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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 6
3CorrEmpire (AKA 3CorrEmp) is a team VS team base RPG where both teams choose hero’s and try to destroy there opponents castle. 3Corr maps were very poplar with WCIII so I decided to create a 3Corr map using the AOE2 engine.

If you are sick of playing BLOOD maps then this is the map for you. 3CorrEmpire has great game play and is the perfect map for LAN parties or ONLINE games.

There are over 580 triggers in 3CorrEmpire.


List of features:
Players: 6 Computers: 2
Choose from 5 different heroes
Kill counter
Razing counter
Hero upgrades
And many more

3CorrEmp V0,52scx

make sure you read the SETUP file.
You are now ready to start



I used the advanced_immobile_units_ai1 to STOP people from sending commands to the Ai (eg Attack now)
without the advanced_immobile_units_ai1 if someone sends an Attack now command the ai trys and group all the men together to attack.

This stuffs up gameplay, so i used advanced_immobile_units_ai1 To stop people/computers using commands.
Also i found that the Creeps played a little better as well.

the advanced_immobile_units_ai1 if fore Validation.

If anyone is having problems with the Ai let me know


Player 6 cash loop hole (thanks to Icearrowpk)
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MeGaIdIoT This is good. You've improved a lot since 4 Corner War. ;)
Icearrowpk :P i found a glich while i was playing: p6's slaves or brought units are able to go though the buying ap and hp thing which also leads to free gold because everytime he die he gets gold back for upgrades but his ele didn't use upgrade his slaves did
File Author
Can someone do a review on 3corremp, Thanks

By the way it is now out of BETA
Dispari Scuro
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Very fun scenario in general! Players start off with just one unit (which they select themselves). From there the players battle eachother and NPCs to get gold. You get 100 gold for a kill and 500 gold for a razing (there are a few towers, ranging from outposts to bombard towers). The player can buy units, upgrades for a single unit (HP, attack), or more health for their castle.

Balance: 5
Although I think this scenario was balanced fairly well for both players, my only real complaint is that only one player at a time can be each unit. I suppose in theory this is for balance reasons though as it might be too good to have all three players be one type of unit (especially the elephant, for instance). Each side has the same abilities and options though, so I give it a 5.

Creativity: 5
This is an exceptionally creative scenario, as far as the ones I've seen. Players battle on three different fronts, trying to hold back enemies while earning gold and struggling to upgrade their own units and castle. The triggers have various recharge times (30-60s on some of the really good ones) to prevent players from just booming large armies.

Map Design: 4
This is really the only low point of the scenario. I can't fault it though because it's designed to be symmetrical on purpose and it's not supposed to be too complicated. What is there though is very nice. The layout has a very good advancement from outposts up to bombard and the castle. You can turn off unit attacks and even the terrain is made so you can tell whose side you're on.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions are very solid. You know what's going on, and everything is explained. You know what gold, what units, and how long everything takes. There's really no ambiguity. There's one thing I had to deduct for. Any time any of your units is on any spawn point, you get "Please move off the spawn point" spam once a second in bright yellow. Even when you SPAWN a unit, it gives you this message. It doesn't bother to move your units, and the spam is rampant and very annoying. Tone it down and I'd give this a 5.

Additional Comments:
Probably the most fun scenario I've played in a long time! Even though my friend and I played it together on the same team, I still enjoyed the style and advancement. I would enjoy playing it against someone, especially in a larger game with the full six. The advancement is nice and steady, meaning you start small and build up over time, rather than coming out of the gate with guns blazing and killing units left and right.

My friend and I advanced in different ways. I spent all my gold buying extra units until I had a massive army of plumed archers and missionaries. He spent all his gold upgrading his hero until until he could do over 100 damage per attack. In a bigger multiplayer game, each player would be able to spend their money different ways like this and fill different roles. For instance, I was able to hold off armies and keep locations locked down, while my friend was able to solo towers and kill power units.

The only thing I'd change about this scenario would be to add some more eye candy. Other than that, it's really fun and really solidly programmed. Well, besides the message spam.

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HGDL v0.8.0

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Map Design4.0
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Size:138.90 KB