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An Eskimo Tale

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
An Eskimo Tale

I made this game on a sudden inspiration as I don't think anyone has done this topic before. This is my first attempt at making a snow map. I have also tried out some tricks like killing deer for food etc.

You play as an eskimo (also known as Inuit) and you have to rescue your friend from the Red Indians and then embark on a quest to kill a great snow monster.

Explore the Alaskan lands and enjoy! Post comments, and don't forget to review.

Updated! Better terrain, smoother dialogues, added scenario bitmap and fixed a few bugs.

Note: Anti cheat updated. Now you only lose if you have 1000 food.
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
An Eskimo Tale is a not-so epic story with many funny and creative aspects, a recommended download for everyone.

An Eskimo Tale is a rather short and not so epic story about an Eskimo, aka Inuit, setting off to save a tribe member that has been caught by the Red Indians. On the way he meets lots of strange and funny people. Vikings that has lived in the area since the days of Erik the Red, an ally Indian tribe, the enemy Indians, Russians and Americans spying on each other, Eskimos.
The gameplay was highly enjoyable. My expectations before playing where low, since the author had described the scenario as a quick made scenario. I must have misunderstood him, this looked like something he has definately put down work on.
With many creative aspects in the game, a funny story and many humorous details, this is going to get a 5. I certainly enjoyed everything, and I will give it a 5 here. Great job!

The only bad part of the game. The battles where either really easy or nearly impossible and it made me a little frustrated. The wolves where very strong one by one, and the wolfpack was impossible to kill.
The Indians where very easy to defeat but the snow monster was well balanced. I had 3 men surviving, janissary, the Inuit and Yuepue. The others died fighting, both the Viking and Jim, the strongest ones.
There are anti-cheats to prevent people from getting more recourses. This is good since it prevents people from being lazy when playing. However, I give this category a strong 3 because of some problems. For example, the indians are very easy to defeat, the snow monster could be a little harder and the wolfpack is almost impossible to defeat.

This scenario is, as I see it, focused around creativity. It introduces a theme I've never seen before, with eskomo's and the Alaskan nature.
Apart from the theme, there's food-, wolfskin- and moneymetres. Metres are mostly featured in RPGs, though not in all. Quite many lack or dont use metres. So this is also creative, and not too common either.
Then there's the American vs Russians humour which makes the game very funny. There's KGB and CIA agents and nuclear subs on many locations, and what they say is mostly funny.
Then we have a cave, boars symbolising walruses, freezing when you're out of food, a snow monster, the need of making horses stampeed to get the indians into other thoughts and more. Also, the terrain is not very detailed or cluttered. Instead, it makes perfect sense and it's pretty realistic map of the Arctic.
Therefor I find it obvious that it should score a 5 here, because its VERY creative!

The map design was quite unceartain. Many areas were flat and had but one terrain, snow. But then it's supposed to be Alaska and there's loads of snow there. That only makes it realistic. The eskimo town is situated in the middle of the snow, on a hill, and looks quite good and realistic. The yurts symbolising igloos is a plus.
The forest and so is well mixed, and it even has some elevations now, here and there. The cave was well made and the most of the scenario was realistic. The only part I found a bit dull was the northern part, the ice. If it's meant to be a glacier of sorts, which I suspect, it is realistic and therefore not negative, as it would be if it wasn't supposed to be a glacier. (if that makes sense...)
For a summary, the design is by far better than a random map. Overall very realistic, and very suiting for the theme. I think that's enough to score a 5, since it's detailed and suits its purpose very well.

Every story, poor or good, should score a 4. Great stories often score a 5. This is a good example on a funny and unique story, yet a quite shallow one.

