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Battlemention BETA

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
I didn't make this map Phena did. I have permission to post it also i helped alot with this Phena did the design part.. anyhow cool map and i like it alot. Note: this is just before beta it is alpha it has a decent amount of bugs, probably so report any you find when i eliminate most of the bugs this note shall be removed and you can call it beta.. phena says it's beta but it needs to have a alpha stage due the amount he is working on it still..

for the version that me & danneh are working on go here: [URL][/URL] For the version that me and phena are working on use this file
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Official Reviewer
To advance from the alpha to the beta stage, trigger 0, condition 0, make the set area around the barracks larger, I went to the entrance of the barracks first and missed the upgrade to champion. After some time, your ally, player three blocks two enemy archer spawn points. Trigger 2 looping, effect 6, you task all player 3 units near the enemy archery range, delete effect 6. Create new trigger, starting state on, looping yes, condition object in area (the spawn points) source player 3, effect 0, task object, source player 3, units, set the area (spawn points), set the location off the enemy military buildings, best half way to your tower from those buildings. Like that you do not task all units in a loop, only the ones in the spawn area. Trigger 6, the set area of condition 0 differs to the one of effect 0. As a result player 1 keeps the wounded champion and receives a second one. At least the player does not lose, which he would if the trigger works as intended. Effects in a trigger fire in the order you create them. Delete effect 0, like this effect 1 becomes effect 0 to fire first. Then create new effect 1, same as your old effect 0 but this time with the same set area as condition 0. If you want that the player receives only once a new champion, leave the rest as it is, if you want a new champion any time he comes to the area, change trigger looping from no to yes. If you did all of the above, it is still in the alpha stage. You need some terrains mix, a map with editor green only is not appealing, do some elevations, GAIA, trees etc and try a small story.
Danneh This is definitely alpha, but can i request the ability to edit it? I would like to help on this, it has good potential.
File Author
Well i talked to phena and he said and help would be appreciated before he moves into beta then he will take full action for it. Oh and thanks for wanting to help i hope this turns out to be a good battle map

EDIT: I got the updated version..

[Edited on 02/10/07 @ 11:45 AM]

Danneh Argh, i just spent about an hour adding upgrades, money, and other stuff, and a trigger messed up, and now every time i try to use that trigger, the unit's gain HP instead of healing back to max :x
File Author
I have one question how can you update it?
Official Reviewer
What exactly do you want to know with regard to updating?

You did update some hours before you posted your comment. You addressed the issue in trigger 6, changed the set location in trigger 2 effect 6, but unfortunately you still task all units in a loop.

File Author
I meant how can Danneh update it
Danneh I can upload to and you can download and update.

(Edit: I have a new version of your game, this has an upgradable main hero, units to fight on yours and their side, this also includes the 'Immobile Units AI GOLD' if you don't have it)

The link for you to download, is

Info: the wood you have is your kills, i added a trigger so if you select the yurt below your own yurt, then you get 10 free wood, if you want to test the upgrades but don't want to spend ages fighting, then just click that yurt to get free wood/kills.

When you start off, do what the commander says and choose a weapon, sword, crossbow, or a horse. The swordsman is stronger, the crossbowman can attack at range, and the knight is faster, better armoured and has higher hp, but lower attack. Every unit upgrades to new units and gets new technologies, and as the units upgrade, the differences between the 3 classes in HP, Attack, and Armour, become more apparent. Each unit has the starting version, 2 more normal versions, and a hero version.

Oh, one more thing: make sure you play the scenario from the editor, and that P1 and P3 are Byzantines (They are the only civ with crossbow, arbalest, knight, cavalier, paladin, 2h swordsman, champion and all blacksmith upgrades) or have All Techs on.

[Edited on 02/11/07 @ 07:57 AM]

File Author
That sounds great.. I think i will just update the text and give the link to because i want to be able to put up phena's updates to and if i put one of his up it would mess yours up.

Edit: Kill count doesn't work right.. It takes money instead of giving

[Edited on 02/11/07 @ 04:12 PM]

Danneh The kill count does work, it uses a silent tribute (so you don't see 'GAIA has tributed 1 wood to you'), e.g the first one tributes a MINUS number from P1 to gaia (so P1 gets 2, from the -2 (because -1 doesn't work for some reason)) and the second tributes 1 back, for a total of +1. Test it out, you'll see. (by the way, don't touch the kill count trigger, because if you look at the -2 effect, it resets to 0, and then you DO end up LOSING kills.

Oh, and please, feel free to do whatever you like with it, it was purely there as an example of what you can do. Change names, dialogue and effects as you wish, i don't require credit.

I havn't added the triggers so that P2,3 and 4 can level up and upgrade yet, but that's coming ;)

[Edited on 02/11/07 @ 07:11 PM]

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