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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 8

Essentially, TSO is a blood scenario. Though, most of the designing
was meant to find techniques never used in MP bloods before.
Even though some of these methods have already made their way
into circulation, this is their origin. I spent a lot of time using my SP
mindset to bring different features to MP gameplay and this is what I
came up with.

I started with trying to find a way of combining auto spawning and
selectable spawning. The spawning is still very much automated, but
you still have a choice of what you want. You can choose between 3
unit lines: infantry, ranged, and cavalry. You get units upgrades for
kills, but kills only count for the unit line you're currently on. There are
only 9 upgradable units for each line, but when you combine that with 3
lines and losing kills for techs, your upgrades last a long time. Use
your horse to select different unit lines.

You can buy techs in the game, but they will cost a pretty penny.
This scenario is unique, in that if you buy a tech, you pay for it in kills.
So, let's assume you have 200 kills on your ranged line and you buy
fletching for 65. This will bring you down to 135 kills. At 200 kills, you
upgrade from Arb to Chu, so going down to 135 kills will put you back
on Arbs. To buy techs, cycle through your wooden walls behind base
and delete the one you want. If you do not have sufficient funds,
it will activate when you do have enough.

There are kills counters, but you have three of them instead of just
one: wood = infantry, food = ranged, and gold = cavalry. Each
can go up or down depending on how you spend them(techs, tribute...).

To help game's like 1v1 and 2v2, this scenario has been equipped with an anti-computer system. This mean you can put players in any slot you like and not have to worry about taking time to boot the computer. The computer will automatically be booted at the beginning of the scenario. If you would like to play this in SP, you can simply replace the Gaia walls in each base for the computer's color.

Delete activated spells

Pre-Hotkeyed panic

Upgradable/Downgradable kill system

Index tech system



Selectable unit lines

Pre-game unit line selection

Infinite razing upgrades

Infinite conversion upgrades

Music player

Minimum delay offensive spells


Copyright © 2007 Tsunami Studios
This scenario was made by newIdea with the assistance of his testers. If you ever see a copy of this scenario that states anyone but newIdea had a hand in the actual designing of the scenario, please disregard it, because it is obviously a fake. Please do not try to edit or steal any original ideas from this scenario with out newIdea's consent. If you ever see a copy of this scenario that you think might be altered by someone other than newIdea, please email the scenario to Editing scenarios that aren't yours will only lead to the demise of the game completely. Thank you for playing.
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Official Reviewer
Hey newIdea, did you put your Blacksmith post on Html? :p Anyway, am downloading. Good work.
Dantares IV Can this be done as a one player map?
Danneh "If you would like to play this in SP, you can simply replace the Gaia walls in each base for the computer's color."

Yes, this is playable in single player.

[Edited on 02/27/07 @ 11:33 AM]

Quim Divine Hmm
TSO is also the abbreviation for
"The Summer Obsession".
Anyways, I have a question,
what does "infinite convertions" entail?

[Edited on 03/04/07 @ 09:50 PM]

File Author
That means you can convert as many enemies as you want and you'll continue to get rewards forever. =)
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
‘Tsunami Studios Online’ is a complex multiplayer scenario, a blood, exploring new depths in multiplayer gaming experience; creative innovations perhaps never-before-witnessed in a scenario of its kind. The gameplay features a total of eight human players who must contend to destroy one another’s base tower, the last player surviving will win. With a small base surrounded by stone walls, a gateway and in the centre a tower, the player has an extensive arsenal of upgrades, both for units and buildings alike, and spells with which he can overcome and ultimately destroy his opponents with. And although the scenario may follow the rather typical destroy-the-tower-to-win based mission, new heights are nevertheless set with a plethora of creative innovations. With anywhere up to a few hours of sheer enjoyment, ‘Tsunami Studios Online’ is truly such that it not only sits on top of all bloods, but also quite possibly redefines the meaning of multiplayer gaming experience as well.


