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Endless Forest

Author File Description
Hikaro Takayama
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
This map was inspired by one of my friend's custom MP maps that he called Woodland Wars... Basically all players started in small pockets in a massive forest with narrow paths leading to a central clearing that was pretty much tailor made for massive multi-way battles.

This RMS is my attempt at translating his scenario to a Random Map, and I've pretty much managed to accomplish that.

Basically, I've set it up so that you're like the remnants of a fallen civilization that is trying to re-build while the forests threaten to swallow up what's left. All players areas are connected with broken roads, and there are numerous clearings scattered about that have extra resources relics and other surprises. Some of these may be along the roads, while others are in pockets in the forest and can only be reached by chopping or sieging your way through.

In addition, there are 5 map variants: MesoAmerican, East Asian, Mid-east Palm oasis, Western European and Scandanavian. Each of the different variants have different bonus buildings and decorations to really give a feel for being in the area (I.e. where the jungle has scattered flowers and plants, the Desert has less flowers and cacti, and the Scandanavian one has graves and corpses in the snow).

I just hope you all enjoy playing this map as much as I enjoyed making it.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Visual Appeal5.0
Theme: 5
The theme of an old Native tribe's land being swallowed by the forest is upheald very well in this RMS. It really feels like your being swallowed up by the lack of space.

Visual Appeal: 5
There are lots of nice decorations and eye-candy in this map, and old GAIA building for the collecting. This makes it good for multiplayer. There are also patches and zones that make the map look more real, like dead trees and beutiful "Tree D" Trees.

Playability: 5
A very playable map, indeed. In som cases, the rads will be blocked with infesting forest, and the map become a Michi style map, while in most cases the raods stay open in the forst weather, weathering the roads.

Additional Comments:
I STRONGLY reccomend everyone download this map. It is an exelent creation.

Thanks for such a good map, Green_Turtle.
Visual Appeal5.0
Theme: 4
The theme of a large forest swallowing up the remnants of fallen civilizations is well executed with appropriate eye-candy and terrain mixing. Players start in pockets of forest as described, however, this map fails to produce a large central clearing for battles to take place. As a result, the map tends to feel a bit over-crowded and cramped as a result. Nevertheless the theme is still well executed.

Visual Appeal: 5-
The terrains are generally visually appealing and blend well. Elevation is present but not too excessive. Overall, quite beautiful. It's clear that quite bit of thought went into designing the visual appeal of this map. The eye-candy is appropriately chosen for the different map biomes, but is sometimes a bit excessive in places, to the point where it distracts from the actual game play.

Playability: 3
Forest and water sometimes block the connections between players. If this is intentional, it should be stated clearly in the description. However, looking at the connection_generation section, it seems as if this is an oversight rather than the intention of the author. Also, excessive cluttering of eye-candy sometimes detracts from the playability. Although the map is still fun to play, there are definitely a few improvements that could be made to improve balance and playability; notably, the author should take a careful look at the way connections between players are being produced. Also, the map would benefit from having a more prominent central clearing.

Additional Comments:
A generally solid map that is fun to play non-competitively with your friends. Several flaws should be addressed to make this map even better.

[Edited on 04/29/15 @ 01:50 PM]

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Visual Appeal5.0
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