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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
In the game,you'll be a guard of a bank,you will have to look after a relic.

If you look after it,you'll win the game.

This campaign has three difficulties.
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Eur05isu Damn, that is a small map, this is pretty hard when you select the infantry soldier, btw how did you get those petards inside?

[Edited on 02/25/07 @ 09:11 AM]

KingElk Pretty fun, a good idea.

Easy - Very easy, I don't see how you could lose.

Medium - Another easy one, but it's possible you migt lose.

Difficult - Defnitly difficult. The thief and robbers are good.
taowarrior This an really, really simple game that I am just totally impressed, I mean a guarding a bank, totally awesome an worth every minute of of it!

Oh, and I really, really want to know how in The cosmos did you managed to get those petards to garrison in a throwing axeman? Please tell me, like, totally please tell me!
File Author
Petards are bombs.
taowarrior How did you do the bombs than? This is an incredible trigger trick! Please tell me.
File Author
Put 7 Petards into a castle. then Use the AOK Triggers Studio.Change the castle to a throwing axeman
File Author
Who can rate?
KingElk I would review... but it's a little bit too small. If someone else feels its enough for 5 categories of reviewing then they should review it
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4

This game is pretty different to many others. You're to guard a bank from robberers and thieves. I found it very enjoyable and creative. There where no bugs whatsoever and the game in general is creative and unique.
The two only things that makes this drop from a 5 to a 4 is the fact that the different levels have little differense and not even the hardest one was really hard. Also that the game was as short as it is. If it was longer, an more challenging, it would have been more fun.
Except for that, its very good and highly enjoyable, even if I got tired of the different levels since they had only minor differneses to each other.

Balance: 4

To me, all levels where quite easy. They change from level to level by getting more enemies and stronger bosses and thieves, but not much more and it's still very easy to win. The only time I was close to lose was against the boss on the highest difficulty level, but I never has to restart.
But then again, I'm rather experiensed, still no master, so I cant say that this goes for everyone. For newer players or those who aren't as experiensed, this might be quite challenging. Maybe not on the lowest level, but the other two. So I give it a 4

Creativity: 4

Very creative for such a small map. The scenario features bombs, petard garrisoned inside a throwing axeman, the whole theme i set to guard a bank which I've never seen before, there's three different difficulty levels, or nine depending on which difficulty you start playing on. (What I mean is:
Standard - easy
Standard - medium
Standard - Difficult
Moderate - easy
Moderate - medium
Moderate - Difficult
Hard - easy
Hard - medium
Hard - Difficult)
Apart from this there isn't much more, so I cannot ive it a 5 since it wasn't outstanding, even though it was very good.

Map Design: 3

The worst part. The map design is not bad, but it's not very good either. The terrain is mixed a little, although it would look much better with even more mixing. Some part have a large spot of Dirt 2, another have a large spot of leaves.
It is still good for a map with this size, although it could have been much better. Some eyecandy could look nice too so that it doesn't look all flat, and maybe a tree, more than the bamboo.

Story/Instructions: 4

The story isn't very well developed and its very simple, although very amusing and creative. The review guidelines sais that any attempt to a story, whether its poor or good, should get a 4. This story isn't really poor, but could easily be more developed, although that is not neccesary for the game quality, more for details.
The instructions have a few spelling mistakes here and there but nothing serious. Its easy to understand what to do and the instructions come in a good tempo so that you can read everything that comes.

In general: creative and fun

In closing: a short, unique game. Maybe not too challenging, but its really worth the download time.. being a second!

Good work :)
AOK Renaissance For such a small map,
the screen show signs of glinches
For example, there will be green lines,
random pixels, slashed graphic.
Is it only me?
Overall, excellent gameplay.. kinda like playing firstperson shooting game. *Hehe.
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Map Design3.0
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