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Downloads Home » Best Files » Adventure Series VI Four Horsemen

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Adventure Series VI Four Horsemen

Author File Description
Jas the Mace1
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
You are the Four Horsemen summoned from the pits of Hell. Bring wanton destruction to a peaceful area of ancient China.

*Good eye candy

*Lots of fighting

Rate your performance here

550-650 1 Horse (good but you missed a lot)
650-700 2 Horses (near total destruction)
700-715 The Four Horses ride again

*Destroyed buildings
300-375 2 Horses (destroyed a great deal)
375-425 3 Horses (near total destruction)
425-448 4 Horses (Wow! Wonders too!)

Get ready to become the Four Horsemen!!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
clayperboy I like both rpg's and rps games, and this one was one of the best i'd played in a long time.
Artifex Stunning mapwork, it gave me lots of ideas. Do you mind if I use some?
I thought the game would be rather dyull, since the only object is 'kill and destroy', but it positively suprised me. The last town is very hard to get in to, the blessed ones are not that difficult.

Good Game
PS I got 711 kills and 461 razings.
Jas the Mace1
File Author
Thanks for your comment Artifex :~) I thought the terrain design was pretty good in most areas. Feel free to use what you want, ideas, map copy, whatever. My attitude is the more maps released that people put genuine work into the better.
Dantares IV Ya, I like RPGs too. :)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5-

I quite enjoyed this game, the 6th in the "Adventures Series" from Jas the Mace1. It is based on the book of Revelations, which describes the Apocalypse. But here, the story is set in ancient China. The objects are simple: destroy everything and kill the 'Blessed Ones'.
When I started to play, I thought it would be pretty boring, just kill and go on and on and on, but this positively surprised me.
The minor critique is that it takes a lot of time to go through this game, I played a total of ten (!) hours, that’s why the 5-.

Balance: 4-

Overall it was not very hard to play. The 4 horsemen are strong with high HP and attack, but are not immortal. 'Death' is overpowered with too many attack and because he has range attack. So a 4.
Most towns are easy to conquer; only the last one is very very hard.
It has Bombard towers and a castle near the gate. When I brought
'Death' to this Gate he almost died, so I had to go back to the priests. Then I started shooting arrows at the Castle and go back to get healed. By doing it this way, it took me a pretty long while to enter this town, that's why I have to give you a 4-.

Creativity: 5

It is very creative. A well known story, set in a different place. As stated above, the kill everything- objective scared me off at first, but it turned out to be cool. The side quests were good and hard (a little ripped of though). The fact that the 3 greatest criminals of all time were in hell, was funny (but of course justice).

Map Design: 4+

Very well done, Hell is nice done, with the fire and black ground. In the most eastern part, there is a lot of bamboo, a little too much, according to my humble opinion. But it is China...of course, the land made out of bamboo.

Story/Instructions: 5

The story of Revelations is clearly told. Maybe you could have explained WHY this scenario was set in ancient China. The instructions were clear. I did not get confused while playing.

Additional Comments:

Great stuff, a must download. But only if you have enough time, because it takes a while to complete it.
Jas the Mace1
File Author
Thanks again for the review Artifex :~)

I was wondering about your reason for the 4 on balance, the last city gates being hard to enter. Like all the Gates in this game if you bring Death to it, then click on it, it destroys the gate and usually some towers. At the last city, the first gate damages the castle and the second gate destroys it. The 'spell' is called "Hand of Hades" I hope you didn't have to smash all of the gates in the game, that would be a little irritating.
Artifex As soon as I brought Death to the last gate, the many towers and the castle damaged his health very big. There was no time to do the 'Hand of Hades'spell, or I would lose Death and so lose the game. So I had to go back to the Priests and get healed.
The only thing I thought was necessery to enter the city, was destroy the Castle with Death. And the try to breach the gates.
So that's why the 4.
Jas the Mace1
File Author
Yeah it's certainly tough. You will need healing from the castle attack after destroying the first gate, as long as you dodge the cannon towers. The second gate I charge up to, dodging cannonballs, because the castle comes down with the second gate, so you live, weakend but alive. Even knowing what to do after making it, it's still tough.
The Nouv
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
(Good fun, especially if you just want to kill as many people as possible. I like the special effects and the dialogue can be quite witty sometimes. It can get a bit repetitive after a while.)

Balance: 3
(I have only given this scenario a balance of 3 because aside from going around and slaughtering countless people, there isn't much else to do, although exploring the huge map is very pleasing.)

Creativity: 4
(Original concept, breaks away from your usual build, develop, destroy scemarios.)

Map Design: 4
(Cool map design, really fun to explore. Has a tendency to lag.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Not a hugely complex story, so if you are looking for an intricate plot with a lot of cerebral moments, this isn't for you. However, if you just want to see something entertaining and amusing, try this! Instructions are clear and well written.)

Additional Comments:
Cilibinarii This probably is one of the best RPGs here at the blacksmith! I always wanted to pillage and burn everything on my way :)
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Map Design4.3
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