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A Christmas Story - Director's Cut

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

by Lord Basse
presented by Stormwind Studios

'A Christmas Story' is my christmas present to everyone in Age of Kings Heaven. It includes styles that almost every player here will enjoy and I hope you wont be disappointed

The scenario uncludes many soundfiles and a data-file, thats absolutely neccesary to play the game. Dont ignore the data file, or the game will look plain stupid in several places!

Dont forget that it's a Christmas Present, so you cant open it until December 25th!
or 24th if you live in Sweden :P

Merry Christmas!

Please comment and review!

Director's Cut Edition Notes:
The DC version holds a fourth story added to the three older ones. this is the last installment to the 'A Christmas Story' scenario. Only if there are bugs or unwanted happenings will I make a big update to this.
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Scenario updated.

The soundfile 'Christmas - Last Christmas' was corrupted (at least for me) so I changed it to a working one and changed the campaign so that it plays the correct file and doesn't crash.

If the game crashed for you, and if you downloaded before this update, please redownload and play again.

Sorry for not finding this earlier, but the problem only occured to me AFTER I had uploaded it to the Blacksmith :(
Official Reviewer
Hi Basse!

Only finished one story, but here is some feedback.

Firstly, very nice and enjoyable. However at the end of the story in the jungle I got 'The End' and it crashed, a view change? Also there were a couple of minor bugs (I lost eagle warrior guy in the cellar but didn't lose, also with the temple in flames I saw ghosts of the three characters in yellow). There were a few grammar mistakes, but being Swedish you can't really help that. If you want I'll check all your future designs?
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the comment Julius :)

The problem with the crash must be a view change. It's strange however, it worked fine for me. I'll check it out and perhaps make 2 view changes instead of one far-ranged.

In the underworld... I must have forgotten that totally. Thanks for telling me, I'll fix that up.

When you, and others, have found all bugs I'll make an update. The file is so huge, and thanks to my bandwidth it takes 35 minutes to upload it, so I only do it if it's absolutely necessary :p

[Edited on 12/30/06 @ 04:37 PM]

Official Reviewer
Everything worked fine for me, played the first version, no crash.

Lord Basse, if you want, send me the edited file and I do the update for you.
VonCorgath Very nice game Basse, I really enjoyed it, and I love the sounds and music you used. :-)

Good map design as well. I particularly enjoyed the 'Grandfathers' home, while the jungle design I though was excellent as well. Haha, I'm still laughing at the 'awim away, awim away...' as you head down the river.

BTW: Check out your thread at SWS. :-)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the compliments Von'. I'm very glad you and other liked it, after all work I had making it. I had slightly more than two weeks on my hands so I'm surprised that I even managed to make it before Christmas!

BTW, would you like to review it? If you have time left...?
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Many thanks for the review Tanneur! Here are some answers I want to give you:

"...the Chieftain of the enemy tribe Gekurakara heals your units standing on the cliffs so I reached the 'healing station' at the river almost uninjured"

Will be fixed. I think I'll make the chieftain a special unit in the data file to avoid him trying to convert the players units

"Then there were too many jaguars, which were not a threat, my three units killed them easily suffering a combined HP loss of 16 only. Fewer jaguars play probably better, with added AP and HP, renamed to 'Leopard'."

Been thinking about that too, now a while after I uploaded it. The jaguars will be stronger, but I wont remove many of them.

"At the end of the true story, the view change to the inside of grandpa's house crashed the game"

That never happend to me. I will fix it with the double change view trigger.

"Issues, two of the four trebuchets do not unpack, so it takes a bit long to bring the gate down and once it is down, only the middle part disappears and the ally attacks the double gateposts, which looks odd."

Weird. I'll make those two die when the gate goes down.

"The traditional story was not on the height of the other two and the good introduction with Tim, it seems rushed to upload for Christmas."

Here you're right. I had so many plans for the true and the love story that I had to rush the traditional to make it before christmas. I consider making a remake of that part with more details and better quality.

"the author did the effort to rename a whole Angel Chorus..."

You need only one single effect for that, so it aint a problem.

"...but Mary is a 'Missionary', Joseph a 'villager' and Herodes the 'Shah'."

Not sure why I didnt do it. A stupid mistake by me :(

"The love story's battle was far too easy, won first try, killed one enemy hero, brought down a tower, the castle and was surprised when my ally fulfilled the objectives, killing some hero units for me, which I did not spot in game."

I have a few ideas that might make it harder. Will come for the update.

"The true story's balance suffers from the healing bug while the fight in the underworld was challenging."

I actually made the underworld batle even harder in the beginning, but I had an impossible challenge winning it, so I made it easier, to what it is now.

"The best category, the scenario shows talent, is creative. A great use of sounds and music, the good in game developing stories, showing of the inside of the house, renaming, map copy, the snowmen, the two snowball throwers, snowboarding, earth trembling, a convincing fire done with altered .DAT files and a realistic, creative approach to control one unit only in a battle."

This part was what I focused on most, making it a scenario packed with unusuall stuff and things that are rarely used.

"However, flowers in the bloom in winter do not fit and these all-pervasive heaps of meal/piles of food are awkward, hope they are not from grandpa being landsick. Other than forage bushes you can rename 'pile of food'. IMO, there are four reasons to use renamed 'Pile of Food' instead of forage bushes. One, to avoid white outlines, if GAIA covers the bush totally or partly. Two, for balance reasons, you need villagers but do not want the berries to be available for the build up or keep the color for the design. Three, It is winter and forage bushes are unrealistic. Four, you want to rename the bushes to other types with red pomes. To use 'Pile of Food' instead of ‚forage bush' in proof of map copy abilities is not one of the reasons above."

Thanks for the advice, they are needed :)

"The .zip file contains an altered .DAT file, empires2_x1_p1 to replace your empires2_x1 and empires2_x1_p1, meaning you have to copy and rename it to replace the two files, which is not user friendly and the instructions to copy and to rename are missing."

Must have missed that. That will be added for the update

"In addition, the first objective, 'Bring Tim to his Grandpa's house' stays on screen throughout the scenario."

As said above

"SUGGESTIONS: Three '+' ratings indicate some potential to score higher, edit your scenario for next Christmas, there is plenty of time and I will edit my review."

After reading the review I decided to do that as soon as possible. Still, of course, this time taking all time I need, not rushing it ;)
I will do it as soon as Mashek has given his review, so that I have more perspective on the scenario.

"...include the second .Data file to replace, it is 968 KB only."

That makes the file one megabyte larger, and then it takes even longer time to update!
But you're propably right, so I'll do it ;)

Again, many thanks for the review! Its highly appretiated!

[Edited on 02/06/07 @ 12:25 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Scenario updated, all bugs and stuff should be gone. :)
Official Reviewer
I suppose I should comment since writing a review will take some time. It is a wonderful scenario, Basse. Very creative too, with the three stories. Great work. ;-)

[Edited on 03/06/07 @ 05:58 AM]

Official Reviewer
Hey I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. I've got to grandpa's house and have been told to explore the garden. Trouble is I can't make out what a garden is.. I've visited places with statues and snowball throwers and sliding down a hill and whatnot but I can't get the story to progress.
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