‘Tsunami Studios Online’ is a sensational multiplayer scenario, a hard core blood that truly has lots of blood in it. The scenario provides some of the most fulfilling experience for a multiplayer scenario that I have not had in a long time. One can witness eight players vying for control on the field of battle, with hundreds of units slaughtering one another, bodies knee high where once was green. Sometimes the battles are right outside your base gateway, and so the struggle to survive really becomes imminent for all players. One must take care to protect his tower, for if it falls so too does the player, but also to charge forward with his own army to attack the other players with and attempt to take down their towers. But the scenario is not all just about mindless slaughter. Instead, you will be forced to use thought and strategy to overcome your opponents on the field of battle, using the gold awarded from kills to buy upgrades for soldiers’ arms and armour, and for your base defences. The player is awarded ‘Gaming Points’ for which he may use to buy spells and use against his opponents should the moment arise. The player is also given the choice as to which units he spawns to counter the opposition with. He is given the choice out of three units, infantry, missile or cavalry. While only one unit is spawned when the choice is made, the unit itself will change, for example from a spearman to a longswordsman, with the more kills the player gets. The ability to choose from three different kinds of units is not only strategic, but the idea that he gets a better unit everytime he gets so many dozens of kills is rewarding and imperative if the player wants to have that strategic edge over his enemies. Concluding, a highly innovative and entertaining piece of work.

BALANCE: (5.0)

In a multiplayer scenario balance, according to review guidelines, is rated in accordance to the equality of given resources and starting positions between human players. The review guidelines say, quote, “Each human player should start out in an equal position with equal starting resources and equal starting units. Obviously, the players don't have to match exactly, but they should be balanced. The map should also be examined to determine if all players have access to the same amounts of on-map resources. There are a lot of creative ways that map designers can use to make each player different, yet still balanced.” From this ‘Tsunami Studios Online’ is a well-balanced game, a perfectly balanced multiplayer scenario at that. There are a possible eight human players with every one of them given an equal starting position and an equal distribution of resources and units –each player having the same chance to defeat one another.


The creativity of this scenario was sensational. I could buy dozens of blacksmith upgrades, by selecting and deleting the respective palisade wall, to strengthen my soldiers or my base defences. I could cast spells, eradicating entire enemy armies invading my base, or to confuse other enemy bases with. I was able to choose out of three units, missile, infantry and cavalry, to spawn in a limited number and for which to counter my opponents with. The more kills I got the more advanced either of the soldiers got. For example at fifty kills a longswordsman will upgrade from a spearman, a crossbowman from an archer and a light cavalry from a scout cavalry. The player is expected to select and spawn the units which are suitable for the situation, making the scenario extremely tactical, relying on your strategy alone and how well you manage your lines to win let alone hold out. One could win ‘game points’ throughout battle to use to buy defence mechanisms by which you could use to destroy armies invading the undefended gateway. Not only is this idea alone very creative and unique, but also once again fitting into the tactful side of the scenario. The player is forced to rely on intelligence, on how he will go about battle instead of just charging into the fray head on. This alone is creative as it sets it apart from the simple, mindless slaughter seen in most scenarios of its kind; rather everything must be organised and planned. In addition the map design was creative with places of strategy, such as hills to overcome the enemy, hedges a place to defend and secret walls which can be torn down for better and ‘safer’ access to one’s base. Other pieces like capturing relics for an upper hand or to convert enemy units to get a hero are just small reasons out of the multitude for awarding a perfect rating. Truly an exemplary job.


The map design was excellent with eight well-designed bases structured around stone walls, a gateway and a centering tower. Beyond the gateways reside a lush green field, hedges, and in the centre, a lone tree resting on a hill. The battlefield with elevation and protective hedging was very suitable for battle with players able to use tactics and strategy against their opponent. While the map design may not be the best of detailed maps it is still very well designed with objects placed to perfection and organisation. No one player has it better than the rest and the design is user friendly, easy for players to jump around in order to buy upgrades, change which units spawn and fight battles, all simultaneously.


Hints and instructions were exemplary, better than the average multiplayer scenario, but still there was no story or even so much as a theme by which the review guidelines at least here requires a multiplayer scenario to have. From this I give my reasons for the rating. Nevertheless, there were in-depth and detailed instructions as to what to do and how to do it and even a FAQ section. All of which was well crafted and very much enough for the player’s benefit.


‘Tsunami Studios Online’ is truly the best blood that I have ever played. Its complexity, creativity and its sheer enjoyment, for me at least, puts it above the rest. I strongly recommend this multiplayer scenario to all online enthusiasts.

In a word – Brilliant.

In closing – A must download.

[Edited on 10/07/09 @ 12:08 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review Mashek; outstanding.
Official Reviewer
Thanks, newIdea. I have edited the review to fix many errors. Should be better now.
Cheeze818 Above all a great game

[Edited on 04/11/07 @ 06:53 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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