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scythia minor

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
My first work. Hope you enjoy!

Ancients and middle-age civilization. Guess the area.

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King Phillip I'll try it tomarrow
Official Reviewer
Ok... I don't really see the point of this.

This is a pretty much random map with no triggers! You start with lots of resources, have a conquest victory condition, and your whole army of heroes are trapped in a forest! How're u supposed to rescue them... by flattening trees with seige onagers? You play as Saracens, yet you don't get camels, pikemen and archers?? The whole map is filled to the brim with gaia units like wolves, horses, iron boars and the sea is stocked so full of fish that it is hard to find a place to make a dock.

Apart from being an interesting exercise in booming (yes I reached imp in 26 min) there's no point in playing this game.

I suggest you see some trigger tutorials or something, it's really boring to play a game without them.

[Edited on 02/01/07 @ 11:49 AM]

CRAZEDMANIAC wow, umm sword, take it easy. with that comment "Have you heard of them?" is way to harsh. use constructive criticism.

Give the person a break.

[Edited on 02/01/07 @ 11:49 AM]

Count_Ludenhof The harsh comments above are pretty inaccurate. The map is not a random map at all and if you think it was a random map, you didn't explore the map at all. Unless you just meant the map was random? Or very similair to a random map? Either way, wrong.

There was loads of space to build docks. I'm only part way through playing and have built 5 on my coast.

The army in the forest is not made mostly of heroes - since when did elite cataphracts become heroes? I'm halfway through cutting through to the army presently, without onagers. I want wood anyway.

It's actually not a terrible game at all. It has flaws, and I will review it once I've finished it, but suffice to say that the comment above is unfair and you should ignore it when considering whether or not to download, unless you're someone who really does think that no triggers must automatically = bad scenario, a ludicrous idea.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
In contrast to the guy who made the critical marks earlier - I quite enjoyed this game. The computer players played out in quite an interesting way, and I ran into the odd challenge which I wouldn't in a normal game, and it just sort of, felt quite good.

There are two playability issues that I have with this game, aside from balance. One is that it is laggy. Two, the iron boars, javelinas, and dire wolves everywhere are irritating. Normal wolves and boars, and a few less of them, would've been preferable.

Balance: 3
In terms of difficulty - not bad. Resource collection is maybe a tad too easy for the player.

My main balance issue is with the defences of the Keepers and Amstara. Ranks of towers are not much fun to fight against. It's time consuming and boring and not very mentally taxing, and it makes the scenario drag on longer than it should do really.

Another small issue - the people hidden in the forest - unfortunately, I got them out at the same time as I defeated my second/last mainland opponent. They were next to useless when used to assault towers. I think the forest is too deep to cut through to them quickly enough.

Creativity: 4
Not at all bad. The map has been created from scratch and a fair amount of thought has gone into making a good scenario without triggers. Interesting assortment of civilizations and lots of creative writing.

Map Design: 4
The map is a real-world type map, and not at all badly done. There's room for more eye candy, but it would clutter what is really a random map b&d game - I like the map as it is myself, with one exceptional issue to that - the settlements, especially Amstara, might be improved for looks. I find it odd that Amstara doesn't have a port. I presume it's to stop you trading for gold, which I find unnecessary.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions are full and there's lots of story writing.

The problem here is the quality of English. If the author would give me his e-mail I could rewrite out the written parts with the errors corrected?

I also don't like the winning message "Obi Wan has taught you well"? I know it's supposed to be amusing, but I find it out of place.

Also - the instructions do not mention that you can't make camels. So you research technologies for them and then find you can't use them. This is slightly frustrating.

Additional Comments:
Not at all a bad scenario if you like this sort of thing - historically themed B&D covering an interesting region and time, no triggers, just an interesting set of races and starting positions and a nice map.

The scenario has a lot of room for improvement - triggers like, a date appearing at the start, simple things like that add an extra touch of - something - I don't know what, but something desireable anyway. Aside of the problems given above. Nevertheless, I'm sure there will be some who'll like it just fine in its current state.
Official Reviewer

Concerning my harsh comments, I really do think a scenario without triggers is boring, after all if you wanted to play a normal type of game you could play multiplayer. The map isn't a random map, what I implied was that it seemed to be a random collection of mountains, wolves, iron boars etc with different forests,gold mines,enormous amounts of fish etc thrown in. I DID explore the map (and even saw it with marco/polo) but I felt it would be extremely easy to defeat as the enemy doesn't rush and you can reach imperial very quickly(after which I stopped playing) And I didn't say it was impossible to make a dock, just hard. I made 3-4 docks too.
Count_Ludenhof Sword of Storm,

It isn't really a normal type of game though, because of the unusual map design, unusual opponents, story background, and the way the other players work - I don't know what happened in your game, but I faced quite interesting tactics myself. What difficulty did you play on?

What triggers would you add anyway? I can't think of many that would add much to the game really. The game is an interesting variant of a random map style game, or intended to be so. I used to make a lot of maps in that way - I use triggers when I make maps now but, I don't think a triggerless map is automatically bad. You can have a good game without triggers with, for example, a multiplayer game set in a giant city.

The map isn't random - it looks like the mouth of the danube or something like that to me. The use of bamboo is pretty good I feel. I agree that the Iron Boars could go, but even they grew on me as I got used to the scenario.

I think it's odd that you stopped after imperial. All I did up to imperial was economic stuff. It was quite interesting later than that - until I'd defeated the two mainland opponents - as I said in my review, the Keepers and Amstara are pretty dull to defeat, something which could/should be improved.

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Map Design4.0
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