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Downloads Home » Campaigns » A Family Affair I - In the Beginning

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A Family Affair I - In the Beginning

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 2
In this campaign, there is a cit-scene which will help you understand the story first. But here is a basic outline.

You play Emas, son of the evil King Hymen. Emas is treated awfully by his father and runs away with only one thing in mind. REVENGE!!

This is where you take over.

Any comments will be appreciated.

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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"A Family Affair I - In the Beginning" is a campaign based around a main character by the name of Emas, who after a brief cut-scene changes side and leaves his father to fight under the banner of King Harsdon.

Playability: The playability of this campaign of this campaign was good, it was the standard roll playing character, kill units as you progress for money. The playable scenario was challenging and the cut-scene scenario was mediocre, but helped build up the gameplay a little.

Balance: The balance of this campaign started very well, with the main character Emas fighting units until he managed to reach Rai. It was challenging and spot on up until this point, as soon as you are commanding Rai's son as well though, the balance changes. Instead of it being perfect it comes a little short, but still has its moments where you think your character may not survive an example being in the desert fighting the wolves trying to regain the Relic for the tribe.

Creativity: This in my eyes, is one of the few areas of this campaign that stop it from getting a 4.0 average. The creativity was fair, the ideas were ok but lacked anything which could raise the score up one notch. There just seemed to few to give this the 4 that I feel it would greatly appreciate.

Map Design: The map design was good, almost all of the gaia units and objects were used in some form or another and the map was beautiful to look at. The thing stopping this category from scoring higher was the fact that the terrain seemed to vary, but then went back to what it was before, which became a little repetitive, despite its beauty.

Story/Instructions: The story was strong and the cut-scene scenario helped build up the story, which helped even out the fact there was no bitmap on either the cut-scene's map or on the playable scenarios one. The hints were mediocre, and could help you get through the campaign if the need arises for it. The history was well written, but the combination of weak instructions on both scenario's and no bitmap stopped this campaign getting an above average mark. As for the instructions in game, they were detailed when they had to be and short when they had to be, in essence what they needed to be for a campaign of this style.

Overall: This campaign was good, and only a few improvements I can see need to be improved if the author wants to get this campaign into the Best of AoK section of the Blacksmith.
Map Design4.0
"A Family Affair I - In the Beginning" is about the exploits of a soldier named Emas who leaves his father's domain after he is
mistreated. He ponders revenge in his heart and finds help from an unlikely source.

PLAYABILITY: This aspect of the scenario is receiving a somewhat low score , but it is obvious what must be done to improve
it. First , I felt no desire to play again once I completed the scenario simply because it would be exactly the same if I
did. There were no alternative objectives or secret areas to explore. You could buy a few (maybe one) item(s) but you had
plenty of money. This is due to the fact that you stole gold from the carcasses of your foes. In addition , there was a small
bug that involved the destruction of a gate. One of the petards weren't killed. The gate was destroyed , but the petard seemed
(and was) grossly out of place.

BALANCE: The balance of the campaign was never right on. I began with your basic hack and slash your way to your destination.
Then , you had to besiege an outpost that belongs to your father. I never really got close to dying (the siege was supposed
to be near impossible according to the hints). I played on "hard" too , as I always do when playing a scenario for the first time.
I didn't check if the difficulty varied from level to level , but the campaign was too easy. That is all I can say. Well , I
actually have a personal thought , if it's okay for me to go off into a little tangent. I'll try to be succinct. If the game had
more re-playability value , more variety , and generally more flexibility it would have been easier for the author to increase the
difficulty of the scenario without making it impossible.

CREATIVITY: This may be a little unorthodox (or lazy) , but I noticed BNC's words on the scenario's creativity and mine are identical.

"This in my eyes, is one of the few areas of this campaign that stop it from getting a 4.0 average. The creativity was fair, the ideas were
ok but lacked anything which could raise the score up one notch. There just seemed to few to give this the 4 that I feel it would greatly

MAP DESIGN: This was probably the best area of the campaign. If you want to see a pretty forest , download the scenario and you'll see a big
one. However , the forest was very repetitve and it dominated the map excessively. The desert was too small and the city wasn't perfect.
I felt that the long line of pikemen and bombard towers was unnecessary. Furthermore , I think the map was poorly planned. For example , you
can see the camp of the "Knights of the Apocalypse" beyond an impassible blanket of trees. It may appear that I'm being vague , but I'm
really pointing out the small imperfections that always separate the 4's from the 5's.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: It's usually easy to judge this category , but this scenario is a glaring exception. It features a prologue cut-scene
and a good history section. The scenario lacks a bitmap and the hints were a little weak , but the in game instructions were solid. This score
could a be "3" as easily as I gave a "4".

Campaigns of this quality seem to be common in the blacksmith. If some of the authors would go back and put a few more hours into these
, then there would be several new additions to the Best of AOK section of the Blacksmith. This scenario is no exception. I'd be interested
in playing the sequel of this scenario. There should be one because Emas's revenge is not complete.

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Map Design4.0
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