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The Jewel of Atlantis (v2)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Proudly preseanted by:
Imperial Creations ('05-'07)

The year is 2000 BC, in the heart of the Mediterranean, a great kingdom is centred on the island of Atlantis, where the people live in peace and harmony, as the prophets foresee a disaster, the great jewel on which they rely on so heavily, is moved to a safe place, as the Atlantians prepare their journey off the great island before it's too late.

Please enjoy the cutscene and give any feedback you think is fitting :)

- Dark_Reign
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Map Design5.0
OVERALL: 4.8!!! Well done.

**Spoiler Warning: plot details to follow**

Playability: 5
This was a fun cutscene to watch. I enjoyed it immensely and I'm going to go watch it again after I finish writing the review I promised you.

Balance: According to the tutorial, this category gets a 5

Creativity: 5
I love it. This is a great idea, and I think you have done a wonderful job. You made a great storyline which I am sure you will continue with the rest of the coming campaign. The flood and receding was by far the best part.

Map Design: 5
WOW! The flood and receding water, again, was amazingly well done. The Volcano was good and I liked how you used multiple types of units’ explosions. It added reality to it since the entire explosive area would look the same. Atlantis was well done as well. One small side note, there were a few people whom you did not rename, mainly those who were getting on the ships to leave. Not a major problem, but a noticeable one. Still a 5 here though.

Story/Instructions: 4
Great Storyline Idea. Wonderful. I don't think that I've ever seen this idea put together before. Great Job. The History Section is important and it was good. The main reason you didn't get a 5 here is that the story doesn't exist yet, only the idea of it; The Blacksmith mods poited this out to me and I concur. On a side note, no "Scouts" section write up? I always love it when people put in a Scouts section. You could have randomly described part of Atlantis or whatever you felt like. Just put in something. Don't leave it blank like that.

Additional Comments:
Well done overall.
If you continue like this, you will have a great campaign.
Wonderful cutscene. Well put together and well thought out.

[Edited on 01/12/07 @ 12:12 AM]

Official Reviewer
Good work to the two darks. Entertaining to say the least.
Dantares IV WOW! I don't think I have ever seen so small a review before! Not like that makes any difference, or anything, but I just found it interesting.
ByZaN I've seen smaller reviews, but it really doesn't matter if it' small, the scenario diserved a 5.0, and that's all that matters.
Well done D_R and D_B ;).
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
You could always check out my old reviews or my reviews for mods or utilities. THOSE are tiny :p

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The Jewel of Atlantis is truly one of the best cut-scenes that has ever been submitted to the Blacksmith. With great music and map design combined with many camera angles and tricks, Dark_Reign, ByZaN and Dark_Blade has succeeded almost perfectly in making their cut-scene.
The reason I mention ByZaN is that he was in making with it in the beginning, but later resigned and his place was taken by Dark_Blade.
If you haven't yet seen the cut-scene do so first, before reading this review, or it wont be as fun watching the cut-scene as it should!

Playability: 5

The Jewel of Atlantis has everything a mastermade campaign should have. A unique story, fitting and marvelous music, lots of tricks and great map design. Watching it is a great pleasure and more fun than you could believe when you downloaded. I was very surprised by the quality of the cut-scene. It was high over my expectations. And as this was the first of Dark_Reigns work, apart from his Cut-scene Competiton submission, that I've seen, I was positively surprised by the cut-scene and the outlay of it.
The Jewel of Atlantis has propably got something for everyone. It has action, a great map, many tricks and superb music.
Therefor I give it a 5. Its a great pleasure to watch!

Balance: 5

It is a cut-scene. According to the Review Guidelines this cut-scenes receives a perfect rating, there is no element of balance to talk about, since you do not control a unit.

Creativity: 5

This cut-scene is surprisingly creative in its tricks and layout. It has more creative elements than many other masterpieces in the cut-scene cathegory. To sum them rather quickly here's a list of them:
- Very fitting music that fits perfectly with the action-scenes and calm scenes in the cut-scene
- A whole city being swallowed by the ocean, water coming in from the sea and filling Atlantis with water
- The water falling back, giving place for the sand that rebuilds the island again
- A volcano eruption, and smoke!
- A jungle growing up on the island that was raised from the sea, old Atlantis, covering the great jewel
And much more. These are only the bigger creative aspects that you see immediately when they come
So I cant give anything here but a 5. Great work!

Map Design: 5

As said before, the map design is awesome. The design of Atlantis with the aztec buildings and roads, making it really look like the center of a highly technological civilization, the map design tricks when the water swallows Atlantis, when the jungle grows and the ruins of Atlantis sticking up above sea level. Everything is perfect!
A clear and simple 5 here! Top notch!

Story/Instructions: 5

The story is absolutely great. It's unique and brilliantly performed! The text stays a bit longer than it takes for me to read everything thorugh, being good for those who dont read english very fast.
With a thrilling story, and the guidelines saying quote: "If there is any story at all, the rating goes up to a 4
and if the story is really good, the rating can be a 5." end quote, I give this part a 5, suming it up to a 5.0 rating all around.


You already know that you're using same picture as I am for ADOC, but that's not something that should rack down the scores (Thanks Tanneur for pointing it out to me). I found the picture pretty empty. I was expecting more from such a superb cut-scene. Except for the native standing, the background is just as the usuall scenariobkg file, plus the designers names. If it was more detailed with more pictures it would have looked better and have given a much more impressive picture of the cut-scene as a whole.
Now, I'm not saying that the picture is bad made or something, but that it could be done even better to make the whole thing perfect from bottom to the top
Apart from that, this cut-scene is, more or less, perfect and worth its all round 5.0
Congratulations and thanks for making this!
Good luck on the project as a whole!

[Edited on 01/13/07 @ 05:10 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the brilliant review! Yeah I rushed that picture because it was the last thing i did and wanted it up by Christmas (I did that .bmp christmas morning before all the celebrations)

Just so you all know (Or the people who will read this anyway) D_B and I are currently re-writing the script, fixing up spelling etc., and i'll make a new .bmp ;) It will be updated within the coming week!
FuzzyFurry25 @Dantares IV: I've posted smaller reviews before and seen way smaller reviews. Just look at Mod Pack reviews. Almost anyone's mod pack reviews are shorter. Also, the length doesn't matter. I write longer reviews if there is more corrective ridicule needed. The good scenarios (or campaigns/mod packs/utilities/you get the idea) don't need long reviews because you can only say "good job," "great job," "amazing," and "wonderful" so many times. Hope that clears that up.
Official Reviewer
"The good scenarios (or campaigns/mod packs/utilities/you get the idea) don't need long reviews because you can only say "good job," "great job," "amazing," and "wonderful" so many times. Hope that clears that up."

Every scenario needs a long review in my honest opinion. There is always something to talk about, always something to crap on with. The author wants to know alot about his game, and so I find it best to talk about his game as much as I can be bothered writing up or at least set up a reasonable word limit for the review. On average I write 1,100 words. For me 500 words and under won't do, but that is me. Still, you are not supposed to say "good job" and "great job" several hundred times, but talk about the game in itself. People want to know about the game. Talk about its features etc, this can be done in coherant detail. Hope that clears that up. ;-)
morgoth bauglir No, picture's are usually bonuses... the story/instructions should go for the briefing text part...
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Map Design4.5
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