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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Danube Map - please give suggestions 2v2

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Danube Map - please give suggestions 2v2

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
i am Kala Ankh (mongols) playing with my friends.
the map is custom map EPH_danube version 4.

teams are
mongols+teutons vs britons+byzantines

I believe the post imperial war is awesome. the game is approx 3 hours long(fast comp time). Pls watch the game and provide me with suggestions about how to improve my gameplay.

ps: i didn't find any recorded games in danube map. any help according to what civilization to use and what to build in this map wud be awesome.
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Ajezi U guys are slow...
Johnny ok, I'm watching the games. I'll just comment on what I see.
1. You can build 2 houses at start. If you are not using the keyboard (hotkeys), you should start. It's much faster.
2. 4 vills per sheep, 8 total on food. Your 7 or 8 on one sheep means atleast 2 vills are running around and cannot get at the sheep. Seperate the two groups of four also as much as you can inside the Towncenter (TC).
3. Your light cavalry is wasting time running across what you have already revealed of the map. Keep him busy revealing the map, set waypoints for this.
4. after you made 9th vill, you missed making number 10 as soon as you could have. you should be making vills non-stop. HC is the hotkey. and now you have not gotten a second house up, so you are unable to make number 11 right away.
5. Now you've made the house right next to the TC, wasting valuable room for farming next to the TC.
6. 11 vills on food now, none on wood. You should get a lumbercamp started next to a forest. can set towncenter waypoint there for a while also so you do not have to manually send vills there. "HI" to set towncenter waypoint.
7. Don't put house next to berries. You will want a mill near there and room around it for farming later.
8. Cavalry just sitting around. Could've uncovered half the map by now :D
9. walling is not a bad idea here, but since you don't know the layout of the map (maybe you do since it's a scenario) it could be useless if there are ways around it. Anyhow, use that "mountain" instead of walling all the way across. you will need less wall then.
10. mining stone you will not need yet, and if you did need it, build a mining pit.
11. you could be eating those 3 boars which are all together (this is faster gathering than the berries, and another free source of food)
12. and you should be getting to more like 20-30 vills before hitting feudal. This will make more sense when you are making vills non-stop.
Also, with this map you could be using docks and fishing, this way you can increase production of food gathering villegers by more than 1 villeger being created at a time. Thus creating a more powerful start.
13. Your partner is really wasting his time making a wall 4 layers deep. If the enemy is capable of killing you this early, he will be just that more capable later in the game when he could go through those walls in seconds with trebuchets.

Also, you guys fought across that strip of land all game. Make some transports and go attack their homes!
Fight smarter, not harder :D
File Author
thanx johnny for ur helpful comments.
ephestion Very long game. You had plenty of opportunity to bypass the opponents defenses and to attack his trade. At the start you also had a chance to claim the entire bridge and build on the opponents side of the map.

Good Game otherwise.

Other than that, I must say, I should really look at a revised version with slightly wider bridge.

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