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LotR Middle Earth v2!

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 4
Lord of the Rings Middle Earth version 2!!
Made by whoisthis1, September 2007


This map has 4 players and is 2v2. Gondor and Rohan against Isengard and
Mordor. It Can be played with bots or real players. It is a must have for
all lord of the rings fans.

All major sites, cities and battles of Lord of the Rings are in this map.

All sides start off with one town centre, 3 villagers and a scout just like
normal random maps. Also heroes and small forces are given to each side.

Build up your race and fight over the territories of middle earth.
Recommended to start in the Dark Age with standard resources and build up
from there. Remember to concentrate on building up your base and not get
sidetracked from the huge map and battles.

There are hero journeys for each side, most important is Gondor's control
over Frodo, Sam and Golum. Once Frodo reaches Mt Doom the Free people of
middle earth recieve bonus whilst the Evil side looses heavily.

All gun powder units and upgrades are disabled to make it more realistic.

Hope you enjoy please comment I would like to hear feedback wether you hate
it or like it. Thanks
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Official Reviewer
I moved the file from Random Maps.

-Blacksmith Administrator
File Author
Thanks Admin.

I have made some changes to the map to make it playable perfectly in single player and more fun in general.
As of now the file should be updated although it maye take a few hours before it comes into effect.

Changes include:
- Put in Minas Morgul for mordor

- Small crossing of the Anduin River has been delted so the osgiliath bridge is now the only way across

- Faramir and his rangers now have the Forbidden Pool and secret hide out under the water fall (where frodo and sam were held in two towers)

- Isengard now have the hero lurts (Orc captain who kills Boromir at Amon Hen in FOTR)

- Isengard computer did not collect wood edited so this is fixed

- Tested so all 4 computers can run so single player works perfectly

- If minas tirith gate is destroyed army of Rohirim spawns as well as Mordors war elephants (Mumakil from 3rd movie)

- Also transports containing the mercinaries from the movie spawn for mordor in the ocean when the MT gate is destroyed

- If helms deep gate is destroyed then army of Rohirim appears on hill top

- Slightly re-did:
ithilin forest
helms deep
minas tirith
amon hen
plains of rohan
southern gondor
2nd Update 28th Feb 07

Many minor tweaks to make it more fun in general

Some are:

- Added Mordors heroes...nazgul and witch king

- Rename some buildings units etc to make better

- Isengard now starts off with a few warg riders as scouts

- Mordor has a larger defensive army at begining to stop a quick rush from gondor rangers

- New hero Gothmog added to mordor army in osgiliath (big ugly orc from ROTK)

and more.

[Edited on 02/28/07 @ 05:23 AM]

Official Reviewer
This is actually pretty good, enjoyable to say the least. I just thought that Mordor and Isengard should be stronger because as it is Gondor can walce right into Mordor's base with his throngs of archers etc and destroy them very early on in the game. Likewise Rohan can beat Isengard with his cavalry. Give Mordor some heroes, you give everyone else some but not Mordor. The obvious choice is Sauron, the Witch King and his Nazgul. They also need more soldiers, like a decent amount of them to defend themselves with, but also so that they can attack minas tirith when the time comes in all their throngs. Isengard should get more troops as well, and give them either hunting wolves or mamelukes to act as warg riders. Don't forget to rename the buildings like the tower in Isengard to Orthanc. Thanks for a nice mp. Cheers. ;-)

[Edited on 02/26/07 @ 03:29 PM]

Morglin This is the best LotR map I have seen so far. Still so comments though:
1. Isengard should have many mines inside it, and 2 or 3 petards
2. Lurtz should start with a small force between Isengard and Amon Hen
3. Where are the hobbitses and smeagolses?
4. Boromir should be dead or with the fellowship
5. Edoras should be 1.5 times bigger, and on a hill
6. The fellowship should be on transports in the Anduin
7. There is no wood in Mordor
8. There is little wood north of Mordor
9. Rohan shouldn't have knights
10. Good races should be west European, bad east European
11. Re-enforcements for Helms Deep should be Rohan and on foot, except for Gandalf on Shadowfax
12. Where are Eomer, Eowen, Theoden, Denethor and Saruman
13. Could you please create mt. Doom
14. There should be a trigger where the Nazgul die if Frodo reaches mt. Doom
15. Ents?
16. Osgiliath should have more building and a wall
17. Gimli has heavy armour 4/4 at least
18. Transport should belong to Mordor
19. Currently no Cair Andros
20. There should be mountains, not woods between Minas Tirith and Helms Deep
21. If you create Frodo, you should also have the staircase, and perferably Shelob
22. Dunharrow should be where the large stone pile west of it is
23. Army of the Dead? (could be a trigger which destroys the Mordor transports and creates Gondor ones when the second Minas Tirith gate is destroyed
24. Minas Tirith had trebuchets
25. PLEASE dont use double wall at the Helms deep gatehouse, currently it looks kind of weird
Also, two naming mistakes:
1. Witch king of Angmar, not Anagmar
2. You should just call the Ringwraiths Nazguls or Black Riders, not both in one name

Other ideas
1. Elves
2. the Misty Mountains

That's all I can think of for now, hope to see a revision soon.
File Author
thanks mashek and morglin very much for the feedback. i will be releasing a better version with as many of these changes as possible plus a few more improvements in about a weeks time.
Morglin Do you want to make it by the book or movie? In the book, Gothmog's appearance was never described, Peter Jackson took the appearance of a Morian orc captain. Gothmog could be a Black Numenorian (Teutonic Knight model). I would find this map better if it would also portray the events in chronological order. This would remove the need for the unit appearance trigger at Minas Tirith, and at Helms Deep if you could swap the side from which re-enforcements come.

EDIT: The Battle for Osgiliath was anything but minor. I find that you should place TCs inside the main bases (Minas Tirith, Dol Amroth, Helms Deep, Edoras, Baradur, Minas Morgul/Dol Guldur and Isengard, and then forbid anyone building TCs. This will make defending these positions highly important.

EDIT 2: I am attempting to mod the map, will not spread it without permission, but have found more mistakes.
1. remove the gold and stone. took me a while to do due to large amounts
2. remove gollum and the one ring in the way they are protrayed now. it goes against all Tolkiens works.

[Edited on 04/14/07 @ 03:49 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Extremely playable and offering countless opportunities for replay. I've used it as a two-player so far and we were both so mezemerized by the game that at times we forgot to play. It made defending Minas Tirith quite the challenge.

Balance: 4
Power is distributed evenly and the game runs well. More importantly, when you play as Rohan/Gondor, you repeatedly get your butt kicked. This is in my mind a good thing since the computers attack you incessantly throughout the game. Always challenges.

Creativity: 3
Idea taken from somewhere else on an overused subject (LOTR) but the way the map is put together and the game arranged makes it satisfactory.

Map Design: 4
Beautiful map. Granted it is based on something that has been tried and tested, but the level of detail without too much exaggeration, and the fact that liberties were indeed taken -not to mention the beacons of gondor kicked butt- makes this one of the best maps I've had the pleasure to play.

Story/Instructions: 3
Not entirely necessary in such a straight-forward game. Nevertheless, there could have been many more improvements on this aspect (if entirely) for those poor souls who do not really know what is going on.

Additional Comments:
Overall the best thing I have, as of yet, downloaded from this site.

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Map Design4.0
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