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Crusade Expansion

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Crusade Expansion

*UPDATE* (I just tweaked the Baibars unit, he was a bit over powered)

Also added a readme.

Three more units added! The Saracen Horse Archer, Saracen Heavy cavalry and the Egyptian Raider.

This utility is for adding notable heroes from the crusades. This does not replace any units. It adds totally new units so you can still have your original AOK and have all of the extra units included. Here is a list of what I included.

- Baldwin I
- Bohemond I
- Fredrick Barbarossa
- Godfrey de Bouillon
- Kerbogha
- Saladin (both mounted and unmounted, the mounted one uses his shortened Arabic name)
- Two types of crusader knights (units tab)
- Baibars
- Kilij Arslan
- Phillip II Augustus
- Raymond of Toulouse
- Alexius I Comnenus
- Pope Urban II
- Taticius
- Adhemar of Le Puy
- Baldwan IV
- Guy de Lusignan
- Peter The Hermit
- The Saracen Horse Archer
- Saracen Heavy Cavalry
- Egyptian Raider

I'd like to give credit to Oliver who inspired me to make this. Ykkrosh who created GeniEd1 which allowed me to add the new units, and all of the forumers who encouraged me and gave me suggestions, as well as Wikipedia, which gave me a good bit of info on the subject.

(Please report any bugs to me.)

If you have any more suggestions please post them in my thread. It can be found here

Lastly, please enjoy and tell me what you think.

O and a review would be appreciated too.
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Dantares IV
Rating: 5

I found this utility to be very useful. If a person were planning to make a campaign on the crusades, I would highly advise using this. I have never seen something like this before, and I hope you will continue to make more of these. Good job!

Additional Comments:

A LoTR one might be nice.

[Edited on 10/21/11 @ 10:47 PM]

Official Reviewer

‘Crusade Expansion’ is a utility, an expansion pack for Age of Kings: The Conquerors featuring many of the leaders, of kings and generals, both Christian and Muslim, European and Middle Eastern who took up roles during the crusade era, of the first, second and third crusade. A simple click-and-drag will get this expansion set up for you, the expansion itself actually adding units to your units list in the map editor, not overriding them, making this expansion simply that, an expansion pack!

The main component of the Crusade Expansion is primarily renamed units, all of which represent the different and ideological leaders of the crusade era. Each individual comes with a different face, respective attack and health values and a different body to suit his purpose. In all there are twenty-one individuals to choose from, from Crusader Knights to Pope Urban II to Kilij Arslan, an Egyptian Raider and even a Saracen Heavy Cavalry unit right to the Sultan of the Saracen nations himself, Salah al-Din, who comes as both a foot and mounted unit. There is the famous leper king, Baldwin IV who succeeded in many battles during the late days of the second crusade, his much needed leadership a great inspiration, to Guy de Lusignan, the King of Jerusalem, the man who helped end it.

In all the ‘Crusade Expansion’ works beautifully as a utility of its kind. If what you want is to create a scenario set in the blistering deserts of the Middle East during the period that is the crusades, then this is for you. The refreshing flavour of new heroes and units that come with the expansion pack, all with different and unique qualities from the present heroes, will be satisfying for all wanting a new approach to the crusade genre.


Primarily do an update with more units for the Saracens, as there are only about five Saracen units, compared to the Europeans of sixteen. To balance things out with the Crusaders getting Crusader knights, two units for the Saracens would suffice. Units ranging from the spry Saracen Horse Archer, to a Saracen heavy cavalry unit or even a Saracen Egyptian trooper would be great.


A worthy expansion pack complete with many new heroes and units, ready to embark upon the bloody conquest that is the crusades!


In closing – A must download.

[Edited on 10/21/11 @ 10:46 PM]

Official Reviewer
Rating: 5
Crusade Expansion is a very good utility adding famous heroes from the crusades onto the game without replacing anything else. It is useful for making any scenario (not just Crusade ones) because it has new faces like a Cavalier with King Alfonso's head (or something like that)

Additional Comments:
This Expansion is very inspiring. It inspired me to create my own Hero Expansion which you can find in the Blacksmith.

Edited for typos

[Edited on 10/21/11 @ 10:48 PM]

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