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Conquistador Diego Mendes

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 3
All that we know about the life of Diego Mendes de Segura, one of the first Conquistadors, comes from his will made in 1536 and preserved in the archives of the Dukes of Veragua in Madrid. This document is famoust mostly for the description it contains of the fourth voyage of Columbus in which Mendes took part. Little is known about Diego\'s youth. He probably took part in some wars - by the time he appears in the New World he already had certain military experience. The whole episode under Malaga is a pure invention, but something of this kind could have taken place during the war with Granada, the last bulwark of Islam in Spain. Granada fell in 1492, the year when Columbus went to discover the New World. Mendes took part only in his last expedition, in 1503-1504. He did much to ensure its successfull outcome, though in his will he definitely exaggerates his own importance. Mendes was a brave man, no doubt, but a good liar. Most of his later life was spent in courts where he tried to defend his priviledges and income in the West Indies granted him by the Admiral, as well as the rights and priviledges of the Columbus family, with whom he was closely connected. In this campaign we give Mendes a chance to get what he sued for. May be most of the present story is quite qifferent from the real facts of Diego\'s life, but such were the lives of many Spaniards who first took part in the final events of the Reconquista and then in the discovery and exploration of the New World.
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Map Design4.0

This campaign remained consistent in most areas and was easy to follow. There was an area where the character was required to board a ship after being given eight conquistadors for his journey. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough room on the ship and one unit got left ashore. However, this is only a minor problem and doesn’t effect the remainder of the game.


The game was well balanced. It could easily be played and enjoyed on all levels. It would be particularly challenging on a more difficult level, especially in the second scenario of the campaign.

The game requires to be saved regularly for the obvious reasons, but to also serve as a learning experience and with Conquistador Diego Mendes it is no exception. I found myself getting killed a number of times but thankfully I saved the game at stages. Saving the game should be a rule with playing RPG’s, as I have learned from personal experience.


This is one of the strongest areas of the campaign. There are cut scenes that are done nicely to establish character and story, followed by the introduction of new and interesting characters.

One of my favorite sections of the game is when they are forced to defend the Town Center from two enemies that attack from two directions at intervals and in several waves. In the meantime the player is given several side-objectives, such as locating and returning relics to the town monastery in return for gold tribute.

Map Design:

The geographical layout for South America is jungle and beaches, followed by thick dense forest. The author did well with this area of the game. There were well spaced out palm trees with broken tracks which led off the main dirt roads. This served well for when the main character needed to avoid enemy attack.

An even more interesting element would have been several jaguars to spring out of the jungle to attack the units.

Story / Instructions:

Overall this section of the game was good, with the instructions easy to follow. The main characters established the story, along with the cut-scenes at the beginning.

The narrative was done well and the main character going from point A to point B, meeting the other characters was also well done. The characters added more dimension to the story. As the game progresses you are given a better understanding of the story and the historical elements behind it.

However, there were areas where the timing of the dialogue was too short and it disappeared from the screen before I could finish reading it. This can be easily fixed by extending the timer by ten seconds in the Display Instructions trigger.

Overall, this is a highly enjoyable game. Well done to the author!
Map Design5.0
I loved this campaign.I played it on moderate and was routinely challenged or more correctly Killed.So,as with any campaign,save your game often.The one thing you do have to be careful with is loading unto the troop carrier which is computer controlled.Make sure all personnel are as close to the boat as possible.I had a few people left behind the first time i loaded.
Overall this is a well balanced campaign,and can be difficult in areas.It is a good example of role playing and strategy with a fixed force aspect.
There are some very good uses of triggers in this campaign along with some creative storyline aspects.

Map Design:
This is another strong point of the campaign.There is plenty of eye candy and the maps give you a feel of the actual locations.

The Conquistador Diego Mendes had a excellent,well written and interesting storyline.The instructions were easy to follow.

In closing i would recommend all avid players to download this campaign.
Map Design3.0
i LOVED this campaign. I want to see a part 2.

PLAYABILITY: hooked. played 4+ times even after I completed it. maybe it's the good AI. maybe it's the captivating map design. maybe its that I am a big fan of conquistador cpxs.
I had 1 issue and that was that transport thing. u get it the second time though, if u r fast enough.

Difficult yet playable. the balance made it very enjoyable.
One minute u are seigeing grenada (in spanish Malaga), the last moorish stronghold in spain, the next killing off natives on Columbus's 4th voyage. then u r given command of a settlement in Hispaniola.
also, most of the time your enemies are superior, at least in numbers.

good.they didn't just give the natives a whole heap of militia and the spanish a few conquistadors with +attack and +hp and say "GO kill each other". VERY enhancing music. including 'amigo''carribean' and 'intro' etc. also I encountered NO BUGS. YAY!!! there was also a short cut-scene.

Ok. alright. a very typical map for an american landscape. very well laid out though. especially in the 1st and 2nd scns.There was a small lack of eye candy. this is the weak spot.


Good. very clear. suited for the atmosphere Of a conquistador. some innovative objectives including:
- visit captain for drinks
-rob temples of kakomitsli.

I Strongly recomend downloading this if you like conqustadors, and a good fun scn to keep u busy for a little while.
serve at 240 This is the best campaign for AOK.Good job men
serve at 240
Map Design5.0
This campaign is maded by three scenarios about the Spain in 1500(siege of Malaga,Columbu's voyages,cannibals).

Playability:In this campaign you have the opportunity to partecipe to a big siege as a small company of soldiers(1st in the reality taking the part of a commander).This campaign is not easy but making the right decisions at the right moment,like in the choose between infantry,cavarly or artillery for a siege,the mission become easy.The second scenario is a bit difficult but the instructions are easy to read and explain all the particulars.
The 2scen scenario is very funny(bucanneers,large army of cannibals,lost relics,rebellions).The only ''bug'' is:if you lost for example a priest at the begin of the mission you must restart.
The third scenario you are a governor of an island:the task is hard but very funny.You must convert units engage mercenaries,recover relics,fight with bucanneers.The only bug is that this scenario the firsts 10 a bit boring.After 10 min the action began.The playability is optimal.
Balance:The balance is good.With monks you can convert many units and expand your army.With the mobility of conquistadors you can destroy an entire army ecc.
The siege of Malaga in the 1st scen is difficult because the artillery's batteries are very strong but after that you are helped by allies.
Creativity:The maps are full of triggers and long.There is a good AI that help much the uman player.The sounds are exellent and appropriated.
Map Design:The maps are accurated eyecandy and appropriated with the various situations of play(sieges,skirmishs,great fights ecc.).The map are very good.
Story:The scenarios are very historically accurate.Talks about the funny story of the conquistador DiegoMendes.The instructions are detailed and easy.

This campaign is really interesting funny historical accurate.My vote is 5.
laz123 Too hard for me, otherwise it would have been brilliant.
legoguitars This scenario is creative in design but pretty difficult. In the second scenario when i got the swordsmen and philosopher guy the soldiers all tried to walk back to the place where they were. After a bit most of the soldiers had succeeded in walking all the way away from me to stand there. If i move them, they eventually try to go back again. This may be a looped trigger or something i dunno...
Jacpc legoguitars

They will be at your command when you look to the temple with green monks and plumed archers.

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