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Adventures of Leif the Lucky (demo)

Author File Description
Nosmo King
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This Act I of my first scenario Adventures of Leif The Lucky. The response to this demo version will affect how long it takes me to finish the full version. The demo version has a few trigger tricks, decent (MO} map and is basically an introduction to the full story.

Special thanks to:
bleedteal, LoRd YuRi NiNjA and The Kestral
credits are listed at the end scenario instruction section.

Please post comments as this is my first scenario and I am always looking for ways to make it better.

Nosmo King
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Nosmo King
File Author
Sorry, Kestrel. I promise I'll never misspell your name again.
LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA *blushes at credit* Thanx, downloading right now.
Nosmo King
File Author
Of course I credited you YuRi. The palisade gate was your idea. Unfortunately, you won't it doesn't appear in the demo. If you want to see how it turned out, "Marco Polo" and check out the Count's estate, or you can wait for the full version to come out. Personally, I'd do the former but it's up to you:)
I've heard that the story instructions were too long. Can't really argue with that, but I didn't know how else to set up the story without putting in a cutscene (which I'm not very good at doing, yet).
denerin_kosaiko I'd give it five straight across! I downloaded this, played it, finished it, and I can't wait until the full version comes out!!! You seem really good with triggers, the story was great, it was fun to play, Throwing Axemen are probably my favorite unit, and the way all of the significant places in the story came in one after the other was excellent!
And who cares about those who said that the instruction story was too long, it was perfect! It gave a lot of Lief's history, and Loki's too! Point is, this game was awesome and I can't wait until the full version comes out!
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Adventures of Leif the Lucky is a RPG, the story and history are fiction, the events take place in the Kingdom of Berith. You play Leif whose early life was not so lucky, his mother died giving birth, his father Erik Bloodaxe, a Sergeant in the Royal Berithian Army, died leading a patrol against the Dobai, his body never found, when Leif was ten. Eric had raised his new son the best way he knew, when other boys of his age were whiling away the lazy summer days cooling off at the river, Leif was practicing axe throwing. With 20, his future seemed set; he had married Melinda and was going to see her father, Enrique, about a job in the marble quarry. It started as a normal spring day for Leif; little did he know that fate had something else in store for him...

PLAYABILITY: The scenario is fun to play, promising and I am looking forward to download the full version. Small issues, you might get stuck with four units following David Sun, which happened at the town centre or the bandits follow you until the monastery which is not in the author's intend. Best to stay east of the town centre proceeding to the monastery and stay there until you hear Loki bark. 3+

BALANCE: You can only play act 1 with three fighting scenes and even though I did not lose, the Dobai injured Leif severely on hard so that I had to run with him. It is an introduction, a RPG and considering the author's intent, the balance is slightly above average. 4-

CREATIVITY: The flames with sounds and looping damage effects make the fires very realistic, good humour, the names of the war wagons and of the horse are cool. In addition, story, introduction screen, BMP and map design are creative. 4

MAP DESIGN: The map has a good use of elevations, terrain mix, a beautiful, realistic map, the sea rocks placed in the wood have a bit of water around, to make it look like a pond. As the Demo uses only a small part of the map, I used Marco and Polo after playing and found everything covered with great design, units included. 5

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Reading the opening screen, the history about an epic war and the destiny of the hero’s father dragged me already into the good story. I believe we have another great storyteller at the blacksmith, as in a theatre play he explains all characters. You got a comprehensive scout section, clear objectives, and sufficient hints. The bitmap alone is worth the download. 5

OVERALL: Adventures of Leif the Lucky aims for a high best of AoK after completion.

SUGGESTIONS: In trigger 'escape' extent the Set Area in the condition under the town centre, this avoids that the bandits follow to the monastery and being stuck. First playing I proceeded north and Loki was out of my LoS when barking, task her nearer to the monastery.

IN CLOSING: Adventures of Leif the Lucky is a promising Demo and a recommended download.

[Edited on 05/07/08 @ 09:20 PM]

general_plop100 Wow!This is EXTREMELY good.It has a perfect storyline that slots into the campaign, and when i checked the map out it was brilliant!And instead of sticking to the rules you mixed al sorts of stuff, like Goths, Saracens and Chinese!(Or was it Japanese?)
The chara ters were also very creative, and the Huffmeister was sooo funny!

Keep up the good work, and come on!Finish the full version!I cannot wait!

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Map Design5.0
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