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Cost of a throne-DEMO

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
Cost of a throne-DEMO
Created by Nishanth Premraj a.k.a. Cknchaos

The year is 1760.The place-Adenburg.For many years have the people of Adenburg known peace and prosperity under the rule of king Ronald.all were content and happy except his elder brother duke Richmond who felt right from the beginning,that he rightfully deserved to be the king and has ever since been waiting for an opportunity to be king.

Like this,ten years have passed,but when vikings commonly known as bandits arrive from the cold norths in hopes of striking it rich in adenburg,all the people and noble-alike are panic-stricken,however Richmond sees a way of turning this tide of unfortunate events to help him get his hands on the throne.

# 2 scenarios (1 cut-scene and 1 playable scenario).
# Diffrent events taking place depending upon your actions.
# Choice to play as three characters with totally diffrent roles.
# Characters roles are uniquely mixed without repetitions.
# 600+triggers.
# Diplomacy lock,Anti-resource and Anti-torpedo cheats.
# Neat eye-candy and trigger tricks.

# A cost of a throne-demo.cpx file.
# 2 bitmap files.
# Advanced immobile units.per(do-not unzip or replace if you already have this file).
# 31 mp3 sound files.

to install just unzip to your main aok directory.

Thanks to:
# Playtesters- Bon,Brendragon,Anastasiakafka and to those who could\'nt get my cutscene due to my e-mail troubles.

# Lord_Yuri_ninja for his NOOOOO sound file.

# Zanzard lothar for creating this wonderfull AI.

# And to all the AOKH forumers who helped this newbie with all his map-editing problems.

# Any people or places resembling real life objects is purely coincidential.
# remember,this is my first campaign,so don\'t expect it to be super.

-- Cknchaos a.k.a. Nishanth premraj.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
This is a campaign with an opening cut-scene and three playable scenarios as you can choose three different characters.

The late King of Adenburg announced his second son Ronald as his successor, while his elder son Richmond got a fort and the title of a Duke. Ten prosperous, peaceful years have passed under the rule of King Ronald, when Vikings under their leader Gerard arrive from the North. After all these years Richmond is still determined to alter his father’s decision regardless the measures it would take, when a royal messenger arrives. This is when the first scenario, a cut-scene, starts telling you how Richmond grasps his chance.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario has some memorable humour. A peasant girl being treated by some guards in a way that you want to fight for equal rights and on the other hand some girls randomly poisoning men who’s only fault was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The campaign is highly enjoyable, as you travel through nice cities, towns and landscape and have three characters to play, which can’t be more different. You play Kayin a sub-leader of the Viking bandits, David the commander of the Aldenburg army and Alice a peasant girl hailing from a village. Adding to the game play is also that the events take place at the same time and the tasks are totally different avoiding boredom and repetition. Kayin is walking through forest or travelling by boat and kills and destroys, David is riding on roads trying to solve a murder case and Alice has to find a way through blocked gates and roads in order to get help for her village menaced by bandits. Events change according to the way you take, creating a high replay value for the campaign. All characters are heading to the same place after their adventure. I can’t wait for the third scenario. A moment I thought there is a bug, but I just “was too late”. Great RPG with hundreds of triggers, working bug free. 5
- To avoid any misunderstanding, I am not rating triggers, nor does the amount of them boost the rating. Important is, do they help game play and does it run bug free.

BALANCE: The scenario is well balanced and should give a couple of reloads to the expert player. Don’t spoil, do not use Marco Polo, as in this RPG balance is also orientation, specially for Kayin, but also the other two get into some exciting trouble by choosing the wrong way. The first time I played medium difficulty, missing the extra units for Kayin, and was surprised that they offered me their services after I returned to the camp. The mining camp was a tad too hard, solving the quest only with your hero, but possible with a pause for healing. 4
- When you give extra units to your hero, the quest should not be possible to be solved without them, aiming for the highest rating.

CREATIVITY: Creative bitmaps a throne and a map with the places for the playable scenario. Good story which keeps you interested in the game, the variety of characters to play, unit creation, cheat controls, new enemies appearing on a cleared road, triggers and sounds. 4
- Certainly well above average, but nothing to blow me off my chair.

