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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Adventure Series VI Four Horsemen

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Adventure Series VI Four Horsemen

Author File Description
Jas the Mace1
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
You are the Four Horsemen summoned from the pits of Hell. Bring wanton destruction to a peaceful area of ancient China.

*Good eye candy

*Lots of fighting

Rate your performance here

550-650 1 Horse (good but you missed a lot)
650-700 2 Horses (near total destruction)
700-715 The Four Horses ride again

*Destroyed buildings
300-375 2 Horses (destroyed a great deal)
375-425 3 Horses (near total destruction)
425-448 4 Horses (Wow! Wonders too!)

Get ready to become the Four Horsemen!!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Adventure series VI, 'The Four horsemen' is the sixth game of Jas the Mace1's adventure series. It is an RPG is which you take on the role of four horsemen who are agents of the devil, and wreak havoc on a region in ancient China.

Playability: 4

I found this game very enjoyable. The beginning is superb and really catches your attention, with the summoning to the devil to the realm of hell. Then you take control of four agents of satan: War, Famine, Pestilence, Death who are all very powerful and fast units. I enjoyed moving around and killing everybody, there were always some new ideas at every corner so I didn't get bored at first. There are some magic spells you can use in taking towns. The time taken for self healing can be used in taking down buildings, so it isnt wasted. The Blessed ones and other sidequests were rather enjoyable. There are lots of monks too to cut down on healing time.
However after a couple of hours the game got slightly boring as the same things were repeated, killing peasants, destroying towns. I didn't enjoy the shipwreck very much as I found nothing there. Needless to say there was nothing exactly the same, which kept up my interest. I played this game non stop for 5 hours to win and there are few games which can make me do that. I didn't encounter any bugs or lag. In the ending part two of the monks who arose from the graveyard didn't die so I could keep going back for healing ;) though I am not sure this was intended.
Overall very enjoyable.

Balance: 4
The units you control are very strong, but not invincible. They can get killed if you are careless. Some additional strategy was required to take down a bombard tower in the cornfield as it had lot of attack. The two sidequests involving War and Famine are hard. The hardest parts I found were towns guarded with bombard towers where you had to get near the gates to blow them up. However it is not much of a challenge to kill the blessed ones as I killed almost every one of them without a reload. The 'trials' at the end are not too difficult either. Death is in my opinion a rather overpowered unit, he has 51 attk and 663 hp, apart from being ranged. He can kill spearmen and cho-ku-nois with a single shot.

Creativity: 5+
The best part of the scenario. The theme itself is highly original, as well as the personification of War,Famine,Pestilence and Death as the Four horsemen. The representation of Hell is well done, with fires and a few people like Stalin and Hitler who seem to have reached there. The magic spells, while not being exactly original were fun and worked well. In addition there were a lot of other creative things like a cave, shipwreck, beach, pig farm etc. and almost in every corner there were amusing comments uttered by the people to keep you interested. The trials and 'dopplegangers' were a nice touch to the scenario. Therefore it really deserves 5.
The only thing which I didn't like was the colour scheme. Everyone was green. Yourself, your enemies and your allies. Except for a few yellow 'rural peasants' and their towns. I would have thought red or orange would have been more suitable for Hell.

Map Design: 5
Excellent map design, and really appropriate in every detail for the scenario. The design for hell is really good and that of ancient China does, indeed feel like Ancient China. The bamboo forests, a few snowy regions, cornfields, river etc. were really well done. Lot of eye candy which looked great. The city scenes were well done too. The part with lots of wonders looked a bit strange though. The use of elevation and terrain blending made the map look perfect.

Story/Instructions: 5
Detailed instructions and objectives, along with a great story. There is a long introduction of the events in the beginning when you are summoned to hell and you always know what you are doing and why you are doing it. I found some things in the story a bit weird, such as why a wolf and a ship would be 'Blessed ones' (It clearly states the turtle ship is a ship, not a dragon as might be assumed). Also why most of the people were armed, when apparently there was no War in the region. However I cannot give it less than 5 as it is a really exceptional story, not just any story.

Additional Comments:
I would really recommend this scenario for download, it is very interesting and original.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5-

I quite enjoyed this game, the 6th in the "Adventures Series" from Jas the Mace1. It is based on the book of Revelations, which describes the Apocalypse. But here, the story is set in ancient China. The objects are simple: destroy everything and kill the 'Blessed Ones'.
When I started to play, I thought it would be pretty boring, just kill and go on and on and on, but this positively surprised me.
The minor critique is that it takes a lot of time to go through this game, I played a total of ten (!) hours, that’s why the 5-.

Balance: 4-

Overall it was not very hard to play. The 4 horsemen are strong with high HP and attack, but are not immortal. 'Death' is overpowered with too many attack and because he has range attack. So a 4.
Most towns are easy to conquer; only the last one is very very hard.
It has Bombard towers and a castle near the gate. When I brought
'Death' to this Gate he almost died, so I had to go back to the priests. Then I started shooting arrows at the Castle and go back to get healed. By doing it this way, it took me a pretty long while to enter this town, that's why I have to give you a 4-.

Creativity: 5

It is very creative. A well known story, set in a different place. As stated above, the kill everything- objective scared me off at first, but it turned out to be cool. The side quests were good and hard (a little ripped of though). The fact that the 3 greatest criminals of all time were in hell, was funny (but of course justice).

Map Design: 4+

Very well done, Hell is nice done, with the fire and black ground. In the most eastern part, there is a lot of bamboo, a little too much, according to my humble opinion. But it is China...of course, the land made out of bamboo.

Story/Instructions: 5

The story of Revelations is clearly told. Maybe you could have explained WHY this scenario was set in ancient China. The instructions were clear. I did not get confused while playing.

Additional Comments:

Great stuff, a must download. But only if you have enough time, because it takes a while to complete it.
The Nouv
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
(Good fun, especially if you just want to kill as many people as possible. I like the special effects and the dialogue can be quite witty sometimes. It can get a bit repetitive after a while.)

Balance: 3
(I have only given this scenario a balance of 3 because aside from going around and slaughtering countless people, there isn't much else to do, although exploring the huge map is very pleasing.)

Creativity: 4
(Original concept, breaks away from your usual build, develop, destroy scemarios.)

Map Design: 4
(Cool map design, really fun to explore. Has a tendency to lag.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Not a hugely complex story, so if you are looking for an intricate plot with a lot of cerebral moments, this isn't for you. However, if you just want to see something entertaining and amusing, try this! Instructions are clear and well written.)

Additional Comments:

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Map Design4.3
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