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General Targon (DEMO)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
The Story
A religious revolutionary of the Kingdom of Pyros has started a new movement. The whole kingdom is under his control, and he has been trying to conquer and convert to his new religion the southern kingdom of Moyra.

The King and his general, Targon, have managed to keep the Pyrosian troops away for many years. However, when the king dies, his son takes his position, and he stops sending resources to Targon for the defense of the kingdom so he can spend them on minor issues.

Targon is really angry, but now he has more important things to think about than the new king. Now that he doesn't have enough resources, he has to find a way to defend his loved kingdom by himself. But another question appears now: will the church agree with his methods?

I would be glad if you review the file after playing it. Thanks.

UPDATE: Added hints, scouts, in-depth story and fixed some bugs
UPDATE 1.02: Improved map.
UPDATE 1.03: Suggested by Sword_of_STORM, made a plainer map near your village to improve gameplay, added more gold mines and a market in the monastery, removed extra bushes and flowers and fixed a couple of other things.
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Artifex A bitmap is not really necessary. i hardly use it.
I get beaten when I leave the Church city by the group of bandits. Maybe delete a spearman, because those tree can kill my cavalry unit quick with their attackbonus against cavalry.
File Author
@ Artifex:
That is part of the challenge. You should try luring the bandits to the monastery ;)
Artifex I figured it out already, but thanks.
It looks neat though.
File Author
I'm glad you're liking it :)
Please try to post a review when you finish the scenario ;)
Official Reviewer
This is a nice game, I may review it.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'General Targon' is a B&D style game which has some RPG elements in it. You play as general Targon and you have to convert 3 cathedrals to win, taking care not to destroy them.

Playability: 4+
I found the game quite enjoyable. First you have to go along a road avoiding or killing some bandits. This is not easy as there are many spearmen and you are a cavalry unit but can be done by luring them back to the monastery. Fortunately, you have a monk to keep healing you so that you don't have to wait for long. Then you take control of a small town Pryscilla (er, spelling?)and immediately after there are some 520 Hp paladins attacking you, and you will surely lose if you don't convert them. Then there is attack by hordes of bandits. It is very challenging to survive this part because you have only 4 elite teutonic knights and 2 monks and you have to kill not only the masses of bandits but also a small army which comes from the aqua colored town. After that there are so many armies which keep coming that it is necessary to build a wall and turtle in. Basically it becomes a game of you against 3 hard( I played on hard) AI's which is NOT easy, compounded by lack of resources and placement of the towns (explained more in balance).

I encountered one important bug which may have been there in the first version too. Right in the beginning when the game starts, the pope tells you that 'you have destroyed Wildermaya's cathedral', we are giving 20000 gold to Wildermaya to train troops'. Which is wrong of course. That much gold would also explain the hordes of monks which the red player trains(at one point they nearly converted an entire army and I had to research heresy) Also the view is shifted to the extreme left side which may cause a game crash(though I didn't experience it). The game is shorter than before.
Overall it is a very enjoyable scenario but the only thing that prevents it from getting a full 5 is the inherent random map nature of the second part of the game and the aforementioned bug.

Balance: 5
The first part of the scenario is perfectly balanced. You need to take advantage of elevation to kill bandits (or avoid them). After that when you take control of the town, there are four 520 Hp paladins roaming around there, which would do great damage unless you manage convert them. I managed to convert 3 of them using my two monks without losing any trrops. Then it is a challenging thing to kill all dozens of light cav, pikemen and archers with just a few teutonic knights and towers. However this time (in updated version) I also had my converted 520HP guys(they rock!) and so it was easier. This time there was also an assult by many wolves and a small army from the aqua town which was a good challenge to defeat.

In fact there are so many troops I found it necessary to turtle in with stone walls. Then I boomed to imperial age and tried to take out the towns, but it was surprisingly difficult. The lack of trebuchets meant I could only use capped rams or cannons which aren't that good. Both the red and aqua towns can only be approached by a single bridge making siege rather difficult.

However this time it was much easier because the player recieves much more gold and there is also a trade route possible(albeit a poor one, obstructed by buildings but that is intentional I suppose). I still found that the best strategy was to use transport boats and kill off the orange player quickly so that I could get his gold. The restrictive pop limit has been removed.Overall the difficulty was just right, difficult without being impossible, therefore I give it a 5.

Creativity: 4
The game was not too creative, the initial action settling down quickly. The objective of converting the cathedrals seemed to be similar to Barbarossa's 3rd scenario. However this differs greatly from a random map game because of the design of the map. The 'allmen pass' idea was good but did not work as both red and aqua cities could be assaulted separately and could anyway be skipped by transport ships. Most of the before mentioned things appear to have been fixed, though there is still an unexplained monument in aqua town. It would be nice to have some explanation regarding the 520 Hp paladins roaming around.

I give this 4, since you say you didn't copy the idea from the Barbarossa scenario ;)

Map Design: 4+
The map was much better than a random map, however it lacked the final touches to it. The terrain mixing was good, but you can improve it. Using gaia units like beta ice, sea rocks, statues etc. would be an improvement. The forage bushes and laods of flowers in winter look rather unrealistic. The design of the towns are good though, with castles and moats etc.
The updated map is better, but is not perfect, so I give it 4.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions are clear enough, you are told clearly that destroying ( not converting) cathedrals will make the pope unhappy. The story is given well too, with history, hints and scout sections, though not too original.

Additional Comments:

The above game is a very good B&D scenario and I would recommend it for download.

[Edited on 03/16/07 @ 02:11 AM]

File Author
Thanks a lot for the review. I'll remove then 100 pop limit ASAP (in fact I was going to take it down but I probably forgot it). Also thanks for the other suggestions. I'll add more gold mines and a market, make a plainer map near the village and remove some flowers :) Again, thanks a lot.

BTW, I had absolutely no knowledge of that scenario in the Barbarossa campaign, since I hate ES campaigns.
woutersmits wenner coming the full campaing
File Author
I'm not really sure when the full campaign will be ready, but it won't be very soon. It took me some time to make one scenario, and the full campaign will have between 4 and 6, so it will take a while.
Official Reviewer
Review updated. Sorry for taking so long ;)

Edit: Forgot to mention a thing. You should use coloured text in the instructions, it looks lot better

[Edited on 03/17/07 @ 06:33 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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