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Downloads Home » Best Files » ~The Last Battle for the Swamps~!! UPDATED!!

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~The Last Battle for the Swamps~!! UPDATED!!

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
The Last Battle for the Swamps is a campaign based on the last stand of Captain Navar and his hundred strong force. Their great pride makes it so that there is no way that they will ever surrender. They will deal brutaly to any person that asks for it also. Their only hope is to destroy an relentless, merciless army called the Urks comprised of about 500 men, their merciless captain-Captain Veers (Who will lead the battle at first), and the great-General Zugros. Navar's only advantages are that they are defending while Zugros attacks; they are rested while Zugros' men are exaused; and they have crossbowmen while Zugros has none.

What to expect from this game:

An approxomately three minute long cutscene,
About 100 triggers for a single battle,
A relentless battle,
A final duel between both commanders.

Many thanks to my playtesters:


Reviews, or at least a comment, would be greatly apprciated.

And now, strap in for,

~The Last Battle for the Swamps~

by Dantares IV


~More sounds added~
~Navar's men weaker, Zugros' men stronger~
~Zugros is doubled in health~
~If some of you wonder if the game even is beatable now, trust me, it is, I tested the game about thirty times myself, so I ought to know~
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Yes. Although I needed a couple of reloads. The basic thing is to realize that- kill Zugros, you win. That's it. So all you have to do is hold out till Zugros arrives, then surround Navar with troops so that Zugros doesn't get anywhere near him, and then task ALL crossbowmen, chu-ko-nois to Zugros (focused fire) and then he will die pretty quickly. Basically I don't think the game can be made any harder, that's just the way it is.
Dantares IV
File Author
Sword_of_STORM: Hmmm...I never tried that method before. Interesting idea.

Everyone: Common folks, over 400+ downloads, and only a handfull of people have commented. Don't people have opinions on these games?
Official Reviewer
It's surprising you haven't heard (or figured out yourself) the focused fire idea. I use it in all FF battles to take out enemy captains. , Tannenberg would have been far more difficult to win if I hadn't used skirmishers to take down the enemy heroes.

Oh and you have 4 pages of comments, why do you want more? I hardly get any on my scenarios :(
Dantares IV
File Author
focused fire idea? What's that?

Ya, I use Skirmishers against heros at Tannenburg all the time too.

Bah, the four pages of comments have come from only a handful of people. Over 400 people have downloaded this game, maybe twenty commented/reviewed.

Official Reviewer
Uh, what I meant by focused fire was just tasking all ranged units to a single enemy units, so that he dies rather quickly. Very useful in taking out enemy captains.

And well, less than 10 people have commented on my scenarios, altogether.
Dantares IV
File Author
OH, that's what your talking about.

quote: And well, less than 10 people have commented on my scenarios, altogether.

I will take a look at some of your games and maybe comment on them! Then you can say 11 instead of 10! :p
Alex Coles It's so much fun when you;re not very good at the game (me), because on this i'm still trying to find ways to win :D
Dantares IV
File Author
I'm glad you're enjoying the game. I had a lot of fun making and playing it. Just remeber to read the hints. Also, don't play on hard!! Also, comment on what you thought of the game once you complete it!

[Edited on 07/30/07 @ 09:43 PM]

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