need to mix in some pine, oak, and regular forest in with it also, to make it look more like a real forest. You also did no different elevations, from what I could see at least. The the earth does have ditches and hills in it. Also, the water was just one color. You should have mixed more water shallow-deep in the lake that you had to cross. The towns were also very empty, and bland. The ememy fortress had nothing much it it other than towers, a castle, and some farms with villagers, a town center and some military buildings thrown around. You also need to make the streets look more realistic. Add more Road Broken and Road Fungus to the cities. You needed to make it look like a real city.

Story/Instructions: 4
The scenario’s pre-game instruction screen has history, scenario instructions, a small story and hints, in game objectives and a scout section. After reading the instructions, all I noticed were some spelling mistakes. Nothing else. So I will mark this as a 4.0

Additional Comments:

If you work on fixing up the way your cities look, and if you fix your forests and lakes, this senario, is capable of making a 4.0 rating, and I will recommend downloading it. But you do have much to work on before I can say that. Happy Hunting! ;)

[Edited on 01/30/07 @ 07:15 PM]

File Author
Thanx Dantares IV, I will try to work on an update. The gate though does unlock when you walk up to it. Obviously you told it to walk through and it couldnt. I had to do this to stop the villager getting out because my freeze unit trigger wouldnt work. So you can get through the gate by walking up to it. The map design wasnt very good but I think it should at least be 2 its not like a blank map or anything. It does have forrest and paths and water and cities even if they dont look fantastic.I think you put playability a little low because its still fun to play. But anyway Ill try to work on an update!

[Edited on 01/16/07 @ 10:42 PM]

Dantares IV Ya, maybe your right. I will fix that.
If you use immobile units, the units will stay still also, thus making it that you do not need to lock the gate.

EDIT: Review edited.

[Edited on 01/17/07 @ 04:15 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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