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LotR Moria

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force

A scenario created by VonCorgath.
Member of Stormwind Studios

Greetings All.
The following is a scenario I created some time ago, around the same time that I produced the first incarnation of the Prologue to the Fellowship of the Ring.

What to expect.

In this scenario you will take control of the Fellowship, as they venture forth from the lush safehaven of the Elves in Imladris, into the wilderness of Eregion, on their quest to destroy the legendry One Ring, the Ring of Power created by Sauron in the fires of Mount Doom. You will command the Nine Companions, as they attempt to cross the cruel mountatin, Caradhras, until, forced by a storm sent by the Dark Lord, you retreat, and choose to take the paths through the Mines of Moria, now long under the command of the enemy. You must travel in secret, lest the servants of the Enemy pursue you and attempt to regain the Ring.

Does the scenario follow the book, or the movies?

The scenario is closely based upon the book. Large amounts of the text have been selected straight from the pages penned by Tolkien. Some parts have been omitted, such as the sightings of Gollum by Frodo, however others that have been left out from the movie, such as the attack from wolves in the wilderness, have been included, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the order of events is very close to that in the books. Of course I have added a few other things to try and make the scenario interesting, and though these be few, I shall leave them for you to find out.

I created this scenario a number of months before becoming a member of AoKH, and the trigger work and map design may in some parts, leave a bit to be desired. However this was created just for fun, and I hope that you will have the same fun as you play the scenario.
Unfortunately, I will not be continuing the series, the full details for this can be found in the readme document contained within your download.

The filesize is large, because of the many soundfiles that have been used, and I apologise for those who have slower connections. If you have taken the time to download this, I hope you will not be dissapointed.

Game Settings
Music Volume: 0 %
Sound Volume: 100 %
Graphics Detail: High
Screen Size: - This is not overly important. However I find 1024x768 to be the best size to play this scenario on. You are free to choose any screen size you wish.

The only setting I implore you to select is the game speed.
Speed: Normal.

For installation instructions and other information, viewing of the Readme Moria.txt is a must.

Finally, if you have enjoyed this scenario, then look forward to the release of another LotR campaign in the works, the Lord of the Rings by BIHSting. It's sure to be a must for all LotR fans.

Comments very welcome.

Last Edition of Scenario: Dated - 10 August 2005
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
'How much fun you had while playing the scenario'.
This scenario was very fun. The first part I really liked was the journey through the mountains, the sounds were great and so was the atmosphere. Through the mines of Moria you are swarmed with Orcs, it seems impossible to win, but suprisingly it is possible to beet such an amount of Orcs. The music suited each scene perfectly, but not much music was heard throughout the scenario, there were large gaps between them, but that did not ruin the enjoyment of the scenario. After the battle with the Orcs, near the tomb, the Gate beyond doesn't unlock, and I was forced to change diplomatic stances and destroy it to go further.

Balance: 4
The balance was not too flash, but yet again not too bad. For me it was quite easy, but rarely hard. The Orcs, although they look hard, they are quite easy to beet. And as I mentioned before, I had to destroy a gate to continue as the gate would not unlock and there was no-where else to go.

Creativity: 4
I must say the Creativity of this scen was quite well done. I loved the idea of the Tomb to be an 'Old Stone Head', I would of never thought of that, maybe a stone with Graves on it :p. Also the Gate Watch was great, how you used a Turtle Ship, another GREAT idea, well done Von ;).

Map Design: 4
The map design was overall Average. The starting Map Design was quite well done, but I saw many plain spots of Grass that couldve been used to show some better Map Design. Also the mines of Moria were quite plain with mainly Dirt, Paths and Road (Broken). Other than that, the Map Design was great, for example the Mountain path, the Gate of Moria, and the first inner chamber of the Mines of Moria.

Story/Instructions: 3
There was a lack of Story/ Instruction here. There was only a few hints, maybe 4-5, which only helped a little. There was no scouts section, and no History as far as I know. Hence, I give this a 3.

Additional Comments:
Overall, well done, and I hope to see a sequel. I also hope this was a fair review if not, please say so, and I will remove it, or maybe a Moderator will. Good job ;).

[Edited on 01/25/07 @ 01:28 AM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Moria is an RPG, with more than one unit, that takes part mostly underground, in the deep mines of Moria. As the name sais, its based on the books by J.R.R Tolkien, authour or Lord of the Rings and Bilbo/There and Back again.

