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Downloads Home » Best Files » ~The Last Battle for the Swamps~!! UPDATED!!

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~The Last Battle for the Swamps~!! UPDATED!!

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
The Last Battle for the Swamps is a campaign based on the last stand of Captain Navar and his hundred strong force. Their great pride makes it so that there is no way that they will ever surrender. They will deal brutaly to any person that asks for it also. Their only hope is to destroy an relentless, merciless army called the Urks comprised of about 500 men, their merciless captain-Captain Veers (Who will lead the battle at first), and the great-General Zugros. Navar's only advantages are that they are defending while Zugros attacks; they are rested while Zugros' men are exaused; and they have crossbowmen while Zugros has none.

What to expect from this game:

An approxomately three minute long cutscene,
About 100 triggers for a single battle,
A relentless battle,
A final duel between both commanders.

Many thanks to my playtesters:


Reviews, or at least a comment, would be greatly apprciated.

And now, strap in for,

~The Last Battle for the Swamps~

by Dantares IV


~More sounds added~
~Navar's men weaker, Zugros' men stronger~
~Zugros is doubled in health~
~If some of you wonder if the game even is beatable now, trust me, it is, I tested the game about thirty times myself, so I ought to know~
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Official Reviewer
Hey Dantares,

You have not failed, but maybe you could thank the good people for their reviews. ;-)

Firstly I did not found the display instructions effect, I remember Dave using it in Bouren.

Also, to fix lag you could spawn your units. ;-)

[Edited on 01/28/07 @ 04:43 PM]

Dantares IV
File Author
Good point Mash, I just realized I never put that in the comment I wrote. Thanks for reminding me!

Thanks very much for your reviews Julius999, Lord Basse, and Sword_of_STORM. I appologize for not thanking you sooner, I am without excuse, sorry.
Official Reviewer
Don't worry about the thanks Dantares, you already did in the reviewing thread for one thing.

About the review:

Just to see if you could kill him, it's something I regard as what the review tutorial describes as 'victory in a way unintended by the author' (or words to that effect).

The main typo is that Navar says after killing the emmisary 'sertainly' (should read certainly).

The slightly unusual character of Navar is a good thing, well done on that.

I've looked at your utility and it's not bad at all. I might use some of that stuff some day.

For lag I suggest you replace the ai with immobile units. This will also fix the balance problems you had with units being continually taken away from the fighting. As I said it wasn't an issue for me, but I guess that's what did it for others. Lowering the units' attack wouldn't go amiss for balance either (your units, not the enemies).
Dantares IV
File Author

Wow! I can't believe I missed that error!

If I use immobile units, I will have to add a bunch of task objects. I will also have to time it so that they would advance deeper into the 'Inner defense'. I am not that good with triggers to accomplish such a feat.

Anyone: If someone believes that, with some time working with the game, they could accomplish such a goal with using immobile units and doing all the task objects to the swamp and inner defence at the certain times as Julius999 suggested, let me know and I will send you the game as a senerio and let you do the work needed to do that.
Official Reviewer
Dantares, I also felt that Zugros was way too easy to kill. I had several archers and needless to say he died within seconds. He did not make it within 30 metres of my base.
Dantares IV
File Author
I am working on an update right now.

Lol It is amazing, 5000 hp, and Zugros still dies easily!

Even more amazing, I don't think this game has been out for more than a week, and already 123 people have downloaded the game. That is a record. For me at least. I know crasher had 1000 downloads for his game in about a month, but I am still impressed to myself.
Official Reviewer
Use patrol triggers set to the centre of the swamps, that should work.
Dantares IV
File Author
Ya, for the first attack I could use task object or patrol. That part is easy. But then I have to time it somehow to make the Urks attack the 'inner defence'. But how to time that? Each time you play the gmae, it turns out different.
Dantares IV
File Author
Thanks for the review matty!

I personally do not believe that because you suffered lag, while others didn't, that means that the review writer should deduct a point from that, but maybe I am wrong. You have been here longer than I have. ;)

I am working on trying to make the game more difficult so that you will win with only a few men still standing too.

You said, Quote: "I want to see a few more things that look new or different."


When you said: "This would be alrigtht if it took a while to reach undesigned ground, but you almost coudn't help seeing unatractive scenery in certain areas."

Are you saying beyound the wall of cliffs?

Also, you said: "I personally felt there was still not enough of a storyline, but it is a considerable improvement."

With the beginning history story, or the ending victory story?

Quote: "Maybe that is being overly hard,..."

I sort of think it is, but Tanneur 99 knows best. ;)

Thanks for the review, but if you could clairify the things I mentioned, that would be great.

Well, things are now going even worse for me than before hand. If Tanneur 99 accepts this rating, I will be probably stuck down in the 3.6-3.7s for a rating. Then it will look as if I have not improved at all since when I first made my Boromir campaign about a year ago. I had better start moving faster twards an update on this game, or else, all my upcoming campaigns will probably not, to most people, be even worth the dowload. I will probably only have a small group of people that enjoy my games in the end. My fate (if you take my meaning) here is in the balence now.
stasik50 I beat it on my first try without using the thingy that you circle and kill with. (What was it called) Its just sooo easy! Make a new one thought because I liked it!
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