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Downloads Home » Best Files » ~The Last Battle for the Swamps~!! UPDATED!!

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~The Last Battle for the Swamps~!! UPDATED!!

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
The Last Battle for the Swamps is a campaign based on the last stand of Captain Navar and his hundred strong force. Their great pride makes it so that there is no way that they will ever surrender. They will deal brutaly to any person that asks for it also. Their only hope is to destroy an relentless, merciless army called the Urks comprised of about 500 men, their merciless captain-Captain Veers (Who will lead the battle at first), and the great-General Zugros. Navar's only advantages are that they are defending while Zugros attacks; they are rested while Zugros' men are exaused; and they have crossbowmen while Zugros has none.

What to expect from this game:

An approxomately three minute long cutscene,
About 100 triggers for a single battle,
A relentless battle,
A final duel between both commanders.

Many thanks to my playtesters:


Reviews, or at least a comment, would be greatly apprciated.

And now, strap in for,

~The Last Battle for the Swamps~

by Dantares IV


~More sounds added~
~Navar's men weaker, Zugros' men stronger~
~Zugros is doubled in health~
~If some of you wonder if the game even is beatable now, trust me, it is, I tested the game about thirty times myself, so I ought to know~
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Dantares IV
File Author
Ya, for the first attack I could use task object or patrol. That part is easy. But then I have to time it somehow to make the Urks attack the 'inner defence'. But how to time that? Each time you play the gmae, it turns out different.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Hmm, seems I am one of those people who promised to review this and forgot. Better late than never...

Playability: 4
Ahh, the hardest catagory to really rate. I say 4 on the basis that if you like the one level, fixed-force battle campaign, then you will enjoy this. The music set the atmosphere that made this overall quite fun to play.

BUGS: Nothing major. As a matter of fact it really wasn't as laggy as people have commented, but I did play on a 512GB RAM, 1.6GHz processor laptop. It may have lagged for a second or two during the beginning of the battle. Nothing serious.

Balance: 4
I think the best part of the campaign was its balance. I never lost while playing the finished version, mainly because I playtested and had already seen the whole thing. That said, this was at a easy difficulty for me. If a version that is harder is made I feel it would be a 5 but as it is, I won with too many men left nd too easily to warrant a perfect score.

Also, the archery units were excessivley powerful, but no point was deducted as you may have intended for this. Still, it is something to consider in the remake...

Creativity: 4
There were a few creative things, like what seemed to me to be an original music theme and the whole swamp idea in general. That being said, it was not very original. The music consisted of one looping piece, the battle consisted of little strategy, etc. 4.

Map Design: 4
The parts of the map you could see (and that is all the grade is based on) were very well done. The main problem I had was that your units are not restricted, so you can while moving them aroud see areas that were left undesigned. This would be alrigtht if it took a while to reach this area, but you almost coudn't help seeing unatractive scenery in certain areas (CLARIFICATION: the swamp itself was well done, but as wou moved out it was very bland). Hence the 4.

Story/Instructions: 4
Still a bit of a weak spot for this creation, but vastly improved from the playtested version! I personally felt there was still not enough of a storyline, but it is a considerable improvement. Personally I didn't love the story, but I have changed this rating to a 4 as the previous one was too harsh. I still feel though that the whole story has a very contrived feel.

Additional Comments:
This campaign is probably your best(but hopefully not for long), and if anyone downloads it you will most likely have fun playing it. And isn't that what we play AoK for ;)

[Edited on 02/24/07 @ 04:52 PM]

Dantares IV
File Author
Thanks for the review matty!

I personally do not believe that because you suffered lag, while others didn't, that means that the review writer should deduct a point from that, but maybe I am wrong. You have been here longer than I have. ;)

I am working on trying to make the game more difficult so that you will win with only a few men still standing too.

You said, Quote: "I want to see a few more things that look new or different."


When you said: "This would be alrigtht if it took a while to reach undesigned ground, but you almost coudn't help seeing unatractive scenery in certain areas."

Are you saying beyound the wall of cliffs?

Also, you said: "I personally felt there was still not enough of a storyline, but it is a considerable improvement."

With the beginning history story, or the ending victory story?

Quote: "Maybe that is being overly hard,..."

I sort of think it is, but Tanneur 99 knows best. ;)

Thanks for the review, but if you could clairify the things I mentioned, that would be great.

Well, things are now going even worse for me than before hand. If Tanneur 99 accepts this rating, I will be probably stuck down in the 3.6-3.7s for a rating. Then it will look as if I have not improved at all since when I first made my Boromir campaign about a year ago. I had better start moving faster twards an update on this game, or else, all my upcoming campaigns will probably not, to most people, be even worth the dowload. I will probably only have a small group of people that enjoy my games in the end. My fate (if you take my meaning) here is in the balence now.
stasik50 I beat it on my first try without using the thingy that you circle and kill with. (What was it called) Its just sooo easy! Make a new one thought because I liked it!
Dantares IV
File Author
I am working on a new one. I hope to have it out soon.
Official Reviewer
Well, I was told by tannuer I went a little hard, I will adjust it accordingly :)
Dantares IV
File Author
Thanks. :)
Official Reviewer
I actually liked it, I guess my problems were more with the review system than your campaign. It seems as though there is little room to dfferentiate between a great campaign and a slightly above average one.

But I am not in charge here so I will try to stick to the reviewing guidelines from now on.
VonCorgath Well I'm not that good at siege scenarios - the tension kills me ;) - so needless to say I lost the first couple times. Nice design of the swamp too, with clever use of buildings and GAIA objects. I'm determined to beat it though! Nice game.
Dantares IV
File Author
Well, let me give you some small advise. If you are playing on hard, you will probably never win.

If you play on moderate, which is how the game was designed, you will win, but just by a little.

If you play on easy, you can win rather easy. Basse told me he had about thirty men left when he played it on easy.

Also, remember to read the hints!!!

Well, that should help you out, do coment on what you think of the game when you beat it.

Oh ya, thanks for the compliments on the design of the swamps. I like the way it looks too. ;)
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