MAP DESIGN: The map design is very good, mostly realistic, and beautiful and a lot of effort went into it with a love for the detail, towns and landscape alike. Impressive was the walkable forest when Kayin has to avoid main roads and enemy towns. What refrains the highest rating, is an unrealistic mix of seasons. You have snow-covered pines next to palm trees or forage bushes. Trees with snow on the left, without on the right side of a gate. The same applies for roadsides. 4+
- Better would have been to have higher or north areas with snow, if you don’t want to use a complete snow map. Snow should not be randomly used eye-candy.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The prologue, cut-scene, puts you right into the story and you really want to start playing as the author has good humour and completes everything you can expect under this category. For the cut-scene your objective is “just watch” and the scout section tells you “Your scouts are watching this cut-scene so don’t bug them.” The hints for the cut-scene are of course perfect and so is your in game screen for the playable scenario. Clear objectives, which develop during the game, a general and separate hint sections for each character and a scout section supported by road signs. The author provides two bitmaps, giving room for a history section, objectives, hints and merits. A small error, no reason to rate the category down, occurred about the year of the events. The cut-scene tells you its 1720, while the read me and authors description page claim 1760. 5
- A great compliment to CknChaos. This category is something like your calling card for a campaign. Here you get the player interested and it gives you the first impression before playing. Choose one year for the next release and I mark it with 5+.

OVERALL: Download you will certainly enjoy.

@ The author: It was fun playing your campaign and I am hoping for more.
Map Design4.0
“Cost of the throne-DEMO” is composed of a cut-scene scenario and three scenarios in one, since you can play as three different characters and have a completly different experience.

Playability- Well what can I say, you play this scenario once and find it highly enjoyable, except here you can play it 3 times and not get tired. That is because there are three characters who have completly different gameplay and storyline so you can have 3 times the fun! I thought that playability was one of the best parts of this scenario. It left me wanting more. I give it a 5!
(Even though it is a 5, I think that playing with Alice and David wasn‘t as much action as with Kayin. But they also had their moments.)

Balance- This scenario was fairly challenging, mainly trying to go to the right places and the ’races’ that were presented in Kayin’s adventures. But in the actual fighting this scenario leaves you dissapointed since while you can loose all your units, your hero seems to be able to take care of himself quite nicely. Otherwise very well done. I give it a 4!
(I suggest making your units and the enemy units more up to the level of your hero, then it will be more of a challenge. Also, playing as David there was almost no fear of meeting enemies, even if you were always alone.)

Creativity- I though this scenario was highly creative! Using sounds, cut-scene entrance was very nice. But what got me on my toes was the way all the three characters are being affected by the change in power. While some must complete small pivalleging quests, others escape and kigndom and investigate murder and yet others had to step up and act heroic and defend their own rights! The use of different and unique quests is what I was impressed with. I give it a 5!
(What can I say, even though most things have been seen you used them in a very nice way. The sound effects really gave it the boost! The choice between characters was very unique as well.)

Map Design- This scenario featured a very well made map, with a post-winter european look you get to play in a very realistic map with walkable forest!! This map gives you the feel that you can do anything you want, it seems you are free while still making you keep true to the story! I give it a 4.
(Like Tanneur99 said the use of snow and non-snow was not the best. While forage bushes seem to be in place well, palms seem out of place.)

Story/Instructions- This is the best part of the campaign. Since it is supposed to leave the player hanging on the edge of his seat for the full release, story is not complete. But with the use of cut-scenes and three different characters you can truly experience all point of views of the story. With heroes, all reacting to the change of power differently it makes for a vary interesting camapaign! I give it a 5!
(Only thing I think could be better is the history, instructions and hints section, even though they were already very good.)

+ Very realistic map design..
+ 3 playable characters
+ Good use of sounds in the appropriate places.
- A little too easy, but still very good.

Overall: This is a great prologue to what I’m sure will be a great campaign. Download this now, you won’t regret it!!

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Map Design4.0
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