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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Edo's Destiny -Chapter I- ~The Beginning~ [DEMOv1]

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Edo's Destiny -Chapter I- ~The Beginning~ [DEMOv1]

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Edo\'s Destiny -Chapter I- ~The Beginning~ [DEMOv1]
*This is a demo of my new campaign

-Know what items you have
-Good Terrain mixing
-Use abillities you learn to help you on your journey
-Use gold to buy new items
-Find items on the ground or from people
-Read-at-own pace at certain parts
-Parts where you need to make the right choice to continue
-2 cut-scenes (beginning/end)
*NOTE*-Not all features are done/used in the DEMO!

It starts in the land of Edorian 1593. Edorian was an ancient Coastline Kingdom ruled by two evil men, One of them rode a black horse and shot a bow [Nimesis]. The other wore very heavy and strong armor and fought with a great sword[Anaga]. These two rulers ruled over the Nimesis Empire for well over 300 years and where hated by all except the people who lived there. The people *Humans,Elves,Dwarfs* decided to form a rebellion to fight back against the hated duo. When a Nimzorc Scout found out about it he rode as fast as he could to tell the two kings the news. When the duo found out about it they both got the idea to crush the foolish rebels and decided to create a dark demented creature to do their evil deeds. Its name was Nimlok. Nimlok was the most powerful creature in the land, but it had one drawback when it was created by Black Magic it had a flaw,(a drawback) that drawback is YOU..[Edo] a young 19yr old Elven-Human (Half-Elf). He would be the one person able to stand up to Nimlok and destroy the evil Nimesis Empire.

--This is all I will say about it you must play the DEMO and the full version to find out what happens to Edo in his great DESTINY...

Plz send comments to me at!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"Edo's Destiny -Chapter I- ~The Beginning~ [DEMOv1]" is a campaign based around the character Edo, who lives in the Edorian Empire and is the unlikely person who has to kill a creature of a enemy empire and its two leaders, a race of evil.

Playability: The playability of Edo's Destiny -Chapter I- was fair. It was ok to play but in places it was simply too hard. I was tempted to give this the next grade up, but this would be unfair because of several issues. These issues are, when placing the explosive it simply doesn't give you long enough to escape and so you die, almost every time you get there. The lack of a strong enemy forces also seemed a shame, i'll go into more detail about this in the below balance section.

Balance: The balance of this campaign was a little below average, for the earlier parts of the game there really is no challenge. A few units which you upgraded longbowman can pick off at ease. To improve the balance section I feel the author should give the player some actual armour, not extra hitpoints but fletching armour and so forth as well as giving more enemy units on the roads.

Creativity: The creativity section was mediocre. Some of the features looked promising, but weren't in use as this was a demo, and example being The Temple of Knowledge. The explosives were a nice addition but the way they were used in game was very hard to survive from, see above section playability. The Tree Troll in the opening town was also a nice addition which made me laugh, albeit only for a short time. To improve the creativity the author could continue to build upon his ideas, and get them all fully functioning for the full release.

Map Design: Undoubtedly, the best section of the authors work. Rolling hills with beautiful landscapes which suited the fantasy feel to the work. The map was changing, and featured a lot of the gaia elements, a truly great map. I feel the author doesn't really need to work on the map design as its pretty brilliant at the moment! I commend the author for his work on the map design, for it is truly beautiful.

Story/Instructions: The story of this campaign was good, but one vital thing was missing to get it to the next grade. The lack of an introduction screen was nigh unforgiveable, jumping you straight into the game with no clue as to what might befall you. Instructions wise the text was timed well, and the click so you can read for however long you want was nice. Objectives wise the game was reasonable, although I feel it missed the optional objectives, which would have been a nice addition or the varying objectives to get away from all the fighting later on at times.

Overall: A nice demo, but other than its map design it doesn't really stand out from the crowd.

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Map Design5.0
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