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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » The Battle of Khiro Pass

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The Battle of Khiro Pass

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
The Battle of Khiro Pass.

A huge new scenario by me, Akria62, in which two teams fight over possession of a vital pass and eventually try to destroy one another outright.

This scenario is NOT complete; it is almost complete and I hope to soon complete it fully and release it properly. It is incomplete only in terms of quality, however: everything is functional and I wish only to improve it.

Team 1 is made up of two players whilst Team 2 is made up of six. While this may seem unfair at first, balance is (hopefully) restored by the pass, which forms the only link between the two teams. The pass is heavily fortified by both teams at their respective ends and holds an abundance of gold and stone, two things that quite quickly become very rare. The pass also contains six relics; the question is which players shall claim them and which players shall go without.
Team 1 has the unenviable task of defeating six opposing players, whilst Team 2 has the (also unenviable task) of penetrating all the way into Team 1's lands and destroying Player 1's Cathedral, which lies behind the walls of a great, if now impoverished, fortress which forms Player 1's base.

I believe that it is more balanced than it in fact sounds, though as of yet I have only played it against a human once, and he cheated. :D
Whilst it CAN be played as a single-player scenario it is inadvisable as the opposing AI virtually never attacks.

Be brutal with your reviews, of which I (obviously) hope to see many, no matter the score.
And tell me how to improve it!

This scenario was designed and tested on the Conquerers v1.0c.


Update: I've updated the scenario to fix the "Pass taken..." text bug for Players 1 and 2 in response to its pointing out by Mashek and Tanneur99.

Update: I've updated the scenario to give Payer 1 and Players 5-8 reinforcements once Player 3's Gate has been destroyed. Player 1 gets thirty or so Mordreds and Players 5-8 get a load of Elite Huskarls. I also made Player 1 weaker at the beginning with less Longbowmen, Paladins and Champions.

Update: I've updated the scenario in general; now there's a new bonus for the Mordredoas and the Huskarls, a bit more eye candy (but not a lot), it's sort of difficulty level dynamic and there's now a river before you reach Players 7 and 8; there's only one bridge to cross it.
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Official Reviewer
Very interesting, especially the story, well thought up. I thought the map design, however could do with alot more, and I encountered many bugs. For one I was first to take the pass but later on the enemy came to the pass and it said for them that they had taken the pass when clearly they had not, I had. The enemy ended up getting 6 attack. Nevertheless it is probably too easy on the player's behalf, having many longbowman by which he can easily give many upgrades to by which to make impregnable. It is possible for player 1 to march right into the enemy bases and defeat them early on in the game. Make it harder so that the player starts only with men at arms, crossbowman and knights or something and so that he has to work to become stronger.

Anyway, it is an okay game, enjoyable as a multiplayer, and with story as its strongest feature. I look forward to the full release.

[Edited on 01/07/07 @ 06:41 AM]

Official Reviewer
Sorry but I disagree with you Mashek. :{

The game has some interesting Balance features, team 1 composed of two players has the terrain advantage, but they face 6 enemy players. Player 1, the only starting in Imperial and without initial resources is weak on siege weapons, no bombard cannons and trebuchet disabled. I would like to see your longbow-men against a coordinated attack of bombard cannons and knights of 6 human players. ;)

If you play this in Single Player mode you should have the teams locked, otherwise they fight against each other, easy to detect by the towers shooting at each other. By default, the game engine has a maximum of 4 players per team in Single Player, here the enemy will form two teams, composed of two and three players while the sixth offers you to become neutral. It is self evident that this becomes too easy, so lock teams.

With regard to bugs, it does not say that the enemy, player 3 is first, it says, "Player 3 has ten men in the pass! The vassals each get an attack bonus!" Same for player 1, regardless who is first receives upgrades once they have squad of ten in the pass. Still the text of effect 5 trigger 'Pass Bonus Player' does not display has the same timer like effect 6. That is the only bug, a missing in game text saying, "Player 1 has ten men in the pass! They now have an attack and hit point bonus!"
Official Reviewer
Comeon, Tanneur! It was nearly 2am and I was tired! :p

Still I am sure the game said to quickly take the pass lest the enemy get there first and get the bonus. Maybe it didn't, I cannot remember, but I am a little busy at the moment to go check even though it would only take like 15 seconds.
File Author
Thanks for your comments! It is gratifying that two of the most renowned people on the Blacksmith have played and commented on my scenario, even if I haven't as of yet received a review. *hint hint* :D

Seriosuly though, thank you, especially for pointing out that bug to do with the pass text. I've corrected it and will upload it to the Blacksmith shortly.

The objectives state (and this is from memory, so I might be wrong) that you should take the pass early in order to deny your foe it. Or something like that. :D
Basically, it's saying that if you don't take the pass early then they might have occupied it by the time you arrive to do so... and you might have some trouble pushing them back.

I want to emphasise this to any who would download it, by the way: you really don't get the full experience with computer players. When I tested it against the AI on Hardest difficulty I regularly won. While I consider myself a decent player, I do not consider myself good enough to defeat six enemy AI on Hardest difficulty, especially when my ally never aided in the attack.
I suppose playing it against the AI on Hardest and winning could be good as an ego booster for rookie players, but personally I don't find it fun.
So: play multiplayer and take and hold the pass as early as possible.
Oh, and review as soon as you've played it! :D


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