Playability: 5

Moria plays without any bugs. I couldn't find any bugs, whether major or minor, anywhere on the map. That alone is very positive

Moria is mostly an underground scenario where you play as the brotherhood from LOTR, Lord of the Rings. The dialogue is pretty much as the movie, with some minor changes here and there. Its never surprising what's going to happend next, but the author has made a good job with the different, such as when the brotherhood is attacked with massive packs of wolves. With music pounding in the speekers and wolf howls everywhere, you almost panic!

Moria is a little different compared to other LOTR scenarios. Its not a complete ripoff of the movie but its not a scenario that goes outside the storyline either. Its that perfect thing in the middle, the original story with the style of the author and a special touch from the designers mind.

This is a very good example of how movie-to-editor scenarios are when they're as best!
A clear 5!

Balance: 4-

The balance in Moria is quite... unbalanced. Its very easy to win the fights. Not always, but mostly. The first fight, with the wolves, there's music and wolfhowls pounding in the background, giving a perfect feeling to the fight. However, the only unit that I had badly injured was Legolas, since he attacked the wolves first.

The second fight, in Moria, against the orcs is harder but still easy. I had two units injured, Sam and Pippin, the rest had lighter wounds. But the music adds the feeling that you will never survive another onslaught, and therefor you run in panic, only to be chased by a Balrog!

Stopping to fight it means a sure death. Running means minor damage, from the orc arrows chasing you as you run across the bridge.

Of course, on the higher difficulties the fights are harder to win, this bringing the score up toi a 4. But still a 4-. The enemies could have been stronger!

Creativity: 4

There are a few creative aspects, some very big, others minor.
Lets start with the biggest and the best, that mainly brings the cathegory up to a 4.

The use of voice acting, even if its taken from the movies, gives a totally different experiense when playing. Instead of reading as Gandalf throws the Balrog into the deeps, you hear the music and Gandalf screaming, making the hair on your arms raising!

Some say a truly superb scenario will get you glued to the chair. I have another opinion, that combined with the glue describes a perfect scenario.

At one point in the game, you had just escaped the enemy and you could hear the dark music tense, and you follow the example. The whole body ready to do anything neccesary to win. Then suddenly the music gets higher and Gandalf starts talking, the ound coming out of nowhere. I jumped in my chair.
This is the first time ever that a scenario has made me jump out of my chair while playing!
To make such a thing, you need timing. Making the timing this good is truly a thing to judge in the creativity cathegory.

But, sadly, apart from this there wheren't many creative aspects, being the reason that this doesn't get a 5 here.
Sure, there are explosions and rocks falling, but I have seen it many times before and its not hard to make. Sure its creative to use it, but apart from that there aint much more. Sadly. But still, the game is as close to a masterpiece you can come without already being a known master, like Ingo's scenarios for example.
Therefor a 4, a strong 4.

Map Design: 4

I'm a little more sceptical about the map.
The starting design at Rivendell made me a little suspicious. This didnt look like the great map I had expected. But as soon as I came to the green hills and forests in the south I changed my mind. This was almost top notch in some places!
The forests where thick and impossible to walk through and the path was not set out so you had to find your way by yourself. Thats both positive and negative. Negative because its so easy to walk the wrong way. Positive because you actually have to think a bit!

The design before Moria is very changing. Some parts rich in detail, elevation and mixing, other plain and flat, the result here going from 3 to 5.

When you come to Moria itself, the map design changes totally. You now enter a mine. The path to walk on is very limited, but together with music and the darkness, you dont realise it and you walk as if you really where in a mine!

Overall, its a very good map over Moria. However, the parts before and after Moria change from 3 to 5. Therefor the map design result will be given the result in between, 4. A strong 4 however, since the mine parts where very good!

Story/Instructions: 5

The absolutely best of the whole game! I'm making this short since I've told almost everything before.

The music plays from time to time, giving a perfect feeling to the game. During fights the tense music can make you crazy, in the mine the dark music and the drums can make you shiver and the lighter music gives the feeling of a beautiful world.

It is very easy to understand how and what to do. A few times you might get lost, but pretty soon you get on the right way again.

The voice acting gives a totally new experiense to the game. With the actors actually speaking what they want to say, its both easier to hang on in the game and it gives more feeling to the game in whole.

A clear 5

Additional Comments:

Whether or not you're a LOTR-lover, you will love this. As long as you dont hate all good scenarios of course!
Download and play! It's worth the while!

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Map Design4.0
Favorites: [Who?]2
Size:11.37 MB