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The Chinese Journey

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 3
Hi, this is my first campaign that I put in the internet so this may not be so challenging to do, but more is coming up (bit more harder :P)
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Official Reviewer
@ The player

Enter 'I r winner' and start playing the second scenario.

@ Eur05isu

I sent you an e-mail on February 16 to edit your file before approval, but I guess it got lost in a spam filter.

The first scenario crashes, reason, trigger 'W', Condition: Accumulate Attribute, Wood Stockpile, Source Player 1, Quantity 2000. Effect 5, Damage Object, Source GAIA, Quantity 0, as you did not set any Object or Area, the game engine tries to 'damage' all GAIA objects on the map, which it cannot and as a result the game crashes.

In addition, one victory condition does not work; to win the player has to build a town center in a specific area but you disabled the town center in the editor.

Edit your campaign using the 'Update' button above your description.

-Blacksmith Administrator
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The Chinish journey is a rather short, creative campaign with an all new theme. It was amusing to play although it didn’t stand in a high class. First off the first scenario crashes and it's impossible to win, as Tanneur pointed out. Thanks to his advice I managed to fix the problems myself using Campaign Manager, I could play the whole campaign with no further problems. Here’s my review of it.

I enjoyed playing this campaign. It was fun to see this new theme with Chinese settlers in America being used. The way it was executed may not have been the best. In the first scenario you start with a few soldiers, your ‘chief’ and some villagers. You have to cut your way out of a jungle. All scenarios are extremely easy and makes it pretty boring to play. The enemies are easy to defeat, so there’s not much of a challenge. In the end I got tired of the scenarios, even if they had some nice features. I liked the campaign, but it could have been much better. So it’s average.

As mentioned before, the game as a whole was very easy. All missions and all enemies where easy to finish and defeat. There few times when my soldiers actually died, but it happened. The campaign is harder than a few other scenarios and campaigns I’ve seen in the Blacksmith, and on hard it’s close to an average difficulty. So a 2.Weak, but not the worst I’ve seen.

The overall theme was new. I’ve never seen a scenario with Chinese settlers. So it’s very original overall. In details, some missions are creative and rarely used, but those are few. One is to cut your way out of the jungle. Rarely used, but quite boring. The scenarios are not much centred around warfare and one scenario alone is about diplomacy and slave trade. So it’s quite creative, and it gets a strong 3.

The maps where… um… lets say this way; they don’t look like random maps and they have little eye candy here and there. They have mixed terrain types, seas jungle, swamps, towns etc, and there are a few nice transitions. But the maps are quite plain overall. The jungles consist of grass and jungle, nothing else. The terrain is plain in most places and the swamps consist of only shallows. It brings it to the average score, a 3.

I'm divided about the story. First off, it’s unique, creative and funny. I've never seen a story of its like before. The major problem is simply that it's so shallow. There are no explanation about the characters or pretty much any of the big tribes and such in the scenarios.
But it's still better than many other, very shallow, stories. In this campaign you understand what and why you're doing things, even if the explanations aren't all too detailed. Some might like it, some might not. It's a matter of taste. A plus is the bitmaps that come


IN CONCLUSION: Everyone wont find it funny, but some people might. An average campaign overall.

NOTE: I personally dont like having the instructions displayed in chats, I prefer them in 'Display Instructions' format. But this is also a matter of taste, even if most players and designers seem to think as I in this matter - if you look at the number of maps with Display Instructions compared to those with Chats. But as I said, this is a matter of taste, and it wont affect the review in any way.

[Edited on 07/31/07 @ 04:01 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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