The story in this scenario is unique and very humorous. The charactors may not be very deep and the story aint epic or actionpacked. However the theme is all new and with a foodmeter to keep your eye on, you're in the game totally. The new charactors presented are mostly humorous in a way or another and they bring light and warmth to the story. They might be shallow persons, but they're charmy with their stupidity and humour, like the russian scientist and the energic inuit, Yuepue.
And lastly two pluses. First, the history section about the inuits/eskimoes. Very good and filled with facts. Second, you've added a funny bitmap to spice it up even more.
The one thing I can complain about is the shallow charactors. Some more charactorizing would be good, but dont deepen them too much, or it will lose it's comic feeling. I cannot give you a 5 in this cathegory because I dont think this is a great story. Its a good one, but not great.


But overall, very good.

[Edited on 04/06/07 @ 12:21 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I din't have any problems and all of the triggers worked well.I had a very fun time playing it and would like to play more similar scenarios.
Balance: 4
I thought it was a fair scenario. With the indians it all depended on your method of attack. With the monster I found a very good strategy to easily beat it but it wasn't a very obvious strategy because you needed to buy somthing and you had to kill wolves to get money. I also thought the food thing added to the diffuculty. I ended up only losing the guy that attacked the horses and 2 alaskan huskies when I freed the prisoner dude
Creativity: 5
That was a very kind different scenario. The Americans and Russians was interesting and I liked the wolf killing for stone idea. However I never understood the american transport off the russian coast or the turkeys with the invisible wall in front of them.
Map Design: 5
I loved the map! It had tons of detail and I got lost in the forest a few times because there was no 1 obvious path.
Story/Instructions: 4
I thought It had a very good storyline and the instructions were easy enough to understand.
Additional Comments:
I recomend this fun scenario to anyone

[Edited on 04/23/07 @ 03:16 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
An Eskimo Tale is an experimental scenario by Sword_of_STORM which tells the tale of an Inuit on a quest to rescue his clans greatest hunter and kill a horrendous snow monster.

Playability: 4
An Eskimo Tale is a short but highly creative and relatively entertaining scenario. There wasn't much to the scenario in terms of gameplay but what you did have was fun and the creativity made elements of it quite novel. The scenario runs fluidly with no errors or bugs to be found. As the author stated that this scenario was made quickly to be experimental I was not expecting much from it but was pleasant surprised by the depth of some its creative elements and gameplay.

Balance: 3
The scenario unfortunately had a number of unbalanced moments in it. Most areas were either impossibly hard and frustrating or so easy you didn't even have to focus on your units at all. The wolves and jaguars that you come across are difficult to kill with a single unit and if you're caught by won by surprise you'll either need to run for safety or die. With the right tactics you can kill a single wolf, but if your caught by a pack then your dead, this is due to their boosted HP which far exceeds that of your own units. The aggressive Indian weren't so much of a challenge, in fact that were actually a breeze to kill. The snow monster was balanced better. Anti-cheats are used to stop the player from easily sailing through some of the harder aspects.

Creativity: 5
This is definitely the highlight of the scenario. The whole scenario was an experiment to see what sort of game a designer could make set within the frozen wastelands of the artic circle. There are many creative elements that, while not necessarily new, are uncommon and executed exceptionally. Ideas such as having to hunt for food to survive is a novel idea which is rarely seen, as well as the idea of selling wolfskins for gold to buy additional food.

Map Design: 4
The artic circle is not much to look at, it's pretty much just snow and ice for as far as the eye can see. Therefore the map design is pretty simple in itself, made up of mostly large patches of snow and ice terrain. That said, it's certainly realistic and fits the purpose of the scenario. While bland in areas, the map is a nice attempt at a snowy map and theres lots of nice eye candy such as Inuit camps, and native American villages. Theres a forest to the south which while a little out of place is designed really nice with good terrain mixing and eye-candy.

Story/Instructions: 4
The storyline is simple but entertaining. The story contains action, suspense and the horrors of the abominable snow monster. The dialogue is written clearly and is easy to read and contains much humour. The instructions are also well written and easy to follow. Helpful hints are also provided if the player gets stuck. Theres also a nice history section which provides some additional information on the Inuit people and their history.

Additional Comments:
Overall An Eskimo's Tale is a short creative scenario which will provide some light entertainment for a short period of time.


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Map Design4.7
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