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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Multiplayer 3vs3 - (great match and team work!)

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Multiplayer 3vs3 - (great match and team work!)

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Nelson Filipe
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
5 friends decided to play a game wich they didn't for quite a long time. By that, i mean merely months.
We were able to find another player, Fusao, a Nightmare's friend so that we could play a 3vs3. Unfortunately there was a member that wasn't as good as we were... you will find out who when you watch the game.

Anyway, It was me (Squire), .nuno m. and Apolo vs Nightmare, jfm and Fusao. We mande a full random game, including civilizations and teams.

The game was fought mainly in south and it was a hell of a fight.
Unfortunately one side went out of resources and it was their downfall.

You won't regret! It's really good.
You won't see better team work than this!

Please give us your opinion :)

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Bogdanster HARDLY an excellent match - HARDLY good players. Game description is totally misleading and administrators don't do anything about it!!! I posted two other comments earlier with the same idea - but they were deleted to my stupefaction by the administrators of this website. I asked them in an email to kindly remove my account and if possible my uploaded games - I had a different opinion of this website. I am so disappointed.
Nelson Filipe
File Author
Ok, look what is your idea of a good player?

What went wrong in that game? It was very competitive in my opinion during a lot of time there was non stop action, so i don't really understand your claims. Perhaps you can try to explain why you don't think it is an excellent match.

And, please stop acting like you own this board or you have some kind of power in here. You are nothing but a player like me.

PS: Another thing, instead of calling us noobs or bad players, try to give a review of the game claiming your points, like what kind of things we did wrong and well. That would be good.

[Edited on 01/16/07 @ 08:16 AM]

Bogdanster I was just stating facts objectively - you dont spend 1/2 hour to get to castle age - you do build at least two town centers as soon as you can, you mustn't allow idle villies and you MUST create units if your game is to be called action game. You ppl have like 2 camels each by 40 mins!!! Please watch more recorded games and learn from them. I have no power here and honestly I lost respect for this "website". This is the last comment I am posting and I certainly hope my request for account/games deletion is fulfilled.
Nelson Filipe
File Author
So your idea of good player is how fast they grow up? Is that all you can come up with?

It's quite obvious you like to rush players, and since you saw no rush in here you disliked it.
nooppi its true you are damn slow
Hiskia I'd like to give my support to bog-somethin. It's great of him to call us noobs! I'm a noob, and I know it. We don't need reviews on how we play! we just need to know that we are noobs! thanx bog!

smahlt Well, I watched some of this, but I got bored at about 50 minutes because of a lack of battles.

I'll have to give you the fact that it might've been competitive; everyone seemed to be at around the same skill level, which, honestly, isn't very high. I'm not trying to be mean or put you down here.

Some suggestions I have are to keep up villager production. Whenevr your Town Center(s) are doing absolutely nothing, it's a waste of time. Focus on Food and Wood in the Dark Age, and shot for about 30 villagers maybe, and Feudal at maybe 14. Go for Castle before 20, and make sure you build another Town Center or two as soon as possible. Then you can pump out the villagers faster.

Start the fighting in the Castle Age, and carry on to the Imperial if you have the resources to make it.

Well, that's all I have to say.
JustSomeNewbie I havent yet viewed your game. But I wanna encourage you to enjoy the way of playing you like. I have followed the guidelines from experts to get my castle time below 18 minutes which was around like 25 minutes before. Let me tell you, I dont like that kind of game when everything is rushed. I think the priority in strategy games should be about strategy. It should not be about multitasking and speed. Of course you would want to be able to do what those experts do. Of course I got excited when I first beat two AIs on hard after following the guidelines while I couldnt even beat one AI on hard before. But It was not relaxing and enjoyable like the games I used to play without expert guidelines. So just enjoy the game in the way you like it and dont care about those who call you newbie. Just my two cents.
Cheeze818 I have to agree with Bogdanster None of you made enough villagers or enough town centers and in the dark age you made a barracks!!!, You started off resources high and why did all camels come out of the stable at once?
Cheapchoco Sorry for being so mean my review is a great but slow game i love the battles they rock my socks!
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