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^~The Freedoom~^

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
This is a Campain I did for about 2 years ago. This week I have modified the language (It was in swedish before) and some adjustment. Bugs have been fixed. I have also put on more eyecandy's and maked the story a bit more serious.

- -{ Year 1571 }- -

The coast of spain had been in a long rebellion of Goths that claims it's their own colonized area. The "blue king" of Goths had took over the northern area for his owns private affairs after succesfull battles. The only way to stop this man to threat the rest of spain, is to take back the northern conquered areas and kill the king himself. The Goths will be forced to retreat to their own land and leave these lands behind.

General Zanigor was send out by the Spanish king to set up a camp close to one of the Goths bases. Unfortunately the Goths send out some spyes and find the base. Zanigor was in panic. He needed big help because he couldnt take all decisions alone. The king reacted very fast and send out a hero to help zanigor. This Hero was a strong Knight named Pariah.

Grab your sword and take Pariah to the very biggest victory the spanish has ever seen! Good luck!

* Many triggers
* Playtested many times with all triggers working correctly
* Good quality of eye-candy's
* Tricky gameplay with many "Surprise!"'s

Good luck! Hope you enjoy the game :)


PS: I found a little bug, fixed and updated it. Now it will be even better :)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
This was a pretty fun game. It wasn't one of those superb campaigns that we get from excellent scenario designers, but it was still good. There were no bugs that I found, and I was able to play straight through the game.

Balance: 2
This was what the scenario lacked. I found it was very easy to survive through the game. Even without the extra units, which I found after winning my first game, it's all pretty easy to just cruise by. The player is able to sit back and get a fairly large economy going

Creativity: 3
The reason I give creativity a 3 is because it was just a classic, take a group of men and raid this place, while building up some extra forces. Nothing wrong with the style, it just wasn't something exciting.

Map Design: 3
Although there was defnitly signs of eyecandy here, it just wasnt a very appealing map. There was a main path that was worth probably a 4, but then out of the whole rest of the main island a lot of it was just trees, maybe a few places here and there where there were some paths.

Story/Instructions: 3
I had a hard time rating this one. The instructions were fine, giving it a 2 already (They described each objective fairly well, but they didn't tell you there were side paths, and other things that may have helped out or just things you wanted to know). As you can see above, it looks as though there was a big story to go along with it. But really, you just jump into the game and you cutscene is the army is approaching. Most of it was just minor hints of story. Still, the instructions were good, and there was some storyline. (NOTE: I know that it should probably get a 4 because of its attempt at a stroy, but honestly the instructions and story were both very minimal, so I thought a three was more fitting.)

Additional Comments:
For those of you who want to play a pretty good game, have a little fun, these is a good download. I enjoyed it, and I think some others might too.

It's pretty good. But in the end you only have two or three main battles and they are all easy if you just sit back and build yourself up a little bit. I suggest you make some more attacks during the game. I was only attacked twice, and i only attacked others 3 to 5 times (All easily won battles).
Too easy. Add more troops or make it harder for the player. Any game can be easily won if you are allowed to sit back, turtle in, gather wood and gold, and create Cavalry, Infantry, Archers, and a Navy.
This can't really be helped. Maybe more twisty things a different ideas.
Map Design:
More eyecandy, less blobs of trees. It's that simple.
Say something of the extra units and side paths. It took me a couple games to find them. Also, because you don't know you get a farming village, some people may hunt for a forage bush here and there for some food. Maybe say, you can use the wood and gold to make archers.
Just spice it up a little. They talked throughout the campaign, but it never built up any storyline.

I hope you find this helpful!

[Edited on 04/01/07 @ 01:57 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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